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How To Make A Fat Suit

Weight is quite a sensitive issue for some people and this explains why a lot of people are all about wanting to lose weight. However, there comes a time when you might require quick weight gain. For example, you could need a fat suit for a theater production or weightier superhero costume for Halloween. What do you do in such situations? You make a fat suit!


Making a fat suit is quite straightforward as long as you have a little technical know-how and the necessary materials.

  • 2 oversized t-shirts
  • Cotton filler
  • Sewing machine or a needle and thread
  • Large clothing
  • Pantyhose

Follow these easy steps:

Step #1

Sew one of the t-shirt’s bottom hems so that they become joined together. (Step 1 and 2 are to be done on both t-shirts)

Step #2

Sew the t-shirt this time making a straight stitch from the shoulder region to the hem of the t-shirt. Repeat this again step on the other side of the t-shirt

Cut off the sleeves

Step #3

Stuff both t-shirts with the filler up to the neck area. If you would like to add some realistic pectoral muscles, make a seam around the belly area in the shape you like and then add as much filler as you wish.

Note: If you want to add extra weight in the arm area, use long-sleeved t-shirts and stuff the filler into the wrists, sewing each t-shirt arm at the wrist. Add less filling towards the neck area to avoid an overstuffed appearance.

Step #4

Seal each neck hole on both t-shirts individually

The next thing to do is attach the two t-shirts together. Make sure that as you sew, you leave enough space for the head to slip through easily.

You should then attach the sides of the two t-shirts to each other

Step #5

Add the cotton filler to the butt area and thighs of the pantyhose. Cut about 3-5 swatches when the material is not stretched and add the filler as needed then seal the cuts.

What If I Don’t Want To Do All That Sewing?

Well, it’s pretty simple. We’ll show you how to make fat suits for both men and women that don’t require any sewing.

What if I don’t want to do all that sewing

Note: The main difference between these two is that the female fat suit has wide hips and boobs.

Some of the items you’ll need include:

  • 1 large blanket
  • 2 smaller blankets
  • 2 large pillows, like those we sleep on
  • 2-4 smaller square-shaped pillows, like those used on sofas
  • 2 large scarves
  • 2 smaller scarves
  • A pair of leggings that’s a size or two larger than you
  • A swimming costume (for women) or shapewear (for men) also 2 sizes larger
  • Bolero with long arms
  • A bra with cup sizes of choice
  • Clothes large enough to fit

With these materials, you should look about 400lbs heavy.

Follow the steps below:

Step #1

Put on the leggings and wrap the large blanket around you. Take the two smaller blankets and wrap them around your left and right leg. They should cover your legs while you’re standing.  The ends of the blankets should be tucked into leggings around the waist and at the ankles so that they don’t move about.

Digital Camera

The blankets help give the fat suit a realistic look. The smaller blankets will make your thighs touch and this makes it slightly harder for you causing you to waddle.

Step #2

Digital Camera

Take the large pillow and put it inside your leggings over your butt. If you feel that the large pillow is not enough, you can try adding the smaller pillow underneath the large pillow.

For the female suit, place the smaller pillows over your hips for width. These should also be added under the leggings.

Step #3

Now it’s time to put on the swimming costume or shapewear. The bottom half is very helpful in keeping all the pillows in place.

Digital Camera
Digital Camera

Stuff the second large pillow in the front of your belly. If you feel that is doesn’t make your belly as large as you want it to be, add another smaller pillow underneath the larger one. If you want a hanging belly, use an extra-large swimsuit or shapewear and place another pillow at the bottom. Use safety pins to secure the pillow in place. Make sure that the top pillow blends in well with the handing belly.

To create a realist look of rolls of flab, roll up the smaller blanket and wrap it around the large pillow on your belly.

Step #4

For the man-boobs, roll up the large scarves and put each one either side of your chest over your breast area. The tightness of the shapewear should hold it all in place so that it looks natural.


Ladies should put the scarves inside the bra, over their beasts. The scarves shouldn’t be protruding or showing over the bra.

Step #5


The last bit of this look is the arms. Wrap a smaller scarf around each of your arms to create some extra flab. Alternatively, you could stuff it down the sleeves of a bolero to create the bingo wing.

After You’ve Made A Fat Suit, What Next?

The selling point of the fat suit is the clothes that you wear over it.

Find appropriate clothes to wear so that you can complete the look. You can either buy them from the plus-size clothing store or borrow them from a friend or relative who is plus size.

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There are no two fat suits that are the same. We all have different body types and so we need to add padding to different places. The most important part about making a fat suit is designing it. Here you pick an appropriate design that’s right for your body and one that fits the look you’re going for. Remember to pay close attention to details that add realistic definition to the girth rather than just opting for a “pillow” effect.

We hope that you have lots of fun making your fat suit 🙂

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