Best Drawing Tables Review

Are you tired of your desk wobbling frequently? Have you been struggling to stay put while you’re working with your project on the board? If your answer is yes, then you need the best drawing tables today.
Let’s face it; normal desks are hard to work on, especially if you are sketching. You can’t adjust the height and width as per your needs. Moreover, it’s frustrating if you can’t settle the surface and lock it.
That’s where a perfect sketching stand comes into play. It’s easy to adjust, simple to use, and comes with lots of options for rearrangement. So, where do you find one? Well, right here! As we have listed down 10 awesome tables that you can’t miss.

Top 5 Drawing Table On The Market – Editor’s Pick:

# Preview Product
1 Yaheetech Height Adjustable Drafting Table Drawing Table Artist Desk Tilting Tabletop Art Craft Desk Watercolor Paintings Sketching Work Station w/2 Storage Drawers and Stool for Home Office

Yaheetech Height Adjustable Drafting Table Drawing Table Artist Desk Tilting Tabletop Art Craft Desk...

2 2 Piece Comet Art, Hobby, Drawing, Drafting, Craft Table with 36'W x 23.75'D Angle Adjustable Top and Stool in Silver/Black, Assembled Dimensions: 50' W x x 29.5' H

2 Piece Comet Art, Hobby, Drawing, Drafting, Craft Table with 36"W x 23.75"D Angle Adjustable Top...

3 Drafting Table for Artists, Height Adjustable Drawing Desk with Tempered Glass Tabletop, Art Desk Study Table with Storage Drawers and Tray, Craft Station with Sturdy Metal Frame, Black

Drafting Table for Artists, Height Adjustable Drawing Desk with Tempered Glass Tabletop, Art Desk...

4 Yaheetech Drafting Table for Adults/Artists, Drawing Desk, Tabletop Adjustable Art/Craft Desk with Stool and 3 Slide Drawers, Sketching Painting Artwork Station for Art Studio Home Office School

Yaheetech Drafting Table for Adults/Artists, Drawing Desk, Tabletop Adjustable Art/Craft Desk with...

5 Premium Drawing Draft Table - Height Adjustable Draft Drawing Desk,Up to 72°Tiltable Glass top w/Stool and Drawers for Reading, Writing Art Craft Work Station

Premium Drawing Draft Table - Height Adjustable Draft Drawing Desk,Up to 72°Tiltable Glass top...

What to Look for Before Buying?

Before we get into the reviews, take a look at the list of things you should never miss while buying a table for drawing.

1. Durability Cannot Be Compromised

If your desk isn’t durable enough, you are going to suffer. Make sure the table surface is made from high-quality wooden materials like oak boards or MDF boards.
You should also not miss the fact that the metal structure of it should be made from good-grade iron materials.

2. Wider Surface Is Needed

If you are an artist, you already know the value of open spaces for sketching. The more space you get, the easier it is for you to arrange tools and end up drawing a masterpiece. Look for tabletops that measure at least 40 inches.

3. You Need to Tilt It

As sketching and designing ask for multiple perspectives, you need to tilt the tabletop quite often. The more you can tilt it, the better perspective you can get. A good angle between 45 to 65 degrees is perfect!

4. Don’t Forget the Rubber-Padded Floor Leveler

When you are into your artistic world, the last thing you need is a wobbling table. Make sure your desk-legs have rubber pads on so that it sticks firmly to the ground.

Top 10 Best Drawing Tables Review

To make it easy for you, we have researched the market for some of the finest tables. Out of thousands of choices, we have carefully picked up 10 models that you definitely can’t ignore!
Here goes our detailed review!

1. ZENY B077X73CMC Drawing Table

On top of our list, we have the Zeny B077X73CMC. If versatility had a visual representation, then this is it.
The adjustment gear lets you lengthen or shorten the height from 28 inches to around 36 inches. Meaning, you get the true freedom to take control of your posture!

In addition, you can tilt the surface from 0 to 45-degree angle. This way, you can set the perfect angle of the board that suits the type of work you are carrying on.

The surface is made from high-quality P2 medium density fiberboard. This doesn’t just mean durability; you can clean the table quite easily because of the fiberboard technology.

What better can be expected from a desk that comes with a storage drawer? Well, in the case of Zeny B077X73CMC, it comes with two spacious drawers that help you organize all your pens and drawing tools.

What we just love about this desktop is its slide-up pencil ledge. You can lock it and keep your pens, pencils, or brushes in place.


  • Comes with sturdy rubber-pad feet for a better grip on the ground
  • Desktop can be tilted from 0 to 45 degrees
  • Extremely easy to assemble
  • Table is made of durable MDF materials
  •  Features 2 drawers for optimum storage


  •  The drawers are not metal-made

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2. SD STUDIO DESIGNS B00EYGR978 Drawing Table

Isn’t it great to have a wide space for drawing for a regular-looking table? You get the exact feeling when you first lay your hands on the SD Studio B00EYGR978.

Its 36-inches wide desktop allows you to work a variety of works on it. From drawing to drafting, designing, writing – you just name it. Its spacious area means true freedom.

As for sloping, you always feel that your pens and pencils are falling off, right? To solve this, this winner comes with a 24-inch wide pencil ledge. It smartly prevents all the appliances from falling off from the desktop.

It always comes in handy if you can keep your necessary tools with you while designing. The B00EYGR978 has just made it easier. It has brilliantly placed an additional storage shelf under the surface. You can easily keep ink bottles, cases, etc with no issue.

Apart from all these impressive features, the B00EYGR978 is made from heavy gauge steel. It provides greater durability and strength to the desk.


  • Wide desktop for multiple tasks
  • made from heavy gage steel for better durability
  •  Features floor levelers for optimum stability
  • It comes with a padded stool
  • Boasts an additional storage shelf under the desk


  • The drawers are not quite sturdy

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3. Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped Desk

Are you someone who needs a really wide space for work? If you are, say hello to the L-Shaped table from

Tribesigns. This 67 by 59 by 24 inches desk is what you have been dreaming of!

This one is designed in an L-shape format for smart access to different options. It can be separated into three different pieces and made into two separate boards.

Sitting in the middle, you can work on your laptop on your right, and sketch on your left. There are two open-shelves attached to the lower side of it. You can keep your necessary items like books, diaries, pens, stationeries, etc.

The dedicated table for designing can be tilted from 0 to a whopping 80-degree angle. It gives you ample access to the positions you need while sketching down your work.

This champ is set up by a heavy-duty steel frame for extra durability. Coupled with that, you get a 0.59 inch thick MDF board as the surface. It’s strong and can resist dust easily.


  • Exceptionally wide surface for multi-purpose use
  • Can be separated into two tables
  •  Comes with a floor leveler
  •  Features a smart CPU holder
  • Up to 80-degree leaning for the board


  • Takes a lot of space to place it

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4. Glass Futura Craft Station

For many of us in the sketching field, tracing is a regular task. Having a desk that serves the purpose of tracing and drawing at the same time is a blessing indeed. Thanks to the Craft Station from the Glass Futura.

This multi-purpose tabletop is made from heavy-duty tempered blue glass. You can easily use it as a drawing desk or use lighting for tracing, at the same time.

The desktop can be adjusted according to your sketching needs. Make a slope up to a 35-degree angle to make the most out of it. While you are tilting the top, your pens and brushes are not going to fall off!

That’s because this contender comes with a 24-inch wide pencil ledge to resist fall-offs quite professionally!

It’s somewhat annoying to arrange your pen and pencils while you are busy with design. But not with this champ! It comes with 4 removable pencil and pen holders to keep your arsenal arranged!


  •  Framed with a powder-coated strong metal frame
  •  Features floor levelers for better stability
  •  Can be used for both tracing and drawing
  • Includes 3 plastic drawers for easy-keeping necessaries
  •  4 pen and pencil keepers on top for a better arrangement


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5. H&A B07K14YMJZ Tiltable Drawing Desk

With a wide space to work on, the H&A B07K14YMJZ makes it to our top 10 list. The 47-inch length and 24-inch width serve just the purpose every designer needs.

This one is made from top quality wood particles that allow the surface to boast a smooth finish. The glossy finish is excellent to keep your items on and feel comfortable while working.

Coupled with the strong wooden body, the heavy gage steel construction works as the icing on the cake. The sturdy frame gives the finishing touch to its durability.

On the desktop, you can find a nice pen slot to smartly arrange your pens and pencils. Not interested? Well, you can easily remove it if you want! It gives you extra space to work on.

Take control of the set-up by adjusting the height to 7 different levels. Place the desktop at whatever level you feel your drawing work reaches the peak!


  • Made from strong wood-particle
  •  The frame is constructed from heavy gage steel
  • A wide tabletop with tilting capacity
  •  Removable pen and pencil slot on top
  •  Versatile design for working on different tasks


  • Once tilted, it takes a bit of effort to flat it down again

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6. OneSpace 50-CS-01 Craft Station

For those of you who always want to hit two birds with one stone, you can go for the OneSpace 50-CS-01 with your eyes closed. Use it for drawing, working, or even tracing – any method you want!

Its stunning blue tempered safety glass is quite durable and strong for tracing works. Try putting a lot of pressure on it; it’s not going to crack at all!

This wide surface desk allows you to carry on a variety of tasks, whether its writing or drawing – it’s your pick!

Getting the perfect leverage for your design task is what you’ve always wanted, right? Well, with a capacity to tilt up to 62.5 degrees, the desktop can be leaned according to your desire.

There are 2 slide-out drawers for convenient storage of any tools and materials you want to store. Plus, you’re getting a removable supply tray on the tabletop to keep your pens and brushes well-placed.


  • Features strong blue tempered glass
  •  Table-top can be tilted to 62.5 degrees
  • A couple of slide-out drawers for convenient storage
  •  Detachable supply-tray
  •  Wide working space on the desk


  •  The rubber ends do not fit the frame well

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7. Yaheetech B07X1PKV6Y Drawing Table

Struggling with the height of your desk? Yaheetech has got a solution for you! Its B07X1PKV6Y comes with a functioning height adjustment option. You can set the height of this table from 25.6 inches to 35.6 inches range. Basing on that, you can sit or stand while you work.

The wooden part of it is built from industry-quality MDF materials. This gives a smooth and glossy finish that you can easily work on. On top of that, the legs are iron-coated for better durability.

Most of the regular desks have sharp and rough leg-ends that costs you the stability you need. Well, for this smart guy, rubber-padded legs-ends ensure optimum stability on the ground.

You may often need to place a book or a laptop on your table, but without wasting space. This nicely designed set-up comes with a retractable slide-out desk.

You can slide it out from inside and place whatever you want on it. Slide it back when you are done using it!


  •  Table-top can be tilted up to 60 degrees
  •  Suitable for both adults and kids
  •  Comes with a moveable pencil ledge
  • Height can be adjusted
  •  Comes with a stool for sitting


  •  Pencil holder doesn’t fit properly

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8. Tribesigns B0821CQYB4 Drawing Table

If you are fond of dark color, you can’t move your eyes away from the Tribesigns B0821CQYB4. It’s exceptionally elegant, stylish, and very functional.

Its 55-inch wide desktop means you can work the way you want! You can place a couple of monitors on it and still get ample spaces for drawing! The stunning blackboard can be raised to 80-degree for better placement while sketching.

You have a shelf added below the surface for an extra storage facility — place books, tools, paint items, whatever you need inside.

The board of this table means strength. It is made from a 0.6-inch thick board that ensures greater durability. The entire body is framed with a heavy-duty metal frame for the skeleton to be stronger.

Now forget about putting pressure on this winner. This champion drawing board is going to withstand as much as 250 pounds of pressure on it. That’s a great addition to a sketching table, we must say!


  •  Comes with a tiltable tabletop up to 80 degrees
  •  Anti-pinch design for safe use
  • CPU stand and adjustable leg pad
  • 55-inch spacious working space
  • Serves as a multi-functional desk


  •  Available in only one color

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9. Zeny Glass Top B074RDB74G Drawing Table

We have got another Zeny table on our list! This time it’s the B074RDB74G, and it comes with tempered glass.

Yes, for those of you who are into tracing business, here you go! This one features an ample blue safety glass with a wide surface on top. Enough of space for both drawing tasks and tracing works!

Say goodbye to storage-problems! The Zeny B074RDB74G allows you to store more in its 2 slide drawers.

These storages can hold on to multiple tools and gear for your convenience.

On top of that, you have 4 removable single-slot supply trays that are placed on both sides of it. You can put your brushes and pencils in the trays for easy handling. If you don’t feel like it, just remove these trays from the table!

As for the durability, its surface can hold on to at best 130 pounds of pressure. That, too, is supported by a heavy-duty silver steel frame that makes up the skeleton of it.


  • Tabletop is made of tempered blue glass that withstands 130 pounds of pressure
  • Surface can be tilted from 0 to 60 degrees
  • Comes with 360-degree casters for easy movement
  • Features 2 slide-out drawers.
  •  Includes 4 removable pencil and brush holders


  • Glass top sometimes doesn’t line up with bolt-hole completely

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10. LITTLE TREE LT-F1047 Drawing Table

Last but not least, we have the LT-F1047 from Little Tree. Having a space of 55” L x 24” W, this performer serves the purpose of a great multi-functional work-station. You can carry on your drawing tasks as well as other tasks on it without any need for additional space.

The legs are made from heavy-duty powder-coated metal materials. It gives the structure of the desk a strong and sturdy existence. Moreover, the oak-made desktop adds to the sturdiness of the table in its entirety.

Also, the surface is equipped with an E1 grade panel that makes it really easy to clean up. It also works best against wear and tear and makes sure the surface lasts long.

A separable design board on the surface can be tilted from 0 to 60-degree angle. You can set the angle according to your drawing needs!

Sick and tired of drawers? Worry no more! This one comes with two open shelves on the lower side of the desk. Now put whatever you need to have a quick hands-on without any need to pull.


  • Made from thick-metal and E1 grade particleboard
  • Comes with 2 open shelves for storage
  • Can be used as a multi-functional desk
  • The tabletop can be tilted up to 60 degrees
  • Easy to assemble


  • Wooden texture can hamper drawing straight

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Frequently Asked Questions On Best Drawing Tables

Q:  What is a drawing table?

A: It’s a desk that is used for designing and sketching. It is slightly different from regular ones as its surface can be tilted to some extent.

Q: Can I tilt a drawing table?

For most of the common designs, you can tilt the surface as per your need.

Q: To how many degrees can you tilt a tabletop?

A: It depends on the design. Usually, you can lean it from 45 to 80 degrees.

Q: What is a multi-functional drawing table?

A: It refers to the ones that can be used for both drawing and other works. You can use laptops and write on the desks at the same time you are sketching on it.

Q: Are drawing tables moveable?

Most models come with casters. These models can be moved and transported using the casters.

Final Words

Okay, now that you know what the best drawing tables are, you can easily pick one for yourself on the go! If you are still hanging around there somewhere, do have a look at the buying guide we have prepared. It should help you out to select the perfect desk for your sketching tasks!

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