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How to Print White Text on Transfer Paper

Are you concerned about how to print white text on transfer paper? This question is easy to ask but challenging to reply. Why is that? The reason is that there is almost no printer that provides white ink to print.

Most printers use the CMYK ink system to print, which explains black, cyan, magenta, and yellow color. The combination of these colors creates all the colors necessary for the printed copy. These colors cannot produce white-colored ink at all. So, this is quite a hassle to print white ink. You can say that this is almost impossible. But we will find some possible ways to print the white text.

How to Print White Letters on Transfer Paper

At first, to print on fabric or other materials, you have to decide what color transfer paper you will need. There are two types of transfer paper. Basically, the transparent transfer paper is suitable for lighter color garments, and the white background transfer paper is ideal for dark color fabric.

How to Print White Text on Transfer Paper

If you place the design with lots of colors on dark fabrics using transparent transfer paper, the design won’t be clear, and it may get mixed up with the dark background of the material. That’s why you should use white inkjet transfer paper for the dark-complexioned fabric and darker images or designs.

If the fabric is white, the transparent fabric transfer paper blooms the design well. When the material is not white but light in color like pink, light yellow, light blue, etc., you also have to use translucent transfer paper.

After transferring the image to the heat transfer paper, you can use the iron at home or the heat press machine to transfer or set the design on the fabric. But the problem with the white color design prevails.

Top 3 Methods to Print White Text on Transfer Paper

Printing white text is almost impossible as there is no white ink on most of the printers. After a lot of researches, we had found some techniques that you may be faking methods. If your printer supports white ink cartridge or if you can modify the setting to use the white ink cartridge, you can somehow do it. Other than that, you have to alter your design that has colors all over the design except the text portion. Let’s know the details of these methods.

Method-1: White Ink Cartridge

When you have a design and place white text on it, the best way to do it separately, Microsoft word is the better system to set the texts. You do not have to write with white ink. Then what will you do? You have to replace the black ink cartridge of the printer with the white ink cartridges. Then print and see how it gets fine with white text. But your printer must have the compatibility or permission to publish on white color ink.

how to print white on black shirt

Method-2: Using Ink on Background

Another method for getting white texts on your design is to apply color everywhere of the design except the text part while printing. Then there will be white text visible. In this case, you have to use white transfer paper.

Method-3:  White Color Text Printing

With this method, it becomes possible to print white text on transfer paper in the right way. Follow the steps below and do it yourself step-by-step.

Step-1: At first, select the t-shirt transfer paper that is suitable for the dark fabric. This can be the white transfer paper. Most of the transfer paper is 8.5 by 11 inches in size. You can use them to print.

Step-2: Now select the design that is suitable for dark fabric. Then manage the texts. You can use a word processing software like Microsoft word. Type your text and set the Font. Then select them and turn them into white color. Now choose the texts again and copy to paste them on the design where you kept them. Now your design with white text is ready. You can only print the white texts too.

Step-3: Load the transfer papers to the printer. Print the design or only texts by commanding the “print” option from the “File.” Your printed transfer paper will be ready to use after drying it up for a while.

how to print white letters on transfer paper

Step-4: To transfer the design of the transfer paper to the t-shirt fabric, place the shirt straightly on a flat surface. Keep a cloth on the flat surface before placing the t-shirt.

Step-5: Now remove the paper backing from the adhesive vinyl transfer paper. Then place the transfer paper on the t-shirt fabric keeping the design or white text upright. Place the paper slowly and carefully, beginning from a corner.

Step-6: Place an ironing tissue paper on the transfer paper straight. Be careful that the transfer paper or the cloth does not get stretched or wrinkled. Now iron slowly on the tissue paper for about 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Move the iron slowly so that the heat is pressed evenly. Put some pressure on iron while ironing. It will stick the transfer paper adhesive side to the shirt cotton correctly.

Step-7: After completing the ironing process, keep the t-shirt as it is for a couple of minutes to set the transfer paper and dry it up. Then peel the tissue paper slowly from the shirt. Be careful so that the tissue paper does not tear. Now you can see the design with white text on your t-shirt correctly.

After setting the design with colors for a day, you should wash the t-shirt. Your t-shirt or other fabric is ready to use now.


It is fun and great enjoyment to make customized t-shirt at your convenience. It may become hard to print the white text. But if you know how to print text on transfer paper, it will seem very easy to do it.

So, know the steps well and use what technique you feel reliable for printing white text. There will be no obstacle now to have the best performance on printing on transfer paper and set them on your t-shirt.

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