How to Safely Burn Paper

If you do not have a paper shredder or you do not find the paper shredder safe enough to dispose of your confidential documents, you have to go for the alternative way. The traditional method of burning paper is the best alternative.

Nowadays, it is forbidden in soma areas to make Fire to burn the paper. It is also considered to be the cause of fire accident risk. So, this process is not used primarily. If you know how to safely burn paper, you can use this method to destroy the excess paper or secret documents completely. Know the process well and get your unnecessary pieces burnt.

How to Safely Burn Paper

There are many ways to burn paper safely. Yes, there are. Burning paper may not destroy your document correctly if it does not burn completely. When you place a book-like thing to burn, you will see some parts not-burnt in the middle. That’s why you have to know the proper way to burn your papers.

how to burn a piece of paper safely indoors

You can arrange a fire pit and burn your papers inside. It burns papers efficiently. It is because the fire pit produces efficient combustion by the free movement of air. The oxygen enhances the power of Fire.

There is a need for enough space to make the fire. If you do not have it, there is a freestanding fire pit in the market. You can buy it and get your paper burnt instantly.

If you do not have the permission or space to make a fire pit, you can use another method to burn paper safely. Check other processes below.

  • Building a Hole: A practical and simplest method is that making a hole in the ground and kindle the Fire. You have to add the paper constantly, and it will keep the Fire. The most exciting benefit of this process is that you do not have to worry about disposing of the ashes. After burning all papers, add some soil to fill the hole.
  • While Enjoying the Bonfire: You can make it fun to destroy your papers while enjoying yourself with friends or family in a bonfire. Add your excess documents to the bonfire. The unfortunate matter is that this process is suitable for burning a small number of papers. A large number of documents can make a mess by flying the ashes.

how to safely burn paper in bonfire

  • Grilling Papers: Another simple method is to burn the paper using the grill. This method is also suitable for a bit of stack of papers. You also have to dispose of the ashes.
  • In Drum Barrel: If you have a drum barrel, you can make Fire inside it and burn a large stack of paper since a drum can hold 55 gallons. This process is also a cheaper process than other processes.
  • Burn Cages or Incinerator: If you can afford to buy a burning cage or an incinerator bin, you can safely burn your secret papers there. It can burn a large number of documents in it. The cage or incinerator may seem costly, but you have to buy them for once.
  • In Fire Log Device: This is a suitable process for a big bundle of papers. Purchase a fire log device and use it to burn every page completely. You have to soak documents overnight. Then place them in the fire-log to squeeze it to take the excess water out and make a log paper. Then burn it in coal. Though this is a time-consuming process, it is effective for the large paper pile.

Steps to Burn Paper Safely

Burning paper is a hassle job. If you do this job in a proper manner step by step, the hassle will lessen. So, follow the steps below and burn papers safely.

  • Set a Suitable Time: When you burn paper, there should not be much wind and rain. Rain will stop the work, and wind can make a mess. So, select a calm, nice day when you will be free to perform this job.
  • Take Safety Measures: Since the process involves Fire, you must take some safety measures. You have to keep a fire extinguisher near the process to stop Fire when an accident occurs. Do not keep any flammable things near the setup, including firewood, oil or gas can, plastic, rubber, etc.

how can i safely burn paper

  • Avoid Plastic Covered Paper: There are some books or magazines that are protected by plastic covers. Do not burn them as plastic can cause fire accidents.
  • Keep Watch: After starting the Fire, do not go far away. Stay close and keep watching so that there cannot go any animal or children near it.
  • Keep Fire Properly: Lit the Fire and put the driest paper to burn at first. It will help in proper fire beginning. You may have a big stack of paper bundles. Do not put them all at once. Put a tiny number of pages first and put next to a similar batch when the first pile burnt. Sometimes, put little sticks to manage efficient burning. You can use a little oil or fluid to keep the fire stable.
  • Dispose of Ashes: When the burning is finished, poke the debris to check any unburnt part of the paper. After completely burn all the papers, collect the ashes. Use the spade and bucket to manage it safely and then use it to revitalizing the plants.

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When you know how to safely burn paper, you do not have to worry about smoke or mess. If you follow the steps correctly, there will not be any chance of creating any lot or accidents. If your area’s authority forbids making Fire, you can go to some other place with your arrangements to safely burn the papers.

Among all the ways of burning paper, using a cage or barrel is the better option. It is because you will find more controlling options, and your documents will be burnt efficiently. Above all, decide what process you will use depending on your opportunities.

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