Why Is My Brother Printer Offline? A Definitive Guide

Brother printer is an excellent choice in the printing world. Almost all the models of Brother printer provide advanced features and technologies to ease your job. Within some technical problems, one common problem is that the printer goes offline. Many people ask why is my Brother Printer offline?

While trying to print some pages or essential documents, it is frustrating to find the printer offline. There are some reasons behind these problems. Most of the issues are easy to solve. Let’s know the causes and how to solve all the problems one by one. 

Why Is My Brother Printer Offline? – Reasons

Before going for the solutions, understand the reason to find the Brother printer offline. 

  1. The Printer power connection can be inactive or not correctly set. 01894867068
  2. The printer can get disconnected somehow.
  3. To keep the printer online, you have to set this printer as the default printer on your computer setting. If not, the printer will show offline mode.
  4. When the pending printing job gets jammed in the printing queue, it will show offline mode.
  5. If the printer is set on offline or paused status, it will show the offline mode. You have to check it.
  6. In the settings, there can be multiple copies of the same printer in the line. It can misunderstand the situation and show the offline mode.
  7. In the windows operating system, the printer driver can be inactive or have some problems. Then the printer will go on offline mode. 

Among these issues, they are easy to resolve by yourself if you learn how to solve them. Let’s know the solutions to all the problems one by one.

  • Printer Power Connection Problem

When you see the printer if offline on your computer, at first, check if the printer is turned on suddenly or adequately stopped, some Brother printer has LCD screen. If you do have such models, check the screen. If it is blank, that means it is off. If your printer has no LCD screen, check LED lights. If the printer is off, these lights will not be turned on.

Why Is My Brother Printer Offline

When you are sure that the printer has got off somehow, you have to turn it on by pressing the Power button of your printer. If you see that the button cannot “On” the printer, you have to check the cable connections. It can be wrongly connected, or the power outlet is switched off. The power outlet can be loose. Check it properly. Then turn the power on.

If you can turn the printer power on, you can check if the printer gets online now. You may find an error message on the printer’s screen, then check the printer manual and find the solution to the problem mentioned in the error message. If the problem is not resolving, then check the next part.

  • The Connection Between the Printer and the Computer

Next, you have to check the relationship between the printer and the computer. Check if the link is correctly set. The plugging should fit the port properly. Besides, both the printer and computer should not be connected through USB hubs or extenders. The connection should be direct.

Why Is My Brother Printer Offline

If the network is connected through the Ethernet connection, check if the connection is tight or fit properly. In the Ethernet connection, two cable ends keep connected to the printer and the router. Check both the connections. If you find that there is no network supply, you have to contact the network administrator. If the network connection comes from the wireless connectivity, check if the Wi-Fi network supply is okay. You can reset the Wi-Fi router connection. 

  • Printer Setting as the Default

After finishing a check on cables, connectivity, and network supply, it is time to check the software and settings of the printer from the computer. At first, you have to be sure that the printer you are using is set as Default on your laptop. Check it, and then put it right. 

Step-1: To check it, you have to enter the Windows option by pressing the Windows button from your keyboard set on the lower-left corner of the computer screen. Search the control panel by typing it on the search bar. When the control panel is open, select the “Hardware and Sound.”

why is my brother printer not connected


Step-2: Now select “Devices and Printers.” This thread can come as “View devices and printers.” Now find the printer’s name that you are running. Check if there is a green checked mark at the side. If it is checked, then the printer is at Default. If not, then tap it to keep it checked. 

After doing these steps, the printer can go to Online mode. Check it and if not, go for further instruction.

  • Stuck Printing Job

After commanding for any printing job, it can get stuck for some reason. If the printing file is too big, the printer can pause printing. It is because the printer has not enough memory to store the file until the printing is complete. Sometimes, the printer goes to sleep mode while you are busy setting the file for printing. It is because the time can exceed the inactivity time range for sleep mode. Thus, several printing jobs can get stuck on the printer.

When there are several stuck printing jobs, the printer automatically goes to offline mode. So, check the printer queue for pending jobs. Follow the steps below:

Step-1: Enter the “Devices and Printers” option through the Windows key and the control panel. Then you will see the list of printer’s names. Select your printer’s name.

Why Is My Brother Printer Offline

Step-2: Now, Right-click the Printer tab and click on “See What’s Printing.” A list of stuck printing jobs appears. See the ‘Printer’ tab at the top part of the Window and then click on the “Cancel All Documents” option. It will clear out all the printing jobs in the queue. 

You may find the following thread to be grayed out. This means that you have to provide the password. Then you will see the option “Open as Administrator.” Here you have to provide the required password. Now click on the “Yes” option. It will then do the job of clearing the stuck works. 

If there is no stuck printing job, you can be sure that it is not the reason for the printer to go offline. Sometimes, clearing the pending jobs is not enough to bring the Brother printer to online mode. Then go for further instruction.

  • Printer Status

It is possible that the printer can go automatically into the offline mode from the control panel. Then you have to check it and change it. 

Right-click on the Printer icon from the control panel, and you will find the option- “Use Printer Offline” or “Pause Printing.” If the option is checked from the right side, you have to uncheck it by clicking on it.

why is my brother printer offline windows 10

  • Multiple Printers

If there are copies of the same printer in the settings of your computer, the printer becomes confused and goes on offline mode. These copies come when you connect the printer using the different USB ports at other times. For each of the USB ports, one new printer copy is made. Besides, drivers make more than one copy for installing the same printer if the drivers are installed more than once. 

When you see so many copies of the same printer in the list, hover over each printer copy reaching your mouse pointer and check the pop-up status. One of the printer copies will show a pop-up bar stating “Status: ready.” When you find this, then you can be sure that this is the real one. Keeping the absolute one right, delete other copies. Now you check if the printer is showing online mode. 

  • Printer Drivers

When you are capable of solving the problem, then you have to go for the last option. It is the reinstallation of the printer drivers. To download printer drivers, you have to go to the Brother Support Page and click on “Downloads.” Here you will get the instructions stating the process on how to download the latest Brother printer drivers. Follow the instructions and downloads necessary updates and the latest version drivers 

Why My Brother Printer Offline On Mac

When you use Mac to operate the Brother printer, it can get to the offline mode similarly. The reasons behind these problems can be the same too. Let’s know the reasons for the offline mode in the printer and how to solve the issues in your Mac. 

Why Is My Brother Printer Offline


  • Most of the common issues include low or no availability of ink toners, faulty Hardware, not updating the software, paper jamming.
  • There can be some changes in the Firewall settings, which can be the reason for the offline mode of the printer.
  • The option stating “Use Printer Offline” can be checked somehow, which you have to ensure that it is unchecked. When the offline mode appears, with the other checking, you have to check this too. 
  • When you use Mac as the operating system, you have to run many drivers and USB connections. You have to check all the cable connections and check if the rivers are update or correctly installed. 

The Mac device should detect the Brother printer correctly, and that is the solution.


The most effective solution is to uninstall and then again reinstall printer drivers in Mac. Let’s know how to uninstall and reinstall the printer drivers.

Step-1: At first, enter the “System and Preference” box in your Mac device and then find the “Printer and scanner” option. As you see the list of printer names, find your printer and click on the (-) sign that enables you to uninstall the printer.

Why My Brother Printer Offline On Mac

Step-2: After a while, you have to reinstall the printer driver. Go to the Brother printer website and find the printer drivers for Mac. Download them accordingly and follow the instructions that are given on the website already.

Why Is My Brother Printer Offline

Step-3: Turn on your printer and then restart it. Now open reinstalled printer drivers. Find the Printer option here and install the paper ports. You have to follow the instruction from the manual carefully.

Why My Brother Printer Offline On Mac

Step-4: After completing the installation, open the “Apple” menu and find the option “System and Preferences” again. You will get the option “Printers and scanners” here. Click on this option.

Why Is My Brother Printer Offline


Step-5: Find your printer’s name and tap on the (+) sign. It will select your printer. Now select “Add Printer or scanner”. Now select your Brother printer here again. It will add the printer to the Mac device. When selecting a printer is done, exit the system and preferences option.

Why Is My Brother Printer Offline

Now check if the printer in on online now. After this process, the printer should go online, and there should be a green mark on the printer.

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Final Words

Why is My Brother Printer Offline? When our Brother printer shows offline mode and stops working, we get frustrated. Our printing work contains. As some common issues turn the printer offline, there are solutions too. Here, on this page, we have got all the efficient answers. We hope you can turn your Brother printer online and resume your printing job the right way.

If you find that the problem is solving even after applying these solutions, contact Brother Printer Tech support. Maybe, the problem can be within the physical construction of the printer. 

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