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Top 10 HP Printer Problems And Solutions

Hewlett-Packard, HP printers are a popular choice for their customers for their reliability and convenience. They serve you with all the premium features and fulfill the demand. From home use to expert-level professional service, HP printers are preferable. They are affordable and cost-cutter in the long run too. As it is an electronic item, there are some problems that arise from time to time for several reasons. 

Stop your work while working with loads of printing or other jobs, from the paper jamming problems to the Vexing 50.4 error problems. You must get irritated in the middle of your work. If you know the solutions to all issues, you can solve them without wasting time and running your work smoothly. 

Here, you will find the top 10 HP printer problems and solutions on this page to resolve most of the common issues by yourself. Let’s learn the details.

Top 10 HP Printer Problems And Solutions

If you know to resolve common HP printer problems, you do not have to stop your work for a long time; instead, you run your work smoothly and fast. You can prevent the problems from arising too. So, learn the issues and their solutions and work efficiently. 

1. Paper Jam

Among all the problems with HP printers or other printers, paper jamming is the most common problem. There are a few reasons for the paper jamming problems. These reasons are-

  • The printer can get dirty
  • When you use the wrong paper type that is not acceptable to certain printers
  • When the roller paper feeder wore away at its feeding areas

Some HP printers are susceptible to arise paper jams. Some printers hold the papers vertically and then pull them down to the feeder. These printers are prone to make paper jams easily and in a short while. These printers are not famous for their heavy use; instead, they are occasionally used in most companies. 

Besides, when comparing the newer version of HP 4000 and 5000 series with the older versions, the more recent versions have paper picking problems that cause paper jamming issues. Previous versions were rock-solid bodies and easy use. But the newer versions cannot pick the paper through the roller feeder correctly.

Top 10 HP Printer Problems and Solutions

Solution: Clean the Paper Jam

Cleaning the paper jams is the only way to fix this problem. Be sure that you are using the correct paper types for the paper jam fix.  The roller replacement is another solution, but t is complicated and risks damaging the printer itself. Yes, some HP printer models make roller access easy and simple. Most of the HP printer rollers are not easy to access and clean. It can tear the roller down. 

When cleaning the paper jams, be sure that you are pulling the paper at the right pathway. Otherwise, it can break the feeder for the backward pull. 

2. Faded Printing

It is another common problem. Some of the printed pages are getting faded, or all of the printed pages are fading. The reasons for the faded printing are:

  • The EconoMode for printing is ON
  • The print density is set on Low
  • The toner of the printer is getting Low

Printer Problems and Solutions


If the EconoMode is ON, it is about the settings. You have to Enter the grounds of the printer and off the EconoMode, simply. But before turning it off, you should check other facts.

At first, check the toner status. If the toner is low in quantity, you have to replace it. You can remove the toner cartridge and then shake a bit that distribute toner all over the cartridge to buy time.  If the problem is not with the toner status, then check the settings. First, check the print density in the settings. If the thickness is low and you have faded prints, increase the density and check if it is right now. If not, then check the mode and off the EconoMode. One of the solutions will resolve this issue for sure.

3. Ghosting Printing

Sometimes, when you are printing images, extra page prints with each of the photos. The additional printed page is much lighter than the original printed page. This type of problem is known as Ghosting printing. The reasons for this issue can be-

  • Problem with the power outlet
  • When the consumable parts of the printer are at the end of their life

Top 10 HP Printer Problems and Solutions


Check if the problem is with the power outlet by unplugging it from the current printer and plugging it with a different printer. Now see if it is making the same ghosting printing. If not, then check all the consumable parts of the printer one by one. Check if they are being used to their last or not. How do you check their life length? Actually, every consumable part of the printer, including the imaging kit or drum, has a certain rated number that describes their lifetime. If you find some of the features close to their life end, then change those parts immediately. 

4. Toner Smears or Come off from Pages

Sometimes, you will see that the toner cannot place on paper properly. After touching the printed pages, toner comes off it. the reasons for this problem can be-

  • The fuser-assembly can be at the end part of its life or can be damaged
  • Toner cartridge problems
  • If some toners are spilled on the printer

Top 10 HP Printer Problems and Solutions


In case of issues with fuser assembly, you have to replace it directly. It is because repairing the fuser assembly is not recommended for its consumable nature. It takes time and cost that is not worth its repair. When you find that the toner cartridge is defective, it may let the printer out more toner than needed. If the printer is monochrome, then change the black toner cartridge. If you are using the color printer, clean and change the cartridge that is smearing on the paper. 

If you find that the fuser assembly and toner cartridge are correct, you may see spilled toner on the toner settings. Then you have to clean it simply.

5. 50.4 Error Message

It is one of the common issues. You will see the 50.4 Error Message on the computer screen when you run your printer. This problem arises mainly on the LaserJet printers. The reasons can be-

  • Problem with the power supply
  • Settings of all the printer components

hp printer errors and solutions

The printer should have a power supply from a direct connection. If you connect the printer to the UPS or a power strip, this problem arises. The printer takes lots of power to keep the fuser assembly warm. While taking so much power through the UPS or power strip can damage the UPS and cut the power supply off. 


Plug the power supply in directly to the wall power outlet. You can also check if all the printer parts are set and fit appropriately in the corresponding places.

6. Newer HP Printer Drivers for Specific Operating System

When a new Windows operating system is released, it requires specific HP printer drivers to run it. It can be hard to find. There can be some HP printers that cannot support a newer version of the operating system.

hp wireless printer problems


At first, you have to find out if there are supportive printer drivers to run the newer OS. You can contact with printer manual or website. You have to find the emulation of your printer. If there is no functionality is available for your printer emulation, you have to find the primary printing option. You can take the example of an HP LaserJet printer that can print with the HP LaserJet 2 driver, but some particular options like the duplexing will not work. 

7. The Printer Cannot Detect The Correct Paper Tray

Yes, it can happen. The printer may not detect the suitable paper tray and taking the wrong paper to print. The reason for this issue can be the incorrect paper tray selection in the settings of the printer.

Top 10 HP Printer Problems and Solutions


To correct this problem, you have to check both the printer and printer operator’s computer. Check the settings of the printer on your computer. It may select the wrong paper tray. Enter the printer application and click on the “Printer Properties.” You have to find the “Tray Selection Source” here. Select the correct tray. Then check the printer if you have set the right paper size in the tray. The paper size should match the paper size of the control panel. 

8. The Printer Can Take All the Paper at Once When it Should Take Only One-Sheet

The printer can do this sometimes. It takes all the pages and destroys the printing settings. the reasons can be-

  • When the paper separator pad is worn out
  • When the paper is wet

Top 10 HP Printer Problems and Solutions


If the paper separator pad is not okay, you have to change it immediately. It is easy to install, and so you can order it and set it. You do not have to bring the printer to the repair center. Besides, this is possible to have wet papers on the tray when there is high humidity in the environment. So, you have to check all the papers correctly that you will use to print and if they seem a little wet, fan them before printing.

Printer Can Take All the Paper at Once

9. 79 Error Message

A 79 Error message is another common issue. An Error message will be stuck on the screen of your computer or printer screen. It looks pretty irritating. The reasons for this problem can be-

  • Problem with the Network print server
  • Printer add-on component failure

Top 10 HP Printer Problems and Solutions


When you find this stubborn message on the screen, you have to change the settings. You have to check the network print server and then troubleshoot the 79 Error. To do it, enter the Start menu and then open the Printer folder here. Then check if any printing jobs are pending and stuck. If you find any stuck printing jobs, then remove them.

If the problem is with the Add-ons, then remove all the Add-ons and then again install them. Do this process one by one. It will help you to find which one is at fault.

10. Trouble Printing for Envelopes

Envelopes have such designs that can cause many problems to the laser printer. The reasons are-

  • Wrong envelope weight and thickness
  • The adhesive of the envelope if not capable of tolerating the heat

Top 10 HP Printer Problems and Solutions


Use such envelopes paper that has nearly 20 pounds weight and thickness as such. It will pass through the feeder and paper pathway smoothly. 

In the case of the envelope adhesives, it must have the power to tolerate the heat of the fuser. Fuser puts a significant amount of heat to print envelopes. If the envelopes come out of the printer sealed and come out from the printer wrinkled, envelopes become stiff to go across the paper path. Then it causes some damage or paper may get stuck. If this happens, open the rear exit of the printer and let the stuck envelopes exit. 

To prevent this problem, you have to use envelopes with good adhesive power. Then the adhesive will not let the paper stuck.

Final Words

In the world of IT equipment, HP printers are known as the most affordable and reliable printers. As many failures and issues come up when you are using the printers, HP printers are also the same. They are also vulnerable to some use. The old versions of HP printers can tolerate some abuse, but newer versions are more prone to fail for mistakes or problems. 

Here you will find the top 10 HP printer problems and solutions in detail. You will get to understand the problem that will enable you to prevent those problems to some extent. The answers are also accessible that you can solve them yourself. To use this guide, you do not have to think of the life length of your HP printers. You can diagnose issues when having problems and resolve them following the solutions described here.

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