How to Clean Epson Print Head Nozzles Which Are Blocked or Clogged

Epson printers are a great addition to our official job. They have engineered their printers to offer the best service. You can run loads of printing daily on the Epson printers. But some reasons can clock the print head of Epson printers.

The ink may dry up, and the dried ink clogs the print head nozzles. This problem can occur at any time. So, you have to know how to clean Epson print head nozzle, which is blocked or clogged. If you know an instant solution, you do not have to stop your work. You will clean your printer printhead and continue printing.

How to Clean Epson Print Head Nozzles Which Are Blocked or Clogged

There are two types of ink holders in the Epson printer. Within the ink cartridge system, new models of the Epson printer have innovative ink tanks. You should know to clean both of them.

Necessary Elements:

  • Long and wide paper towel
  • Distilled water or cleaning solution
  • A syringe
  • plastic strip
  • A silicon tube

Ink Tank Cleaning Method

You have to print in all colors and find out which ink print head is clogged. If all the print head is blocked, clean them one by one. After collecting all necessary items, follow the steps below:

Step-1: At first, open the cover from the upper side. The print head area is now visible. To remove them, you have to keep them in the middle position. To do it, start the printer and wait until the print head reaches the central part. Once it comes, cut the power. After removing the plastic cover, you will get access to the tubes. Detach these tubes by pushing the retaining nose of the printhead compartment from the backside. You have to do it softly using your finger or a screwdriver. After unhooking the cartridges, you can lift the cartridges from the compartment. Now you can see the printer ink ports.

How to Clean Epson Print Head Nozzles

Step-2: When you clean the cartridges, you have to keep the printer inside protected from the cleansing process. Take a paper towel and fold it like the print head nozzle size. Take a plastic strip and fit it under the paper towel and set it below the print head compartment to stay in the middle of the paper towel.

Step-3: Take the silicone tube and connect one side to the syringe and the other side to the ink port. Now fill the syringe with the cleaning solution and push it slowly. It will flush the blocked nozzle, and you can be sure of this fact when you see the liquid comes out to a paper towel with the relevant color of the ink. After flushing the cartridge with a full syringe of cleaner solution, detach the silicone tube from the port. By repeating this process, you can clean all the cartridges one by one.

Step-4: Now, clean the inside part of the ink cartridge compartment softly with a paper towel. Then reinstall the cleaned cartridges to the ink compartment gently. Fix the ink tubes correctly to the compartment and try to keep no twist to the ink tubes. At last, attach the plastic cover and close the printer cover.

Now print some pages and check if the ink comes out smoothly.

Ink Cartridge Nozzle Cleaning Method

You will need the same ingredients to clean the ink cartridges. The process is almost similar to the operation of cleaning the ink tank. Follow the steps below and clean ink cartridges.

Step-1:  To clean ink cartridges, the printer should have a power connection through the cleaning process, but after opening the upper lid of the printer, it will not work. So, you have to make a bridge using the paper towel to the contact switch. If you can make the perfect bridge connection, you will be able to access the printer. Now, run the printing process a little until the print head compartments get into the middle side and then disconnect the printer with the cable. Now, open the compartment, take the cartridges out, and begin the ink cartridge’s cleaning process, which has blocked the nozzle.

how to clean printer head epson

Step-2: Here, you have to put a paper towel under the ink compartment so that the cleaning solution cannot touch and harm the printer inside. It will fill the waste ink tank, and it will be easy to remove wastewater.

Step-3: Connect the silicone tube to the syringe and fill the syringe with the cleaning solution keeping a little space to use the pressure well. Connect the other side of the silicone tube to the ink port.

Now, push the syringe gently to the tube to flush out the ink cartridge. When you press the syringe, move the syringe head back and forth a couple of times, clean the clogged area. Then it will flush the ink cartridge and clean it properly. When you see that the color of the ink cartridge is coming out of the paper towel, you can be sure that the clogged area is cleaned.

step-4: Now, clean the bottom part of the compartment with a paper towel softly. After completing the cleaning process, remove the paper towel and then reinstall all cartridges. Now close the lid.

Run the printer and test printing to check if the clogged ink comes out correctly.

If you see that there is still come problem or the outcome of the color is not the same as before, then repeat the cleaning process. After cleaning them 2 to 3 times, there will be the same result as before.

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Epson printers are one of the best printers of all in the market. Clogging of the print head nozzles is a common issue for all printers. If you use your printer occasionally, the chance to get clogged nozzles is more as the ink gets dry when keeping unused for an extended period.

As it is a common issue for all printers, you should know how to clean Epson print head nozzles that are blocked or clogged for ink cartridges or ink tanks. Know the technique and continue your work.

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