Best Scoring Board For Card Making

Are you worried about cutting papers in the exact shape to make an origami or a box? If yes, then you should get a scoring board which is very useful and affordable.

A scoring board is a handheld gadget that is used to cut a sheet in the right size. This makes scoring much more suitable. There is a knife with the tool which is made of hard materials. The knife works as a sharp cutter.

Most of the scoring boards are almost the same but some of them differ in size in quality. You need to get the best scoring board in order to achieve a great working experience.

#List of The Best Scoring Board – Our Editor’s Pick:

# Preview Product
1 EK Success ek Tools Standard Scoring Board 54-00102 14' x 16.5' x .7'

EK Success ek Tools Standard Scoring Board 54-00102 14" x 16.5" x .7"

2 EK Tools Mini Scoring Board 54-00101, Gray

EK Tools Mini Scoring Board 54-00101, Gray

3 Bira Craft 12 X 12 inch Multi-Purpose Scoring Board & Score and Fold Tool (Scoring Board)

Bira Craft 12 X 12 inch Multi-Purpose Scoring Board & Score and Fold Tool (Scoring Board)

4 Ecraft Paper Trimmer Scoring Board: 12 x12 inch Craft Paper Cutter - Folding & Scorer for Cover of Book & Gift Box and Photo etc

Ecraft Paper Trimmer Scoring Board: 12 x12 inch Craft Paper Cutter - Folding & Scorer for Cover of...

5 We R Memory Keepers 0633356602576 Score Board Tool-Basic (3 Piece), Off White

We R Memory Keepers 0633356602576 Score Board Tool-Basic (3 Piece), Off White

Top 10 Best Scoring Board Reviews

Finding a scoring board may seem easy but is it easy to get a high quality product? No, it is not. That is why we brought the top products from the market after conducting research. So stay with us to know more about the product.

1. Scor Pal Scoring Board | Convenient

Scor-Pal SP108 Eighths Measuring and Scoring Board, 12' by 12', 1/8' Space Grooves

Getting a score board with all the groves that you will need for scoring the cardstock properly is not easy. But Scor Pal made this easy for the users by bringing the best paper scoring board in the market.

Scor pal can cut big size paper with its 12 inches x 12 inches scoring surface. So, you will get a huge surface to work comfortably on it. Besides the board has a very precise and crisp folding system.

Does not raise the fence on the sides of a scoreboard to make it easy to work with? This scoring board includes fences on three out of four sides. The top of the fences is 1/8 inch to 1-inch intervals.

This board includes one plastic tool and one 14×12-3/4 inch scoring board. So that it is very easy and quick to work with. So saving the valuable time, the board is the perfect one.


  • Very convenient
  • Ease of using
  • Huge surface
  • 12 x 12 inches board


  • One color is available

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2. Bira Craft Scoring Board | Budget Friendly

Bira Craft 12 X 12 inch Multi-Purpose Scoring Board & Score and Fold Tool (Scoring Board)

Do you love to make gift boxes, envelopes, and invitation cards with paper but struggling to find the proper tool for cutting the paper in the right shape? Then there is good news, Bira made a scoring board that is appropriate for making creative stuff.

Bira Craft scoring board is big enough to work comfortably. With its 13.5 x 13 x 11/16 inches dimension this will let you make any size of boxes. Without that, the box includes a free cutting tool and a folding tool inside the package.

If you are confused about how to use the scoring box properly, you will get a YouTube tutorial providing the guidelines to use this. However, this board is very easy to use. The model of Bira Craft does not require any expert hand.


  • 5 x 13 x 11/16 inches dimension
  • Easy to use
  • Proper guidelines
  • Suitable for making creative crafts


  • The measurements are slightly off

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3. Scor Pal Scoring Board | High Quality

Scor-Pal 24 by 19cm Scor-Buddy Scoring Board, Mini

Finding a scoring board is not hard but not all the boards include a bag with it. Scor pal scoring boards have a bag to keep this inside when you are not using it. This will help to keep the board protected.

The quality of the board is very high as premium quality materials have been used. The size of the item is very beautiful. Just perfect for making small boxes and cards.

China is now controlling the market. Scor Pal is a Chinese company making scoring boards for many years. So there is no question about the quality.

The scoring board is durable and reliable. You will get a perfect measurement with it. Moreover, the lines are very clear and visible. So there will be no trouble selling the lines.


  • Durable and reliable
  • A product from a renowned company
  • Includes a bag


  • Not suitable for the big paper size

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4. Bira Craft Scoring Board | Easily Stored

Bira Craft Paper Trimmer and Scorer with Swing-Out Arm, 12' x 6' Base, Craft Trimmer, Trim and Score Board, for Coupons, Craft Paper and Photo

Are you looking for a scoring board that has multiple uses and advanced functions? You can look for this one. This model of bira craft is the best craft scoring board for professionals.

Many people face problems regarding keeping the board after using it. Bira has the solution for it. There is a hole on the upside of the board. So you can easily hang the board on the wall. This ensures easy storage and saves a lot of space.

Additional replacing blades make the scoreboard more convenient. Replacing the blades is also very easy. All you have to do is slide the blade carriage to the blade removal groove and pull up the carriage to remove it.

Bira Craft is providing a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So if you are not satisfied with the product or if the product does not meet the expectation, they will happily provide a replacement.


  • Have additional blade
  • Advanced function
  • Easy to store
  • Replacement guarantee


  • Not suitable for beginner
  • Score only on the right side

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5.    Eugeneq Scoring Board | Two Measurements

Eugeneq 270x230mm Plastic Scoring Board Paper Card Cuting Board Craft DIY Tool with Measuring Grid

Eugeneq is chosen by many people due to its durability and long-lasting quality. Very high quality material has been used in the board which makes it last for a long time.

Usually, a scoring board is only used for taking measurement, except that there are no other uses. So people want to get a board that will give a lifetime service. Keeping all of these in mind Eugeneq made a scoring board that provides 100% customer satisfaction.

With no limitation and no border, you can control the paper as you want with this board. This scoring board will let everyone work freely. And all the portion of the board will be used.

Are you comfortable working with centimeters? This board has two types of measurement systems; inches and centimeters. So there is no need to convert inches to centimeters anymore.


  • Two measurements system
  • Full customer satisfaction
  • No limitation borders
  • High quality


  • Price is higher than other boards

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6. Bira Craft Scoring Board | Large Projects

Bira Craft 12 x 6 3/4 inch Multi-Purpose Scoring Board & Score and Fold Tool

If you want to get the highest benefit from a scoring board from the most reputed company, you should buy this tool. Every person who has used the product has provided a positive review and recommended others to use it.

Bira Craft is the best scoring board for card making, enveloping, and box making. Because this concludes a proper guide for all of these. Following the guides, you will be able to make a perfect box, card, or envelope.

For working flawlessly Bra Craft’s board is a must-have item. Working with the scoring will give a very smooth experience. You can complete the work without making any mess.

If you are buying it for a school student, this would be a great choice. They make it very easy to cut papers in a proper shape. Bira Craft scoring board is suitable for home scrapbooks, crafting projects, and decorations.


  • Dimensions is 13 1/2″ x 9″ x 3/4″
  • Suitable for many projects
  • Includes box, envelop and gift box guide
  • Budget friendly


  • Available in one color

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7. We R Memory Keepers Scoring Board | Accuracy

ZJL220 Professional Mini Score Scoring Board Measuring Tool For Origami Envelope Card Folder Tools

We R Memory Keepers is one of the most convenient brands out there. Their scoring board is amazing in terms of size, price and quality which makes it a must have craft for the room essential. And of these options make them the best paper scoring board.

The processes of folding it out into a surface makes the board convenient to cut both large and small size papers. Besides that, the sturdy locking mechanisms help to keep the board in the right place and precise blades to get an accurate cut every time.

For trimming and scoring any paper crafting project easily, We R Memory Keeper’s board is the perfect tool. This model is popular among the users as it gives very precious cuts. The large fold-out surface helps to home-made envelopes, create beautiful boxes, and stunning cards.

Cutting papers have never been that easy. The 12 x 12 inch box includes one titanium blade. That helps to mark the paper. Heavy material such as leather, cardboard also can be cut by the board.


  • Storage for scoring tool
  • Cut accurately
  • Measures in both inch and centimeters
  • Easy to use


  • Not always gives sharp edges

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8. Scor Pal Scoring Board | Large Tool

You already have been introduced to the boards of Scor Pal. So, you have an idea about their product quality and service. This model from Scor Pal is the best scoring board among them. The silver matte finish adds an elegant look to it.

Scoring the tool is also very convenient as there is a hanging system on the other side of the board. While working with it, there will be no mess. There are no side borders around the board which makes it easy to move the papers.

The tool includes a plastic knife to complete the job more precisely. It is possible to complete the work with every little detail as the box has  the 1/8″ lines and these are tremendously helpful. Also there are star marks that let you know where the middle of the paper or card could be.

The price can be a bit high, but if the price is compared to the quality of the product then you will understand that every penny is worth buying it.



  • High quality products
  • Easy to see the middle of the paper
  • Easy to work with
  • Perfect for card, envelope making


  • Price is higher than average

9. EK Success Scoring Boards | Flawless Line

Having a scoring board that can be used for multiple purposes is great. But most of the boards are only for cutting thin paper. But the scoring board from EK Success is able to cut paper crafts, cards, invitations, fabrics, envelopes and whatnot.

Anyone can Easily create the perfect crease as it is designed to give you the highest comfort. The board can be folded. So for working with small size material just fold the board. The measurements guides are very clear and those are in inches.

To add texture, detail, and depth to the paper craft designs, this board is the most preferable. For creating a professional looking project, use the alignment triangle and go through the instructions. The tool box is able to create a variety of crafts.

You must be thinking, as the score board includes so many facilities, it might be hard to use. But no, EK Success Scoring Boards are very easy to use. The flawless and crisp lines are making it more convenient.


  • Flawless and crisp lines
  • Comfortable to work with
  • Light weight
  • Reasonable price


  • Difficult to read numbers

10. Fiskars Scoring Board | Sharp Blade

smallJUN Professional Mini Score Scoring Board Measuring Tool For Origami Envelope Card Folder Tools Blue

Are you looking for a scoring board with a lot of functions to make a professional project? Fiskars has brought the right scoring broad for you. This is ideal for cutting a wide range of projects such as photos, scrapbook pages and other materials.

The wide base of the board makes it easier to work with. As there is a lot of space, you can work with bigger size paper on it. Moreover, the triple track system interlocks the rail and blade for precise, straight cuts.

Fiskars Scoring Board has a high class blade carriage which makes it easy to grip. And this system will let you see where exactly the blade is and provide an accurate cut. So there is no chance of missing cut or unmatching accuracy.

The board is made of high quality plastic. Though this is lightweight, the board is very durable. Besides, it does not require much space to store.


  • Can cut variety of material
  • Has a sharp blade to cut the paper
  • Light in weight and portable
  • Very strong and durable


  • Not for the beginners

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Things to Consider Before Buying Scoring Board For Card Making

The market is becoming very competitive and everyone wants to sell their product by advertising the products as the best. But you have to be clever to get the right one. The same thing goes for buying the best scoring board. The easiest way to purchase the proper scoring board is to follow some buying guide. Following some instructions will help to get the right board that fulfills your needs and requirements.

In this section, we will be discussing some elements and features of a scoring board. So read this section to know more about a scoring board.

  • Borders

Some of the scoring boards have borders on their side. This is used so that the page does not go outside the board and move less which is suitable for making small boxes or cards. But for working with large size paper, borderless scoring boards are more convenient. Because this has flexibility and can be easily moved.

Therefore, think about the purpose of buying this. If you want to work with only small size paper, buy the board with borders.

  • Dimension

There are boards of different dimensions. Some are small in size and some are big. Big size boards are suitable for big projects. So the size of the board depends on the project you want to work on. Small projects can also be done on big diminution boards. But it is not possible to make a big size box on a small size board. Hence this is wise to consider the project size and select the dimension of the box accordingly.

  • Price

Price is always an important factor. The price does not defer much for a scoring board. Most of the boards have the same price tag. But for getting a scoring board this is durable and lasts for a long time, you may need to spend more.

How to use a scoring board?

Using a scoring board is not hard. But for new users, they may have to follow some guidelines to get a proper experience.

First, place the paper on one of the straight edges of the scoring board. There will be a built-in measurement, use that for figuring out where the sheep have to be scored. Then there is a strain on the board, in the board below place that edge parallel to the groove.

After that, guide the bone folder with the paper. Press the paper into the groove below. Do not press it very hard. And it is better not to go over the score multiple times. Use the plastic knife for proper lines. Now you are ready to cut and fold the paper into the right shape.

How to use a scoring board

How to make an envelope with a scoring board?

A scoring board can be used for any purpose. Making an envelope is one of them. This tool will let you make envelopes like a professional, all you need to do is follow some instructions.

So in the beginning, get a paper. It is better if the materials of the paper are thick. Place the paper on the board. There is a particular shape for different sizes of envelopes. To see the measurements beforehand.

Then mark the line of the envelope following the measurements on the board. Make sure the paper does not move. After that, use the knife to make the mark where you want to fold the paper.
After that fold the paper four times to make an envelope. Use glue to attach the paper. And you will get the envelope ready.

How to make an envelope with a scoring board

What is the best scoring board for card making?

There are different types of scoring boards in the market. A scoring board is used for box making, card making, and envelope making. It is not like you need a different type of scoring board for making cards. But making cards requires fewer functions.

It is better to use a board that has a border on the sides. That lets the paper be inside the board and does not move. So working with such card-making scoring boards is very convenient.

Straight edge and non-serrated edge both are suitable for card making. Try to pick simple cardboard. The simpler the scoring the easier it is to work with it.

What is the best scoring board for card making

Final Words

A scoring board is an essential piece of equipment for many professionals and students. This tool provides the proper guideline for making cards, boxes, and envelopes. But it is not wise rely on every scoreboard. For getting the exact measurements you will need the best scoring board. That is why we have mentioned top boards available in the market including some buying guides. Now it will be easier for you to pick the right tool. If this article was helpful, share this with friends.

Have a Great Scoring!

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