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Best Combo Heat Press Machine Reviews

Whether you are fond of personalizing your attire or you’ve just started a T-shirt business, you need a heat press machine. The thing is, you are wasting your time pressing the fabrics with old-age irons that don’t suit the job.
That’s why you need to own the best combo heat press machine to give life to your craftwork. Such professional devices can transform your ordinary designs into masterpieces. You can see the difference for yourself.
If you are still dangling around which one to pay your bucks on, check out the reviews we have come up with. Read till the end; you surely don’t want to miss it!

#List Of The Top 5 Best Combo Heat Press Machine – Editor’s Pick:

# Preview Product
1 PRIBCHO Heat Press 12x15 Inch 8 in 1 Heat Press Machine 360-Degree Swing Away Digital Multifunction Sublimation Combo for T Shirts Mugs Hat Plate Cap Bottle

PRIBCHO Heat Press 12x15 Inch 8 in 1 Heat Press Machine 360-Degree Swing Away Digital Multifunction...

2 CO-Z 110V Heat Press 360 Degree Swivel 8 in 1 Heat Press Machine Multifunction Sublimation Combo T Shirt Press Machine for Mug Hat Plate Cap Mouse Pad (12'x15')

CO-Z 110V Heat Press 360 Degree Swivel 8 in 1 Heat Press Machine Multifunction Sublimation Combo T...

3 Slendor 5 in 1 Heat Press Machine 12x15 inch 360-Degree Swing Away Digital T Shirt Pressing Machine Multifunction Heat Transfer Sublimation Combo for T Shirts Mugs Hat Plate Cap

Slendor 5 in 1 Heat Press Machine 12x15 inch 360-Degree Swing Away Digital T Shirt Pressing Machine...

4 CREWORKS 110V Heat Press 360 Degree Swivel 8 in 1 Heat Press Machine, Multifunction Sublimation Combo T Shirt Press Machine for Mug Hat Plate Cap Mouse Pad (15x15 Inch 8 in 1)

CREWORKS 110V Heat Press 360 Degree Swivel 8 in 1 Heat Press Machine, Multifunction Sublimation...

5 RoyalPress 5 in 1 Heat Press 12' x 15' Color LED 360-degree Rotation Professional Sublimation Heat Transfer Multifunction Combo Heat Press Machine Hat/Mug/Plate/Cap/T-Shirt Black (12'x15' 5 in 1)

RoyalPress 5 in 1 Heat Press 12" x 15" Color LED 360-degree Rotation Professional Sublimation Heat...

What to Look for Before Buying Combo Heat Press Machine?

Oh, wait. Before you move to the reviews, here’re some tips for you. Make sure you look into these factors before going for a presser machine.

  • The Size of the Surface

The larger the surface, the better it is for you. Ideally, a 15 by 15 inches of a broad surface on the plate is good to go. You can fit a large portion of the fabrics on it.
Any heating plate that is sized lower than this can cause you a lot of trouble when your design doesn’t fit it. So, the size should be your prime concern.

  • Adjustable Pressure Knob

You need to adjust the intensity of the thumb on the materials quite frequently. This is because different materials come with a range of thicknesses. The ideal pressure from the lid depends on the thickness of the material you put under it.
A knob for adjusting it is a highly important feature that you can’t miss. It will make it easier for you to change the pressure the thumber is going to deliver.

  • Temperature Control

Not every material or fabric can be imprinted with designs by the same temperature. That’s why you should be setting the best-suiting warmth level according to the design and the type of item you put under the lid.
Make sure your gadget comes up with such an option; otherwise, you are going to be in trouble, for sure.

  • Teflon Coating

The heating platen of the machine is best to be covered by a Teflon coating. This makes sure that the heat is transferred to the items smoothly and effectively. On the other hand, it also ensures that the ink doesn’t stick to the platen, and it prevents your fabrics from damage.

Top 10 Best Combo Heat Press Machine Reviews

Now that you know what to look for while buying a heat press device, let’s get to the reviews. Read till the end to find out the perfect match for you!

1. Fancierstudio Heat Press Reviews – Power FS15x15 BB Machine

To start off with our reviews, we have the Fancierstudio FS15x15 BB. This machine is super easy to use for anyone with no prior experience in these devices.

Just a couple of pressing, and you can take control of this incredibly useful gadget. Its 15 by 15 inches wide surface lets you work with larger projects beyond T-shirts. Have you got in mind that you will design your sheets yourself?

If yes, then working with a spacious board like this one here, is a perfect option! And guess what, this gadget has a silicone rubber base beneath it for better firmness that gives you a smarter result.
Its silicone-gel based board is pretty useful when you are working with soft fabrics. This surface aids a lot when you are pressing the lid down and applying the heat. You can take the temperature up to 500°Fahrenheit on this machine. With more warmth on board, you can expect prolonged and durable print on your materials.

But you don’t want to waste your fabric by burning it down, do you? That’s why this champ comes up with an adjustment system of pressure. You can control how much pressure you will release on the material you put inside. Overall, this device is a perfect combination of durability, temperature management, and amazing printing.


  • 15 by 15 inches of surface width
  • Silicon pad glued to the base
  • The time range covers from 0 to 999 seconds
  • Electronic warmth and time control mechanism
  • Easy to set the time precisely


  • It smells a little while warming up

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2. Cricut Easy Press 2 – Heat Press Machine For T Shirts

When you are talking about crafting, you can’t miss out on Cricut! From the house of this top-class craft-machine producer, we have the Easy Press 2 device.
If you are into T-shirt designing, here’s your bet. This is an ideal choice for short and easy printing like T-shirt, covers, etc. Its lightweight design is pretty excellent for pressing on soft and tender fabrics. Not to mention the convenience of holding it on hand and using it.
It comes with a 12 by 10 inches surface that can easily be pressed on short sheets and fabrics. And it can cover a wide area of the material put under it – confirming a perfect printing for you.
An excellent feature of this device is its warming process. It takes only 3 minutes to heat up fully. Again, just within a minute of pressing, you can perfectly transfer your design to any material.
Controlling the temperature on this machine is easier than you can think. It lets you raise the hotness level up to 400°F, depending on your needs.
Plus, to control all these features, you have an LCD screen on top of the device and a few buttons beside it. Set the figures accordingly, and wait for the magic!

• More on the lightweight side and easy to carry
• Surface is coated with ceramic for better durability
• Comes with an advanced heat plate design
• Temperature control ranges from 0 to 400°F
• Takes 3 minutes to warm up and 60 seconds to print
• Small size does limit your capacity

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3. PowerPress HPM-0000-PK Heat Press Machine

For those little moments of happiness for your family and friends, you have the PowerPress HPM-0000-PK. Its dynamic and straightforward design lets you create amazing stories on T-shirts and other fabrics. Perfect for home-made crafting!
Its 10 by 12 inches of the pressing area is pretty well-measured and designed, which helps a lot if printing on fabrics like T-shirts, covers, etc. are concerned.
You can set the temperature quite high up to 350°F, and get the ideal output you want. There’s an LCD touch screen on the top of the machine for you to easily navigate and set the whole device up.
Set your temperature level and time on the touch panel to get a precise output that you have been longing for. Interestingly, you can also adjust the pressure on this device.
Four different regulating systems allow you to set the perfect pressure level for the exact pressing task you are doing. A pretty useful feature, we must say.
What amazed us the most is its safe anti-overheating system. The gadget works with three layers of heat-resistant construction to keep your hands safe.
But if you are working for a couple of hours and the presser warms up pretty bad, it automatically shuts itself down. It saves your project from a burn and your hands from injuries.

• Ideal thumber for T-shirts and similar fabrics
• It comes with an LCD touch panel
• Warmth level can be raised up to 350°F
• Machine has an anti-over-warming system for proper safety
• Comes with a dual function base for further security
• Tends to lose warmth pretty quickly

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4. TUSY Digital Heat Press Machine

If you are fond of heavy-duty gadgets for heat-pressing, here’s one that can work great for you. The TUSY Digital Presser is a heavy-duty, yet surprisingly simple-to-use pressing device.
You can raise the temperature in this champ up to 482°F and get the perfect output according to the materials you use. This one supports bags, T-shirts, banners, covers, and many more!
Its 15 by 15 inches large and wide surface is an excellent platform for larger DIY works. The more space you get, the better your output will be. And the best part is, you don’t need to carry it, just press the lid from top, and you’re done.
Having an LCD screen is a fabulous addition to this gadget. You can set the right temperature and pressure on it. The precision you get is worth the money.
To prevent any damage to the machine or burning down your fabric, this device comes up with an anti-over-warming technique. It will quickly shut off if the device reaches an alarming state.
Nothing exceptional can be brought out if you can’t control the pressure level on the gadget. That’s why this gadget features an adjustable pressure option to set the right amount of pressure for each thumb.

• Very easy to use, yet a heavy-duty product
• LCD screen for easy display
• Precise set up for pressure and time
• Automatically shuts off when over-warmed
• Pressure can be adjusted task by task
• The mat that comes with it is not a heavy-duty one

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5. Cricut Easy Press Mini Review

When you think about heat thumbing machines, for most of the time, you visualize a giant device, right? But little do we notice that miniature thumbers are quite impressive gadgets to have, as well.
Take the Cricut Easy Press Mini, for example. It’s pretty small in size and easily sneaks into the palm of your hands. You can hold on to it quite comfortably and thumb on any materials you want.
And guess what, it is a perfect tool when you’re crafting on smaller materials like hats, bags, backpacks, pockets, sleeves, and what not! Usually, in these cases, it gets hard for larger devices to get access to that perfect place you want to have a print on.
That’s why mini pressers are pretty useful. Just hold it and press it on the narrowest place you find. It’s good to go in seconds!
Cricut Easy Press Mini comes with a very convenient handle. You can have a grip on it quite easily. The round shape of it lets you hand slide inside, and you are ready for some pressing task!
It comes with 3 different temperature settings. While most pressing devices feature a specific temperature set up, this one lets you choose from 3 options. You have high, medium, and low levels to choose from.

• Mini size for compact tasks
• Can be used to transfer to smaller materials
• Comes with 3 warmer settings
• A convenient grip for easy handling
• Works with iron-on vinyl
• Not for large projects

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6. VEVOR 5-in-1 Heat Press Reviews

The 5-in-1 Heat press machine from Vevor is truly a masterpiece in this genre. When you get to put your hands on it, you can see why.
It’s delicate design echos professionalism and ultra-modern technology. The mesmerizing part of all these impressive features is the swing arm lid. Its 360-degree rotating lid can be swang away to fit your fabrics and other materials.
Contrary to all regular products that need a lid to bring up, you can skip the part and turn it around. This helps you remove the material and replace it without any problem at all.
Inside the wide surface that holds your materials, we have silicone and cotton pads. What impressed us the most of it is that you can change the pads quite easily.
What matters the most on pressing gadgets is the option to control the pressure for different materials. That’s what Vevor considered nicely. It has a full-range knob that can be used to adjust the pressure you put on the materials.
Saving your machine from electronic damage is crucial. That’s why this device has an overload protector. It’s a red button on the control box, which will signal you when the voltage gets unstable. Safety always comes first!

• LCD screen for dual setting – time and temperature
• Warms up to 450°F
• Comes with an adjustment knob for pressure-control
• 360-degree swinging lid
• Overload Protector Replacement for safety
• This product doesn’t include any detailed instructions

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7. PowerPress Industrial-Quality Heat Press Machine

Another absolute winner from PowerPress is the PW15X15. It’s super easy to use and comes with a pretty wide surface for most common printing works.
The 15 by 15 inches of the spacious platform lets you transfer designs to any materials from T-shirts to even bedsheets. Just place the printing area perfectly on the base, and you are good to go!
Its silicon gel-based board is a perfect match for such transferring tasks. It’s easy to handle and does last for a long time. Durability is at its best.
You can use the pressure adjustment knob on the top to set the accurate pressure that you need. It depends on the material to material, and you can alter the pressure accordingly. Just turn the knob around clockwise.
Having a replaceable fuse is one of the wisest addition to its design. It prevents the machine from getting overheated and protects it from any type of electrical damage.
Set the temperature according to your need and comfort. You can alter the warmer level from 32 to 455°F with this device.
To help you out with all these settings, the PW15X15 comes with a functional LCD screen. This fully digital display aids you to set the correct temperature and time on it.

• A wide platform of 15X15 inches for larger projects
• LCD screen for quick navigation
• Temperature can be raised up to 455°F
• Easy pressure adjustment option
• Teflon coated warming platen protects the materials
• It consumes quite a load of power to warm up

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8. F2C Pro 5-in-1 Combo Heat Press Machine

The F2C 5-in-1 combo is indeed a combination of multiple options. You can transfer pictures to different materials like T-shirts, mugs, hats, and many more.
It’s all in one. To set the platform perfectly for the desired product, you can change the aluminum alloy cradle. It’s detachable and can be set according to the size you need.
Set the platform for caps, mugs, plates, fabrics, etc. and start pressing. You need to adjust a few settings here and there, which is easy to understand, and you can get hold of it quickly.
The warmth level of this machine can be set according to your needs. It supports warming up to 430°F. What’s awesome with this winner is that you can change the measurement from Fahrenheit to Celcius scale.
Its swinging lid is quite fabulous to use. You don’t need to turn the lid up and place materials on it. Just swing it aside and replace anything you need. It allows you a steady and easy replacement.
Monitor everything you do on the digital LED controller. Set the temperature and timer on it with ease.
The device takes very little time to warm up. Just power it up and wait a few minutes for it to reach the desired temperature. It’s that easy.

• 360-degree lid can be easily swung away to place fabrics on the surface
• Adjustable pressure knob for setting perfect pressure
• Heats up to 430°F
• LED screen and controller for timer and temperature setting
• Works as a 5-in-1 presser for multiple materials
• It comes with no instruction manual

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9. Transfer Crafts Heat Press Machine

When you open up this heavy-contender made by Transfer Craft, it’s a pretty good surprise that it comes totally assembled! You don’t need to google or look for the manual to set this whole gadget up.
You can set the temperature of this thumber to at best 500°F. That’s a lot of warmth for a great looking presser!
To set the time and temperature on it, you have an LCD screen on the top. Four different controller buttons beside the display let you easily adjust the setting before you pull the lid down.
Talking about the plate, it’s a one-of-a-kind one. The Teflon coated plate is quite durable and very effective when printing is concerned. It provides a non-stick transfer and prevents any damage to your fabric.
Moreover, this coating makes sure that the plate is evenly warmed up and distributes the warmth perfectly on the fabric.
Using the top-mounted pressure knob, you can conveniently adjust the pressure. Your fabric differs in thickness, and it calls for different levels of pressure while being pressed. Use this knob to alter the pressure according to the thickness of the material.
A loud alarm will be ringing when the machine is getting overheated. This will save the device and the material inside from any kind of damage.

• It comes all-set inside the pack
• Teflon coating for prevention of any damage
• Even distribution of heat on the plate surface
• Pressure can be adjusted with a knob
• Alarm system to prevent over-warming
• At times it tends to get stuck when you lock it

10. Mophorn 4-in-1 Heat Press Machine

For most of the craftworkers, printing logos and brand marks on hats and caps is an issue. Especially if you have a straight-surfaced device that you can’t precisely use for the hat.
Introducing the Mophorn 4-in-1 device. This machine is specially designed and crafted for printing on different types of caps and hats. You can transfer pictures to 4 types of hats in it.
It supports a higher level of warmth, which counts up to 430°F — reaching such temperature lets you get the most accurate printing on your hat.
Again, the Teflon coating on the bottom platen is a brilliant addition. It prevents any type of sticking on it. Moreover, you can transfer smoothly on your hat.
The plate warms up quite fast and evenly distributes the warmth on the surface. So, no area is left less-heated or over-heated.
You can set the timer and temperature on the digital control panel. Multiple buttons below the display let you navigate through the options and end up setting the perfect set-up for your job.
Three LED lights are also there to indicate which option you are using. This makes your job a lot easier.

• The machine is specially designed for hats
• Teflon coated plate for smooth transmission
• Non-stick plate and surface
• Digital display to set the required settings
• Temperature can be raised up to 430°F
• It can’t be used to transfer designs to t-shirts

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Types of Heat Press Machine

Generally, there are three different types of heat-pressers available on the market. While each type may differ on some marginal issues, the key difference is based on how these device’s lids open.
The three types are:
1. The Swing Model
2. The Clamshell Model
3. The Draw Model

1. The Swing Model

As you can guess, this one is a swinger. The platen is opened by swinging the lid aside. Most commonly, the lid is swang at a 360-degree turn. The best part of using this type of device is that it can save you from injuries.
When you turn the lid around, it goes away from your hand, allowing your hand to be safe and sound from burning. Its brilliant design allows you to put arrange your materials with precision while the lid is away from your way.Swing Model Heat Press Machine

2. The Clamshell Model

As the name suggests, it locks itself like a clamshell. You need to open the platen up, and you are ready to put and replace fabrics inside. It’s super easy and calls for no complexity.
This is an ideal classic design that can be used by anyone. Being such a basic design, it calls for lesser space. Its simple set up lets anyone use it effortlessly. No matter how novice you are, it’s not going to be a tough nut to crack.Clamshell Model Heat Press Machine

3. The Draw Model

It is somewhat an extension of the Clamshell model. The top platen does open up from the top, but the bottom platen can be drawn out from the machine.
This design is ideal for bulky printing. It’s also pretty safe to use it, as both the top and the bottom platen are removed. Like the Clamshell one, this one needs a little space, as well.Drawers Heat Press Machine

How to Use a Heat Press Machine?

If you are using a heat press gadget for the first time, here is a quick guide for you to kick off.

  • Select Design and Print

First, you need to select a picture or design that you need to print on your T-shirt, for example. You can choose from an existing design, or use photoshop to design one yourself.
Next, you need to print the picture on a transfer paper that is specially made for transferring pictures on other materials.

  • Set the System

Now, turn the system on and wait for it to heat up. There will be an indicator light that will show you that the device has reached the desired temperature.
Select the temperature level by turning the knobs or setting the digits on the digital navigator.

  • Place the Substrate

At this point, open the top platen and place the substrate on the bottom platen. Make sure you are spreading it evenly, and all the edges of it are tightly placed.
Following this, put the transfer paper on it and slowly drop the lid on it.

  • Start Printing

And now, push the start button on the device to start the heat pressing. Take your time according to the setting. After the pre-set time passes, take off the top platen and remove the paper.
There you have it! Your design is printed on the substrate!

Proper Maintenance Tips for Heat Press Machine

As a mechanical product, your pressing device needs proper care. Missing out on the slightest maintenance issue may cause severe damage to it. Here’re some tips for maintaining your gadget effectively.

Clean the Heating Platen

After every single use, it’s quite crucial for you to clean the heating surface. It warms up all the time and transfers the prints on your substates. That’s why it endures a lot of pressure and warmth.
Cleaning it will prevent it from being damaged by anything that may cause harm to it. There may be ink-particles spreading here and there, or something sticky is sticking around. Proper cleaning will eradicate these particles.

Care for the Silicon Pad

The silicon pad ensures that the pressure you put on it is properly and evenly distributed. It’s an essential part of a heat press device that you need to take proper care of.
As you regularly put and remove fabrics from the bottom platen, the silicon pad is more subject to damage than any other parts.
The smart idea is to coat the pad with Teflon. It will prevent any sharp object from damaging it. Additionally, it will protect the surface from any sticky materials.

Oiling the Joints

This machine comes with a lot of joints that need to endure pressure on a regular basis. Meaning, every time you use the device, the joints are being subjected to abrasion.
That’s why you need to properly lubricate each and every joint, if possible. Make it a habit to lubricate once every month. Your presser will be functioning as new.

Check the Air System

The digitally run machines work through air compressors that typically bring air in from the surrounding. What happens here is that the air doesn’t come alone; it comes with tiny particles that can jam the air system inside.
Try to check and clean the filter in the air system at least once a month. This will ensure the durability the manufactures promise.

Different Uses of Heat Press Machine

With a heat pressing gadget in your house, you can do tons of things. Here we have discussed some of the fascinating things you can do with one.

  • Printing on T-shirts

The first and foremost idea that comes to everybody’s mind is printing designs on T-shirt. You can make your own design or collect one from the internet and customize your personal T-shirt.

  • Baby Cloth Design

Who doesn’t want to have an uncommonly designed attire for his/her baby? That’s something you can do with a presser. Find any baby-logo, or quotes and print it on your baby’s dress!

  • Printing on Mugs

Have you seen those cute-looking mugs and plates where you can find your favorite cartoon characters? Heat-thumbers do that. You can print your photos on a mug or plate, or even cartoons, letters, logos, and so on.

  • Design on Different Wears

You can use a heat-thumber to use your customized design on your hat, cap, bag, backpack, cover, cushion, bedsheet, and so on. The possibility is endless here. With a proper printing area, you can transfer pictures to nearly anything you want.

Which Heat Press Machine Is Best for T-shirt Printing?

It’s quite a tough choice job to find an all-rounder winner that can be termed as the best one. But as we have gone through almost all the top-class products on the market, we can give you some hints.
Try checking out the models we have reviewed here today. Each thumber here is quite a performer on its own. But with all the features considered, we prefer the Fancierstudio FS15X15 BB to be one of the best choices for the mass users.
Even if you are not a pro in printing, you can still take advantage of this excellent machine.

Frequently Asked Questions On Heat Press Machine

Q1. Can I wash the t-shirt immediately after a print?
No, it’s better if you can wait for 24 hours after you have printed on it.
Q2. Can I print on both sides of a fabric?
Yes, you can. First, print on one side, and then flip it to print on the other.
Q3. Can a beginner use a heat press machine?
It depends on the gadget you are using. Most devices are complex and need a bit of prior knowledge to operate. But if you are using a basic one, you can start using it after a while.
Q4. Which one is better – a manual or digital presser?
If you want professional results with your printing works, you should go for the digital one. You can easily replicate different settings on a digital device, unlike a manual one.
Q5. How to tackle overheating?
A number of machines feature an over-warming protector. It can signal the warmth level and turns the device off when it gets over the border.

Final Words
So this is where we wrap it up! If you are looking for the best possible result with your printing and crafting work, you can’t afford to miss the best multifunction heat press machine. We hope our in-depth reviews on the top-performing gadgets on the market will help you decide your matching pick.
Keep your eyes on our buying guide while hitting the add-to-card button. You’ll surely land on the right page!

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