What is Contour Cutting Vinyl [Perfect For Die Cut]

Did you want to cover your wall with the versatile plastic vinyl and wondered how to cut it into the right shape and contour line? The answer is yes, many efficient vinyl cutters aid in custom cutting the printed decals to give a perfect shape.

To be more precise, contour cutting is a method of cutting the printed media perfectly so the shape of the object without distortion. The contouring ability of the vinyl cutter cuts the printed design accurately even though it may be skewed during printing. Let us see how to contour cutting relates to vinyl.

What Is Vinyl?

Vinyl is a plastic polymer made from ethylene, natural gasses, and chlorine. Vinyl fabric comes in a wide range of thicknesses. The durable plastic fabrics are made into stickers, decals, wallpapers, floor coverings, synthetic leather, book cover, and curtains, and in many crafts.

What is Contour Cutting Vinyl

Printing on vinyl fabric is quite common for promoting products and goods and stickers for children. Stickers and decals on vinyl paper are popular because the prints come out clear, they are weatherproof, and durable. The sticker materials are mostly made of vinyl paper. To cut the vinyl printed stickers and decals, you need vinyl cutters.

What Is A Vinyl Cutter?

A vinyl cutter is a computerized machine used for cutting vinyl fabric into the shapes you desire. Some of the small cutters look similar to desktop printers. On command from the computer program, that has the document, the sharp blades attached to it cut the vinyl-containing pattern. Besides citing vinyl designs, it can also cut crafts, designs in thermal paper, tissue paper, cardstock, and much more. As thin plastic vinyl has adhesive at the back, they attach to many kinds of surfaces.

What Is A Vinyl Cutter?


What Is Contour Cutting?

Contour cutting is the cutting of contour or curved lines of the pre-printed design. It is a method of cutting out the edge of an image with some background material remaining with the decal. Instead of using scissors, they cut the image around the margin with a background material remaining between the design and the fabric. Usually, about 0.12 inches of margin stays on the outside of the design itself.

What Is Contour Cutting?

Conversely, ‘cut to shape’ also called ‘Die Cut’ is cutting the decal without a border so that the cut piece takes the shape of the design. There is no empty background. The cut to shape method is used for letters or decals.

How Do Contour Cut Designs?

Contour cutting is the method of cutting leaving spaces around the curves of the design. When a flatbed printer is used, the design to print on a flatbed foam, which is then cut into shape by the contour cutting machine.

The Advantages Of Contour Cutting

There are few advantages, which make contour cutting of vinyl acceptable.

What is Contour Cutting Vinyl

  1. It is highly accurate than hand cutting with a scissor.
  2. Each copy is the same as the other as usually expected by customers when they more than one copy of the same sticker.
  3. The cutouts come out very fast from the cutting machine, so producers save time and satisfy customers when there is high demand.  

How Does A Contour Vinyl Cutter Work?

The contour vinyl cutter is a device about the size of a printer of a computer. It connects to the computer through a cable. In contour cutting the plotter machines (like a vinyl cutter) uses an automatically adjusted blade to cut the digitally predetermined edge of the printed design. The machine has sharp cutting blades, which move and cut away from the edges of the pictures. The command from the computer starts cut mediated by software.

How Does A Contour Vinyl Cutter Work?

The vinyl cutter blade moves from X to Y-axis as it needs to cut from all angles of the contour. As commanded by the computer the blade move to lengths and breadths. According to the contours and cut the vinyl to the shape of the desired design.

With certain specifications, the contour vinyl cutters can do very well with shapes and letters.

The specifications of vinyl cutters are:

  • The vinyl cutters can receive work on the material with a width of 2 to 27 inches.
  • The resolution of the machine is around 0.0005.
  • The frequency is 20 inches each second.
  • The turnovers of vinyl cutter release about 250 grams.
  • The cutter cuts flexible vinyl sheets with pleasant images.
  • The cutter works through a specific command from the computer for a definite design to contour the cut.
  • The sliding blade moves on all axis to do the perfect cutting.
  • The contour vinyl cutters are available at an affordable price.
  • We use the vinyl machine for cutting a wide range of items.

Some Uses Of Contour Cutting

The contour cutting technique applies to the marketing of some vinyl fabric products. These are some.

  • Seasonal decorations
  • Wall & door fabric
  • Poster boards
  • Gallery wall
  • Decals of vehicle
  • Party props
  • Wind
  • PVC Boards

What is Contour Cutting Vinyl


Form cutting of vinyl using the PC interceded shape is a quick method of making stickers and decals. With the utilization of programming, the blade can cut forms of any shape. The advanced machine has sharp cutting edges to deal with the vinyl of all thicknesses. The shaper cutting edges can move at all points to circumvent corners, keeping space from the border of the design for simple transfer to the surface materials.

The contour cutting vinyl has advantages over the ‘cut to shape’ in producing more stickers at the same time. Contour cutting of vinyl stickers and decals has been possible because of introducing high-quality computerized cutting machines.

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