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Best Drafting Table For Comic Artists

One of the most quintessential equipment any artist or architect could own is a drafting table. A multifunctional aesthetic piece of tableware that allows any artist to draw at ease due to the way the table is angled.

Not only is it extremely comfortable, which contributes largely to productivity, but it also has a very appealing look to it, which brings together any room it is put in. We’ll be trying to provide in-depth knowledge about the best drafting tables out there.

This form of table outperforms any normal table while being catered to a wide variety of people, which includes fashion designers, tailors, interior designers, and people that have a general talent and passion for art.

#List of the Best Drafting Table – Our Editor’s Pick:

# Preview Product
1 Vintage Rustic Oak Drafting Table, Top Adjustable Drafting Table Craft Table Drawing Desk Hobby Table Writing Desk Studio Desk, 42''W x 30''D

Vintage Rustic Oak Drafting Table, Top Adjustable Drafting Table Craft Table Drawing Desk Hobby...

2 Yaheetech Height Adjustable Drafting Table Drawing Table Artist Desk Tilting Tabletop Art Craft Desk Watercolor Paintings Sketching Work Station w/2 Storage Drawers and Stool for Home Office

Yaheetech Height Adjustable Drafting Table Drawing Table Artist Desk Tilting Tabletop Art Craft Desk...

3 2 Piece Comet Art, Hobby, Drawing, Drafting, Craft Table with 36'W x 23.75'D Angle Adjustable Top and Stool in Silver/Black, Assembled Dimensions: 50' W x x 29.5' H

2 Piece Comet Art, Hobby, Drawing, Drafting, Craft Table with 36"W x 23.75"D Angle Adjustable Top...

4 OneSpace Craft Station, Silver

OneSpace Craft Station, Silver

5 Yaheetech Adjustable Glass Drafting Table Drawing Desk Diamond Art Desk Versatile Art Craft Station Study Table w/ 2 Slide Rolling Wheels and Drawers for Artist Painters Home Office

Yaheetech Adjustable Glass Drafting Table Drawing Desk Diamond Art Desk Versatile Art Craft Station...

Things to Look for Before Buying Drafting Table For Comic Artists

Drafting tables can be meticulous in nature and demand experience from the user, but here we try to narrow down some of the important key pointers to look out for a while purchasing a drafting table for yourself.

  • Adjustability

Some of these tables come fixed whilst others are adjustable. Meaning they will be much easier to adjust depending on your level of comfort.

However, take into consideration that having more moving parts would mean it is susceptible to wear and tear; thus, it might get loose over time. But having that option is extremely handy.drafting table buying guide

  • Storage Space

A drafting table needs to be practical, as well. Without the addition of sufficient storage space, it is unrealistic to assume customers would buy that desk. Having the convenience of being able to reach your equipment from arm’s length should be one of the key things to look for.

  • Size

These tables come in all shapes and sizes. You should be aware that they usually take up quite a large portion of the room. Measuring your room to determine whether you have ample space for it is highly recommended before purchasing one.

  • Material

The building materials are also a huge factor to look out for. Comfort varies from person to person as one might find the texture of wood soothing to work on, while also giving into their aesthetics. Others would disagree and say the glass is superior, with its smooth surface making the pen glide across the paper.

  • Style

Just like size, there are loads of different variants of these tables. Depending on what form of art you’re partaking in, be it fashion designer, architect, or a comic artist, there is a table out there for you.

Top 5 Best Drafting Table For Comic Artists

Here we will be listing down the best ones in the market you can buy right now so you can rest assured that you are getting the right stuff.

1. ZENY Height Adjustable Drafting Draft Desk

ZENY Drafting Table Art Desk Drawing Table Height Adjustable Artist Table Tilted Tabletop w/Drafting Stool and Storage Drawer for Reading, Writing, Crafting, Painting Art

If you are someone who prioritizes comfort and ease of use over anything else, this is the best drafting table for architects. This multi-purpose tool is well equipped for various situations and has a vast array of uses, and also can be considered the best heavy duty drafting table.

This table is quite flexible as it has an adjustable height of 28”-35.8” and can be tilted from 0-45 degrees according to the user’s desire whenever they need to use it.

When they are not, it can be put the top desk down, turning it into a normal desk. The option to change is always welcomed as certain activities require a straight flat surface.

It is also made with the utmost care and quality — providing two spacious nonwoven drawers to house your necessities when you need to draw without having to run back and forth to get your stuff.

The structure is constructed with P2 MDF tabletop and powder-coated iron legs. It arrives with a matching premium stool built from the same materials, which, with the entire product, is extremely durable and long-lasting.

Adding to the convenience factor, it is fairly easy to put together. With the added assembly guide, putting together this piece is a walk in the park. And with a sheet stopper attached at the top, it keeps the paper stable and stops it from flying away.

Also, you have the bonus of not having to worry about it scratching the floors as they have built-in pads at the base.


  • It has a wide variety of uses
  • Extremely adjustable
  • User friendly, easy to assemble
  • Long life span as its very durable
  • Extra storage capacity


  • Cannot tilt beyond 45 degrees
  • Slightly uncomfortable to use as a normal desk

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2. H&A Wood Surface Craft Station

H&A 47'x 24' Tiltable Drawing Desk Drafting Table Wood Surface Craft Station Versatile for Painting Writing Studying and Reading (Maple)

Sometimes having more space to work with enables us to be more creative and productive, as a result, getting more value out of what you bought. As they say, “There’s always room for improvement,” well this crafting station is the best drafting table for artists and children with a knack for drawing.

With an enormous dimension of 47 inches in length to 24 inches, in-breath, and 26.5 inches tall, this behemoth is able to give you the luxury of working multiple projects right beside one another. This implies that it must have an extremely secure base, which it does.

The desk portion is made from particle wood with a pleasantly glossy and smooth finish, which has an eloquent feeling to it. All of which is hoisted up by high-quality steel gage, which provides both stability and sturdiness.

Keeping the children-friendly intent at large, this table is able to be adjusted to seven different heights, catering to people of all ages, be it a toddler or a full-grown engineer. Since it can be tilted completely flat, it’s a preferable buy for parents.

The dark wooden finish gives it a very rustic and authentic vibe to it, which most adults prefer, allowing them to embellish the décor of the entire room by flourishing it with sophistication.


  • Large desk, allowing more space to work with
  • Extremely sturdy and durable
  • Seven different height adjustable settings
  • Children-friendly
  • Gives off a rustic feel


  • Demands a lot of room to be placed in
  • Once placed, it is quite hard to move it to a new location

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3. ZENY Glass Top Adjustable Drawing Desk

ZENY Glass Top Adjustable Drawing Desk Craft Station Drafting Table Tempered Glass Top Art Craft Desk w/2 Slide Drawers and Wheels

A few words we would like to describe this table would be flexible, mobile and space conservative. This table will certainly be an exceptional addition to your arsenal of painting tools as it caters heavily towards students that are aspiring in the field of art as it is one of the best drafting tables for architectural students.

With a slick design, this piece is constructed with tempered safety glass, which has a mesmerizing blue hue to it and a heavy-duty gauge steel body that compliments the entire table.

The base has been crafted to perfection with mobility in mind as there are four smooth-rolling casters, two of which are locked for stability, that allows you to adjust the angle you want to place it at. This whole structure measures in at 41.25 inches wide by 24 inches deep by 31.5 to 49.5 inches’ high.

Having an extremely user-friendly interface, the desk is able to tilt up to 62.5 degrees. This provides the user with a wide range of angles to work with, while also being proficient in being a desk for your studies, computer, and most importantly, art.

The smooth-rolling casters have an added bonus of making it swivel in 360° degrees. Keeping the student theme in mind, it is an exceptional saver of space in the household with its minimalistic dimensions.

But don’t let that mislead you as it provides exceptional storage of a single shelf under the desktop, two slide-out drawers on the side, as well as four removable supply trays on both sides to rest your pens.


  • Tempered Safety glass
  • Sturdy build
  • Provides ample storage space
  • Extremely flexible
  • Can tilt up to 62.5 degrees


  • Glass may crack over time
  • Rolling wheels may get stuck

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4. STUDIO DESIGNS Eclipse Craft Center

SD STUDIO DESIGNS Eclipse Craft Center in Black / Black 13365

The Eclipse takes elegant decor to a whole other level with its minimalistic charcoal black color scheme and slim design. Perfect for the fashion enthusiasts out there that just want the best modern drafting table. This table provides comfort in a neatly wrapped package.

The whole design of this table is meant to increase efficiency; by having dimensions of 35.5 inches wide by 23.5 inches deep, it can be adjusted up to 40 degrees, which decreases the risk of neck pain by a large proportion.

In addition, with the 20.5-inch stool, which helps maintain a stable posture reducing arm, neck, and eye pain, it’s the perfect drafting table for the people that grind through work. Also, you can’t forget the 24-inch pencil ledge kept for any stray pencils flying off the desk.

The storage on this table is no laughing matter as it boasts three 12.75-inch wide by 12.75-inch deep fabric drawers are capable of holding every single necessity right at your disposal.

All of which are arranged in a compact nightstand form factor, allowing you to keep essentials such as your laptop, notepad, or even a cup of coffee. But not only that, as right below the desk, there is a 32-inch wide metal shelf that is there to hold the heavier objects.

This three-piece beauty is sure to be the focal point of your room and artistic career and can be assembled in the blink of an eye.


  • Minimalistic and compact design
  • Enormous storage space
  • Metal bar for heavy objects
  • Can tilt up to 40 degrees reducing neck, eye, and arm pain


  • May not be as comfortable for tall people
  • Height is not adjustable

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5. ZENY Tabletop Art Workstation

ZENY Tabletop Tilted Drawing Drafting Table Craft Drafting Desk Board Art Workstation w/ 3 Slide Drawers & Stool,Tabletop Adjustable,Art Craft Supplies

Sometimes being the best at one thing means compromising in something else, but this table provides immense versatility as it is probably the most well-rounded table in this entire list. This drafting table has all the ins and outs making it the perfect go-to for any beginner.

Constructed with high-quality medium-density fiberboard and PVC, it has a smooth yet supple sensation to it, which is all encased in a steel frame with a powder coating. This enables it to be highly rust-resistant and withstand extreme wear and tear for the years to come.

With the dimensions of 35.43-inches wide by 23.62-inches deeps and 30.31-inches tall, this compact table can be placed anywhere in the house without any concerns. It can also be tilted up to 48 degrees for ease of usage.

This table also includes appropriately placed three spacious woven fabric drawers for your belongings with a small side table style design to keep any device nearby at all times while not being a distraction. Alongside with the entire ordeal comes with a matching cushioned stool capable of supporting up to 150 pounds.

The drafting table takes pride in being extremely user friendly as it helps to discard any sort of bad experience while setting up the tables. They are extremely simple to put together.


  • Perfect for beginner users of drafting tables
  • Compact size, so it takes up little space
  • Three spacious drawers in a side table form
  • Cushioned stool to reduce back pain
  • MDF boards reduce the chance of wearing out easily


  • Drawers are not as durable as the table
  • The cushioned stool may wear out fast

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Drafting Table: Glass vs. Wood

As we have already established, that drafting table comes in a variety of materials, but let’s focus on their individual qualities to see which one stacks up over the other.Glass vs wood drafting table

i. Glass

Glass always seems to give a very modern twist to any setting it’s placed in. It oozes quality and high class and not to mention it is relatively low maintenance as it doesn’t stain easily and clean-up afterward are fairly quick.

Moreover, glass has the added bonus of being see-through, providing support when trace work is needed, which is crucial for any artist. This material allows numerous possibilities for designs to fit any customer’s specific tastes, and considering its contemporary nature; it supports perfectly with its agenda.

ii. Wood

In comparison to glass, wood has a timeless design that will always linger on for the foreseeable future. Wood has always been the first choice when building any furniture as it’s dense and, when made with care, will last a long time.

It can support heavier items without budging and is quite relaxing to the touch. And even if damaged, repair of it is quite simple.

Frequently Asked Questions on Drafting Table For Comic Artists

Q1. How do I choose a drafting table?

Well, as we have mentioned before, there are a few key factors to look out for while choosing a drafting table;

  1. The primary ones being the adjustability of the table, so it fits your definition of comfort.
  2. The storage space it comes along with
  • The size of the entire structure and whether you have ample space to store it in,
  1. The build material; whether you want glass or wood, and finally
  2. The style that fits your aesthetic.

Q2. Do architects still use drafting tables?

Yes, since drafting tables are an essential part of making their sketching process much smoother, considering they work for hours at a time. It not only helps with having a comfortable angle but in reducing any back or neck pain.

Q3. What angle is a drafting table?

Drafting tables can extend up to varies different angles. Some may reach 40 degrees, while others reach up to 60 degrees.

Q4. Is architecture harder than engineering?

Since architects mainly focus on the intricacy of forming blueprints for certain projects, whereas engineers might make blueprints and carry out those projects, it is safe to say engineering is much harder in comparison.

Q5. What is a comic artist?

A comic artist is someone who specializes in drawing animated or cartoon characters. Well-renowned form of comic artists is known as manga artists that draws extremely detailed fictional characters and storylines.

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Here we tried to represent some of the best drafting tables out there, so when your aspiration hits you, you’re more than equipped to go out and purchase one for yourself.

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