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How To Measure Body Width for Shirt

In the modern world, dressing trends keep changing frequently. We all try to maintain trendy looks. To cope up with the trends change, we have to customize our dresses. There are many ways to customize your dress with a modern design.

If you want to order a shirt to customize your design, you have to know how to measure body width for shirt correctly. In this tutorial guide, you will get complete detail for every angle measurement. When you follow the guideline and measure the shirt well, there will be no worry of destroying your shirt-shaped balance.

So, follow this measuring shirt guide and customize your shirt as you like.

How to Measure Body Width for Shirt

There are three types of shirt fit. You have to decide what fit you will like then start the measurement. Super slim fit is the choice of youngsters, which is tight-fitting. There will be no extra space around the chest, arms, and waist and no excess cloth at those body parts. This fitting may lessen the free movement of the body part.

how to measure body length for shirt

The standard slim fit is both a comfortable and nice-looking fit. This fitting is correct for office formal dressing. When you want a more comfortable fitted measurement, then the classical fit is the right choice. The classical fit will allow loose measurement around the chest and arms.

Take a right fit shirt or stand still and Measure your shirt width from chest to seat area one by one.

Width of Chest

Spread your shirt on a flat surface, keeping the back part up. Ensure that there is no fold and flexion which may hide under the shirt breadth. Now take a measuring tape. Put the starting part at one armpit bottom and take the tape straight to the other armpit end. That is the right chest width. Do not pull the shirt hard while measuring, and also do not let it wrinkled even a little.

how to measure t-shirt size

Measuring the Collar

To measure the collar, doing it from the lying shirt is the better way. Place the shirt keeping the front up, and then open the collar to spread it flat. Pull two side ends and try to keep it straight. Place the starting end at the neck button and pull the tape to the neck buttonhole. Now record the measuring number you got.

how to measure neck size

Around the Neck

While going for measuring the neck diameter, then keep the measuring tape around your neck. This is from the end of one shoulder to another. If you are wearing the shirt and standing to measure it, then stay relaxed. Do not squeeze or hoist straight more. You can keep one of your fingers under the tape to bring comfort during the measuring. While measuring the neck, placing the shirt on a surface, keep the shirt’s back up and measure.

Length of Sleeve

When measuring the sleeve, you will need a partner to do your measuring, or you have to keep your shirt on a surface. Place the sleeve straight on the flat surface. Now start measuring with the tape starting from the neck’s base center to the sleeve hand end. Do not let your sleeve wrinkled.

How To Measure Sleeve Length

Bicep Width

Put the shirt buttoned. Lie down it flat, keeping the backup. Expand the sleeve correctly, especially of the upper part. Stretch it to both sides as much it goes. You have to run the measuring tape where the sleeve attached to the body part is where the sleeve stays folded. Turn the tape around the arm of the shirt and then take the measurement. It is easy to take from your bicep. Just measure your bicep. Record the scale.

what is body width tolerance

Length of the Shirt

The length of the shirt will depend on your choice. You may like to keep your shirt long and short. If you want to keep your shirt tucked, then record a length for a long shirt up to the buttock. If you want it non-tucked, keep it short. To measure the shirt length, place your starting end of the tape at the neck’s base point to the back down how much you want it to be.

how to measure body width for shirt

Waist Width

It is better to measure the waste from your body. Do not think that you know it. It is not the measurement when you buy your pant. Start the measuring from the button at your waist and run the tape to the full of your belly, end it at the same point where you started it. Keep relaxed your belly while measuring the waist width.

Record all the measuring numbers neatly and provide them to your customizer agent, who will make your shirt and place your choice design.

shirt width to chest size

Frequently Asked Question

While customers need to measure a shirt size, they require the answers to some questions. It would be nice if you have the answers to those questions already. Isn’t it?

Q: Which is bigger, 42 sizes or XL?

Ans: This size marking depends on body width or chest width. In ‘L’ size, the chest width is 40 to 42 inches, and in ‘XL’ size, the chest width is 43 to 46 inches. So, XL size is bigger than 42 sizes.

Q: How many centimeters is equal to XL size?

Ans: For XL size, the chest width is 106 to 111 centimeters.

Q: What is the largest size for a shirt?

¬†Ans: XXL is the largest shirt size according to the standard men’s shirt size. For XXL size, the chest width is 47 to 49 inches, the sleeve length is around 36.5 inches, and the waist width is 41 to 43 inches.

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For a customized shirt, the measurement must be correct. So, keep this in mind while measuring the shirt. Many customers take more or less scale measurements while taking the width or length. But it should be exact. Otherwise, it can hamper the simple design of your shirt. In fact, it can destroy your interest in using that shirt.

To keep the right shape and dimensions, you have to know how to measure body width for shirt. If you can follow the instruction given in this article, the measurement will be correct. So, order your customized shirt and have that shirt exactly how you want.

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