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Guillotine Vs Rotary Paper Cutter | Which Paper Cutter Is The Best?

Your office must need to perform a wide variety of paperwork. Preparing reports, presentations, proposals is a crucial job. You must have to put a lot of effort into it. An essential part of preparing these papers is cutting or trimming them into professional-looking size and dimension. There are many options in the market to ease your job.

Choosing the correct paper trimmer or cutter is the most critical job to begin. This choice makes it sure how correctly you can customize the sizes of your papers and how many sheets you can pass at one go. You will be confused about guillotine vs rotary paper cutter. As selecting one between them has much importance, you have to do some research or gather some knowledge about it. Why lagging? Let’s have the necessary knowledge and make the proper decision.

Comparison Table

Let’s look at the differences between the guillotine paper cutter and the rotary cutter at a glance.

Guillotine Cutter

Rotary Paper Cutter

Blade size



Blade design

One sided straight blade

Two-sided rotary blade

Cutting capacity

Cut thick papers

Cut thin papers comparatively

Cutting speed



Amount of cut sheets at a go



Guillotine Vs Rotary Paper Cutter

Though the guillotine paper cutter and the rotary trimmer have the same purpose, they are much different in some aspects. Their capabilities, styles, speed, and other features are contrasting enough to point them differently. If you do not know them and randomly select one, you will be deprived of significant chances. Several modifications have been added to both of them to increase their efficiency. Learn those specifications and then choose wisely.

  • Cutting Need

What type of paper cutter you need depends on what you have to cut and how you cut. Rotary cutters have a round-designed blade that moves up and down to cut papers within a metal guide. The blade remains enclosed by a plastic head to keep it safe. This design is perfect for cutting straight. This cutter is proper only for thin papers. Thus, you can cut a low volume of paper products at once. This rotary cutter is famous for photographers, artists, designers, schools, small offices, advertising agencies, and personal home use.

Guillotine Vs Rotary Paper Cutter
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On the other hand, a guillotine cutter can take loads of cutting jobs. You will be able to cut a high volume of paper piles. This cutter is designed to cut papers by moving the handle down after placing the stack of papers on the base part. The blade cuts on a straight line, and it can cut thicker papers.

So, you have to choose the cutter type depending on your need. If you do not have loads of cutting jobs, you can have rotary trimmers. You can have it for scrapbooking or photo projects, home needs. For performing in paper cutting job in low volume, a rotary cutter works great.

If you have a larger business, you have to go for the guillotine paper cutter. Guillotine paper cutter can do well to make long presentation documents, heavily thick reports. You can produce a presentation cutting the cardboard or foamboard. For these heavy-duty jobs, a guillotine cutter is a must.

  • Blade Design

The design in the blade for the guillotine cutter and rotary cutter differs. Within the blade design, cutting ability and style also varies. So, you have to know the fact to select one type.

As the name reflects, the rotary paper cutter has circular blades. It cuts sheets straight precisely. The circular blades can move and cut in both the direction. That is why you can interchange the side of the blade if one side becomes blunt. To ensure an accurate cut, the blades are connected to a rail. This rail lets the blades glide back and forth through the guide bar.

Guillotine Vs Rotary Paper Cutter

In the guillotine paper cutter, the blades are attached to a long arm, and the arm is connected to the handle. To cut the papers, you have to place them on the cutting base and pull down the cutter’s arm using the handle. It will cut the paper stack straight and clean.

The primary method to cut paper of the rotary cutter is the gliding motion, and for the guillotine cutter, the lever-action.

Blades are made of two types of metals. One is stainless steel, and the other is titanium. Both are durable though titanium is more durable. If the blade is of stainless steel, you have to sharpen the cutter frequently to keep it sharp. The titanium blade has a self-sharpening feature. So, titanium blades are more preferable to stainless steel. But titanium blades are expensive. If you have enough affordability, you can go for the titanium blades.

Both guillotine and rotary cutters can have titanium or stainless-steel blade. Choose at your own convenience.

  • Safety Terms

Safety is a significant concern to think about while it is about cutting by sharp blades. Paper cutters have very sharp blades that can cause accidental injury at any time. Therefore, when selecting one cutter type from both of them, you must consider the safety facts.

Safety Terms of paper cutter
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There is a variety of safety features in different paper cutter models. For example, there is a locking latch feature to the arm of the guillotine paper cutter. It keeps the blade locked to stop the movement. So, it is safe for children or other persons if they accidentally touch it. In addition, most guillotine paper cutters have a tension spring known as the safety spring. This spring is responsible for keeping the blade stuck and preventing it from coming down until you pull it.

Rotary paper cutters are featured as such that the blade does not work if you do not press it down. It is the most important feature for safety. Some rotary trimmers have translucent cutting surfaces that can prevent accidents from happening. These cutters have smaller blades comparatively than guillotine blades. Check properly that there should be ample space to grip it easily.

Both are safe on their different safety features. While buying them, check the cutter properly and know about the safety designs from the seller.

  • Cutting Method

Both of the cutters have a different cutting methods. As the blade design, the cutting technique matches it. A guillotine cutter has a blade attached to the arm attached to the handle that lets you cut sheets by pushing down the handle. You can put pressure to cut papers through the components. So, it allowed you to cut thick paper stacks or cardboard-like thick items.

cutting a paper
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Rotary cutters have a sliding designed blade. You have to cut sheets aside, and it does not allow you to control the pressure. That is why it cannot cut thick sheets or high-volume paper stacks. But the design implies or precise cut. So if you have worked for proper trimming of photos or scrapbooks, the rotary cutters are suitable.

  • Cutting Speed

Cutting speed determines how much workload the cutter can take. It, in turn, determines how much you can produce in time. In the present world, you have to take more work pressure. So, you have to choose the cutting machine based on the cutting speed too.

Guillotine Vs Rotary Paper Cutter
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Guillotine paper cutters can cut thick paper piles at one go. It allows you to increase the production level. You have to set the sheets in the right place and move the cutter’s handle down. The blade will cut the papers straight. Though there are loads of paper stacks, you will be able to cut all of them sharply in one go. It allows working more at less time requirement.

On the other hand, rotary paper cutters have a low cutting speed. These cutters are designed with an accurate cutting ability, not for high-volume workloads. It also does not allow for cutting thicker papers or items like cardboard. You can cut a maximum of 3 inches wide items. That is why these cutters are time-consuming to work.

If you have to find the solution that can do your high working loads, you should buy the guillotine cutters.

Final Words

If you are concerned about what to choose between guillotine vs rotary paper cutter, go through this page. To find the right choice, you should have a detailed explanation of their differences. Then, depending on your demand, know their capacity and then collect one perfect for your need.

Consider all essential features, including the blade design, cutting technique, cutting capacity, etc., to correctly choose. If you need loads of cutting jobs or if you have to cut thicker papers or items, you should purchase the guillotine paper cutter. If you do not have much work pressure, the rotary paper cutter does well. When you have a variety of cutting jobs, the guillotine will do well. Choose after thinking about the need.

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