Best Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl Reviews

Leaving your own signature mark on your T-shirt is priceless. This dream comes through heat transferring method. While there are several ways to achieve that, using vinyl is one of the most popular choices.

But that calls for using the best heat transfer vinyl. You can’t compromise the wellbeing of your fabric or even the design itself for saving a few bucks. If we are on the same page on this, then buckle up for in-depth reviews of some top-quality products.

In this article, we have piled up 10 great-quality HTV that you need to have on your design-desk now!

Top 5 Best Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl On The Market – Editor’s Pick:

# Preview Product
1 Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl HTV - 14 Pack 12'x10' Iron On Vinyl for Cricut, Silhouette Cameo or Heat Press Machine, Easter Decorations for Shirts Dress, 14 Assorted Colors HTV Glitter Heat Press Vinyl

Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl HTV - 14 Pack 12"x10" Iron On Vinyl for Cricut, Silhouette Cameo or Heat...

2 10 Sheets Halloween Heat Transfer Viny Gradient Glitter HTV Rainbow Assorted Colors Iron on Vinyl Reflective Shiny Vinyl Christmas HTV for T-Shirt Hat Clothes DIY,10 x 12 Inch

10 Sheets Halloween Heat Transfer Viny Gradient Glitter HTV Rainbow Assorted Colors Iron on Vinyl...

3 DoreenBow 24 Sheets Glitter HTV Valentine's Day Heat Transfer Vinyl Glitter Iron on Vinyl for T Shirts Valentines Glitter Iron on Vinyl Rainbow HTV Heat Transfer Viny Bundle 12 x 10 Inch

DoreenBow 24 Sheets Glitter HTV Valentine's Day Heat Transfer Vinyl Glitter Iron on Vinyl for T...

4 SHOYISI Heat Transfer Viny, Easy Weed HTV 12 x10' 36 Sheets- PU Adhesive Iron On Vinyl for Shirts(28 Colors)

SHOYISI Heat Transfer Viny, Easy Weed HTV 12 x10" 36 Sheets- PU Adhesive Iron On Vinyl for Shirts(28...

5 Rock and Roll Queen

Rock and Roll Queen

What to Look for Before Choosing Best Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl?

Okay, before we move on, let’s find out the crucial issues you can’t miss while buying a roll of vinyl. Here’s a checklist for you.

i. Great Quality

It’s true that the market is flooded with different products, and it’s difficult to even distinguish among a few. But you need to pay good attention to the details and consider the top-quality product.

A great-quality vinyl can be easily peeled off, weeded, and will be a bit thinner. You can take help from the user-reviews on the internet for an accurate overview of the product you are considering.

ii. Color Diversity

Why would you take the burden of purchasing from multiple vendors when you can get all you want from a single one? That’s why you need to choose the package that covers a wide variety of color-sheets.

The more color you get, the better it is for your designs. You can mix the colors up to create a multi-colored logo on your shirt.

iii. Easy to Transfer

A good quality product will be smoothly transferred to the fabric. It won’t stick here and there, nor will it be staying where it is while you continuously iron on it.

Also, the HTV should be quite easy to use and simple to handle. You don’t want to waste your time figuring out how to use it from the internet.

iv. Cutter Compatibility

It should be compatible with most of the cutters you find on the market. You don’t need to have the luxury to afford a new machine for the HTV you get.

Just look for the ones that can be used by any of the machines available. It will save you a lot of money and time.

Top 10 Best Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl Reviews

If you have used vinyl before, you know that it’s tough to differentiate the quality between two different products. We took the challenge and ended up compiling a list of top 10 choices for you.

So let’s get started, shall we?

1. UnuaST Heat Transfer Vinyl Review | 26 Sheets

To start with our reviews, we have the UnuaST 26 Sheets pack. It comes with a range of vivid colors that are going to mesmerize you, for sure. 26 different pieces let you Wander around with colors to find the best design of your tee!

The most excellent part of this package is its smoothness. You can smoothly transfer the design to your clothes. The edges cut pretty accurately and leave no useless leftovers.

It’s easy to weed and pretty simple to peel off. The best part is, you can just cut it and iron directly. Forget about removing the protective film, as this one is an updated version that doesn’t come with one.

Put your tees in the washing machine without hesitating. The UnuaST vinyl is totally washing-machine safe. Moreover, the stickers transfer so well, that even if you wash it for 50 cycles, the design is not going to crack open.

Its eco-friendly production lets you take care of the environment. Now style on and save the planet at the same time!


  • Very easy to use and simple to transfer
  • Lets you cut and weed the edges pretty accurately
  • The updated version eliminates the use of a protective film
  • Washing-machine safe and can be washed for 50 cycles
  • It doesn’t crack or fade even after a year


  • Some of the colors need extra pressure to stick to the fabric

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2. Permanent Adhesive Backed Vinyl By EZ Craft USA | 40 Sheets

Thinking about taking your heat transferring hobby to the next level? How about getting something that comes with loads of sheets and not just a handful of it?

Introducing the EZ Craft USA 40 sheet! It comes with 40 different pieces with about 30 separate colors that you can use to push your limits of creativity!

Not just colors, you can get glossy ones, as well. It’s never been that simple to use vivid colors with awesome designs on your T-shirts!

What’s the most exciting part of this package is that it takes a comparatively lower temperature to transmit. Do you know what that means? You can save yourself from buying those fancy and costly heat transfer machines. Using a normal iron can help you out with this.

To protect the adhesive used, it uses high-quality backing. So that the adhesive doesn’t get ruined until it is opened up. Say goodbye to those frustrating weeding-moments.


  • A range of colors comes with 40 different sheets
  • It’s a thin yet strong product
  • Compatible to different brands of cutters
  • Adhesive backing to protect the stickers
  • 12 by 12 sheet provides wider design capacity


  • Sometimes it gets stuck to its own backing

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3. Yesker Heat Press Transfer Sheet | 3 Pack PTFE Teflon

Yesker 3 Pack Teflon is a perfect choice for transferring designs via vinyl. It works great as a heat-transmitting sheet. Although it works for a wide variety of applications, the good news is, it is pretty useful for craftwork.

Being a good-quality Teflon, it endures a lot of heat. You can expect this heavy-duty product to absorb temperature up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s 260-degree warmth in the Celcius scale.

What this does is, you can easily put it on your vinyl and press hot iron or any presser. It’s going to make your job a lot easier. The design will be transferred to your fabric pretty smoothly.

Furthermore, this also means you don’t need to worry about any sticking materials on your iron. This functional item comes with a PTFE fiberglass coating that prevents anything from sticking to it.

Don’t even worry about it being torn. A tear-resistance technique prevents it from tearing apart. It also protects the iron from any adverse effect.


  • Comes with 3 different pieces in the pack
  • Tear-resistant sheet
  • A non-sticking technique to prevent sticking
  • Protects the iron and fabric
  • Easy to clean it up after use


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4. GIO-FLEX Heat Transfer Vinyl Reviews

The Gio-Flex PU HTV is a great option for you if you are keen on designing your own T-shirt. This package comes with 33 different lively colors that are super easy to transfer onto your clothes.

Why would you go for a thick and heavy sheet when you have the Gio-Flex lightweight pack in your reach? The thin and soft polyurethane film of it lets you stretch the vinyl out, providing maximum flexibility.

These sheets are also very sensitive to cutter machines and lets you cut out designs accurately and precisely. Thanks to the soft and thinner materials in it.

If you are using this with cotton, polyester, lycra, or the cotton-polyester mixture fabric, you will be getting the best result from it. These are machine washable. You can wash it up in the machine for 50 minutes at a stretch. It’s not going to cause any crack or fading on the design.


  • The package comes with 33 different vivid colors
  • Pretty lightweight and thin
  • Works best with cotton and polyester fabrics
  • Flexible and stretchable sheet for easy use
  • Machine washable and crack-resistant


  • Differentiating the sides can be a problem for beginners

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5. MiPremium Heat Transfer Vinyl | Press Glitter HTV Vinyl

If you are a fan of glittering designs on T-shirts, this one is going to blow your mind! The MiPremium HTV Glitter Bundle is fully packed with glittering sheets.

Just open one up and start creating masterpieces on your clothes!

Although it seems quite fancy as it glitters, you can’t expect it to be anything less than a functioning choice. It is quite thin and can stretch pretty nicely.

This makes room for your flexibility in designing the best output for your clothes. What’s more surprising is that this doesn’t even affect the durability of it.

Transfer it, use it, and wash it! No need to worry about the design being faded out or cracked. The glittering logo will be Glistening on your shirt for a long time!

Are you tired of separating fabric type for the vinyl in your hand? Forget those days and bring home the MiPremium HTV Glitters! You can use these sheets on any fabric from cotton to polyester, cotton-poly blend, etc.


  • 10 different glittering options for eye-catching designs
  • Easy to cut press and apply on fabrics
  • The sheets come with pre-cut versions
  • Flexible and stretch-friendly
  • Fade and crack-proof


  • As all are glittering, it’s tough to weed these sheets

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6. JANDJPACKAGING Printable Vinyl Reviews | 12 Sheets

Lose yourself in the world of vibrant colors with JANDJPACKAGING 12 sheet collection. It comes with a great collection of vibrant colors, including top-quality shade like Flor, Sun Yello, Light Pink, and Gold.

Above all, the HTV in the pack is made from environment-friendly Pu materials. For those of you who don’t want to compromise the health of this planet for cool designs, here’s your bet!

Using the perfect adhesive, this pack has taken itself to a new level! You can easily weed the edges and sides smoothly. You don’t even feel that the sticker part is being removed as you go!

The elasticity this vinyl package shows is quite up to mark. This excellent stretching ability gives you the proper flexibility to end up creating a masterpiece on your fabric!

You can doubtlessly wash the clothes on a machine. It doesn’t get affected by multiple washes. You can expect the prints to stay and last without any crack or fading.


  • A vibrant collection of 12 different colors
  • Made from eco-friendly materials
  • Machine washable product
  • Can be used with both iron and heat press device
  • Comes with excellent elasticity


  • Makes some bubbling while ironing

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7. iImagine Heat Transfer Vinyl Reviews | 72-Sheets

If you are looking for a pack of vinyl that saves you from buying multiple packages, then iImagine 72 sheets can be a good choice you make. Its 72 different vibrant colors leave no color behind for you to design at your own terms!

Among the 72 servings, you have 25 glossy ones. That’s a great addition for most of the enthusiast craftsmen. Usually, glossy ones are separately sold and don’t match the size you want.

Having glossy, matte, and metallic color packages in the same pack mean you are steps away from creating magic on any surface! It’s not only T-shirts you can print on, but these sheets are also well-crafted to fit on glass, ceramic, plastic, paper, and metal.

However, that comes with a condition. You need to clean the surface thoroughly before you apply it.

Peeling the sticker off and weeding it is definitely two of the easiest jobs you can do. The layers come off pretty easily from the sides. You just peel it and place it over your fabric. Next, just a normal iron can finish it up for you!


  • 72 different color sheets
  • Includes glossy, matte, and metal vinyl
  • Easy to peel and weed off
  • Lightweight and pretty thin product
  • Adhesive works best on smoother objects


  • Bit difficult to weed smaller cuts

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8. Siser Heat Transfer Vinyl Reviews | EasyWeed Heat Transfer Iron On Vinyl

Siser EasyWeed vinyl can be a fantastic choice if you are into printing figures on your sports attire or even business formals.

The vinyl from the house of Siser proves to be one of the easiest to use and an excellent choice. It is made from polyurethane and comes as a ready-to-cut setting to ease up your work.

According to the manufacture, the product features a quite pressure-sensitive carrier. This is a fancy name that actually means you cut the slightest of detail on it.

Meaning you can cut out complicated designs, letters, and many more from the HTV like never before! You can get the exact look on it that you wanted at your design tool on the computer.

What happens with a thin and slim vinyl like this one is that it helps you to transfer the design to your fabric very fast. Not to mention the accuracy, as well.


  • Comes with two different sizes
  • The pack contains a normal and glittering one
  • Made from polyurethane
  • Pressure-sensitive carrier for a smoother cut
  • Pretty thin and slim for an effortless transition


  • As it is quite thin, extra caution is needed while ironing

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9. Goneedle Heat Transfer Vinyl | 20 Pack

This 20-pack bundle from Goneedle is just an amazing collection of vinyl for any designers and crafters. It comes with  different vibrant colors that are mesmerizingly beautiful. Count up to 20 separate shades to spice up your heat transfer crafts!

The pack includes 16 different major colors with 4 neo sheets, as well. Besides these 20, you get a Teflon one in the pack, as well.

All these come in a great dimension of 12 by 10 inches. This is an ideal size for any vinyl to work with. It suits most of the larger pieces of fabric.

What brand of cutter have you got at your home? Well, it doesn’t even matter. The Goneedle 20 pack sheets are universally compatible with any HTV cutting devices. So you can cut out a masterpiece with nearly any cutter you have.

The superior quality of the product ensures that it doesn’t fade away or crack open after a couple of wash. It supports machine wash and thorough cleaning for your convenience.


  • Collection comes with 16 major and 4 neon colors
  • A free Teflon sheet for transferring
  • Fade and crack proof build-up
  • Compatible with any cutter model
  • Easy to use with the help of a simple instruction manual


  • Cutting detailed cut-outs can be challenging

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10. ImPRESSED Heat Transfer Vinyl | 20 Pack

And finally, we have the ImPressed HTV 20 packs. It’s perfect for customizing your T-shirts, hoodies, hats, sweatshirts, and all the regular fabric that you use.

There are 20 different colors available for your imagination and creativity to be set free. Get a Teflon sheet for free alongside these for the best possible heat transfer experience.

All the vinyl you find in this package is made from high-quality polyurethane. This translates to the fact that you can easily cut and weed the edges quite smoothly.

You can create complex designs and tricky cut-outs from the vinyl. Just cut it out and transfer to your fabric – no fading, no cracking, and no breaking down.

Wash the fabric on your machine, and rest assured that your design is right there and being taken care of!

SGS certifies these materials as environment-friendly. That means you are harming nature less than most of the craft workers around the globe.


  • It comes with 20 different high-quality shades
  • A free Teflon sheet to make your job easier
  • Compatible with most common cutters
  • Use with iron or heat press devices
  • Eco-friendly materials


  • Needs a bit of pressure with the iron to transfer accurately

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Types of Heat Transfer Vinyl

For crafters and decorators, heat transfer vinyl is quite a crucial material to work with. But, these HTV do come with different categories and types, which may create a bit of confusion among the users. So how about getting to know the most common types?

If you are just stepping into the business, you should know the differences and types. Here’re the most common types you can find.

i. Universal

As the name suggests, the universal HTV can adhere to almost any materials. You can apply it to cotton, polyester, glass, leather, and so on! A genuine universal sheet can be applied at a low temperature and takes a little time to transfer.

ii. Standard

Standard ones are really good to get started. These apply mostly to cotton, polyester, and the blend of these two.

iii. Stretchable

When you are using a stretchable garment, you can’t be thinking of anything else than a stretchable vinyl.

iv. Glossy

Yes, some sheets are glossy. These are not like the ones that have a matte finish. If you want your T-shirt to have a glossy look and grab instant attention, this is your bet.

v. Glitter

Like a glossy one, you have a glittering one as well. The best use of this type should be on party attires and appliances.

vi. Flock

This is a special kind of vinyl that feels soft when you touch it. It gives you a suede-like vibe when you put your fingers on it. It’s an excellent alternative to the embroidery as you get a raised feel.

Heat Transfer Vinyl Placement Guide

It’s quite important to know how to place a vinyl before you use it. Otherwise, chances are there that you will ruin it with the fabric, as well.

There are no specific rules on placement of it on fabrics, but there are some general rules. An adult shirt design should be ranging from 11 to 14 inches. While for kids’ shirts, you can choose between 5.5 and 9 inches.

For adult hoodies, you can go for 12 by 16 inches of size. As for women’s T-shirts, a size of 10 by 12 inches seems a perfect one.

These sizes will vary depending on what you are planning to do, but the plan is to start with something, at least.

Generally, there are three types of shirts we wear: T-shirt, V-neck, and polo. For the T-shirt, you can start the design from 3 inches below the neckline.

For the V-neck shirts, it’s a good bet to start from 2 inches below the neckline. As for the polo shirts, you should start from 7 inches below the shoulder of it.

Frequently Asked Questions on Heat Transfer Vinyl

  1. How long does vinyl last on shirts?

This depends on the HTV you are using. Most regular one seems not to last more than a year. On the other hand, some top-quality products can last up to 5 years unnecessary.

  1. What’s the difference between HTV and regular sheets?

The key difference is, a regular one can be applied by peeling the sticker off directly. Whereas, the HTV needs a presser and heat to be transferred onto the fabric.

  1. What material can I apply the HTV on?

You can use it on different materials, like cotton, polyester, cotton/poly combo, and so on.

  1. Do I need a transfer tape?

Heat transmitting vinyl comes with a clear backing sheet that protects it while you cut it. So transfer tape is not an absolute necessity in this case.

  1. Can I machine wash the vinyl-applied fabric?

Yes you can, but before you do, just confirm if it is compatible or not. You can find it in the manual. If you can’t locate an instruction regarding the wash, consider washing it by hand.

Final Words

So that wraps up our review for the best heat transfer vinyl! We have tried to list out the leading high-quality HTV products available on the market for you.

If you can’t make your mind up, keep the points we discussed on the buying guide and go through the reviews once more. You will definitely end up choosing the best one for you!

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