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Gildan vs Hanes – What Are the Differences?

So, recently I was thinking of starting a customized t-shirt business. And throughout my scrutiny, I found out that Gildan and Hanes are one of the most popular blank t-shirt manufacturers who renders blank t-shirts for screen printing, personalization, and regular wardrobe purpose. As the discussion thread of quora and other sites was full of these two recommendations and deterrence’s, I couldn’t determine which one to take. Now, just a few days ago, I accumulated all the sneak peeks and tiny details of both of the brands, assessed them, and finally come to a halt. Here, the differences between Gildan and Hanes are subtle; thus, it evokes confusion. Hence, today I have compiled a head to head Gildan vs Hanes comparison guide so that you can understand the differences and choose the ideal one for your project.

 Gildan T-Shirts

 Gildan T-ShirtsWell, first thing first, Gildan isn’t any category of t-shirts, in fact, it’s a brand that distributes blank t-shirts, hoodies, sportswear, and other varieties for business purposes. Interestingly, the people who yearn for Canadian clothing with a tinge of classic vibe, Gildan is the go-to brand for them. Now, if you ask about its origin, then perhaps it was found in the 80s by two men named Greg and glen who later hired different importers from different regions and manufactured their product in wholesale quantity. In today’s world Gildan has gained the peak of success through its competent quality, affordability, and comfort. By speaking of quality, the first question which comes across in your mind is about the material. So, Gildan is made of 100% pure cotton, which ensures the permanency of screen printing as well as the pigment absorbency. However, these t-shirts aren’t only for printing for purpose but also for regular casual wearing.

Perks of Gildan

Lets glance over the perks of Gildan,

  • Its preshrunk quality allows machine washing and ensures that it retains the density, color, and patterns without peeling off
  • Cost-effective
  • Wide range of color availabilities
  • Available in s to 5X size range
  • Optimal comfort


 HanesNow let’s talk about Hanes! So, these t-shirts are crafted by a prominent clothing brand named Hanes which also belongs to the predecessor brand of the United-state, North Carolina. Initially, they commenced their journey in 2006 with t-shirts like beefy T, which used to be bulky and very heavy to put on. But one thing that was inclusive from the very beginning was its alleviation capacity by providing ample comfort. The pre-shrunk, double knitted t-shirts coupled with seam taping became popular, and consumers favorite within a year. Also, their collection enhanced; from only blank t-shirts to shorts, undergarments, and other clothing assortments. Anyways there’s still a question as to where does Hanes create their products or from where your product will be manufactured. Well, as the US clothing company of Hanes used to hire workers from the US and crafted their clothing inside the UK, you might think that you will get the product from there. But in reality, there are only warehouse and independent offices existing right now. And I am pretty sure that the owner recruited independent manufacturers from a different country and closed their native factory. So, it could be a disadvantage for you that now their product doesn’t come from the UK but from Thailand or Vietnam.

Perks of Hanes

Here come the perks of Hanes,

  • Premium ring-spun cotton that ensures comfort and elasticity
  • Doesn’t shrink even after multiple washing sessions
  • Arrives without any tag which is a plus point for you if you are thinking of putting your own brand name
  • Comes with polyester material along with cotton
  • The fitting of Hanes is beyond perfect — neither too large nor too stiff
  • Ample sizes choosing options from small to 6-X large


Gildan vs Hanes

Here’s a quick table guide to understanding the differences.

Gildan Hanes
1.     It’s made out of 100% cotton, and sometimes it includes polyester as well. 1.     It’s made of ring-spun cotton, which takes a radical departure from other clothing materials that use ordinary cotton.
2.     Gildan offers 178 color options 2.     Hanes offers 60 color choices in total
3.     Cost-effective 3.     It’s pricier than Gildan because of its innate comfort features
4.     Comes with a tag which is problematic as well as feels itchy against your neck 4.     These t-shirts have no tags attached on its back hence it’s not only comfortable but also easily customizable
5.     Gildan t-shirts are heavyweight and comfortable 5.     Hanes t-shirts are bulkier than Gildan, yet, it reigns over for the reinforced stitching and firm appearance
6.     It’s ideal for screen printing business 6.     These are all-purpose t-shirts yet if you are thinking of buying them in bulk for screen printing then the upfront cost can stress you out!


End Quote

I hope the comparison guide was helpful. All you have to do is to consider your budget, priorities, and obviously, the purpose of buying it.

After all these speculations, if you think that quality, solidity, and comfort matters the most in your concern, then Hanes is the one for you.

But if you are into business and thinking of buying blank t-shirts in bulk and also have a tight budget, then undoubtedly Gildan will do the job!

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