Best Cricut Blade for Vinyl

If you are a crafter, you must know what an important tool a Cricut Blade is! They work tirelessly for every project and help your dream designs come true.

But, like every blade, Cricut Blades also become dull over time. A dull blade can’t cut accurately and, as a result, wastes time and money. So, everyone needs to buy a Cricut blade once in a while.

That’s why our expert teams have spent hours researching the best Cricut Blade for vinyl and made a list of only ten of them.

Keep reading to find out about Cricut Maker Blades according to your choice.

#List of the Best Cricut Blade for Vinyl– Our Editor’s Pick:

# Preview Product
1 Cricut Premium Fine Point Blade

Cricut Premium Fine Point Blade

2 Cricut Starter Bundle, Beginner Guide, Basic Tool Kit, Sketch Pen Set, Replacement Blades, Premium Vinyl Pack

Cricut Starter Bundle, Beginner Guide, Basic Tool Kit, Sketch Pen Set, Replacement Blades, Premium...

3 Cricut Explore Air 2 Mint Bundle with Vinyl Sampler and Basic Tool Set

Cricut Explore Air 2 Mint Bundle with Vinyl Sampler and Basic Tool Set

4 Cricut Maker 3 Machine Smart Vinyl & Iron On Bundle

Cricut Maker 3 Machine Smart Vinyl & Iron On Bundle

5 Cricut Maker 3 - Smart Cutting Machine, 2X Faster & 10X Cutting Force, Matless Cutting with Smart Materials, Cuts 300+ Materials, Bluetooth Connectivity, Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows & Mac

Cricut Maker 3 - Smart Cutting Machine, 2X Faster & 10X Cutting Force, Matless Cutting with Smart...

Top 10 Best Cricut Blade for Vinyl Reviews

This section contains multiple Cricut replacement blade options. However, not all of them might be suitable for your needs. So, choose a blade according to your necessity.

1. Mewtogo Cricut Blade for Vinyl | Finepoint

Cricut Explore DeepCut Blade, Black

If you use a Cricut Explore machine and need sharp but durable blades for your project, then these are the choice of blades for you.

Every crafter uses fine-point blades more than any other type of blade. Fine-point blades are essential for intricate cutting on materials. But, there are different types and angles of fine-point blades. So, to cut different materials, a crafter needs to have all types of blades.

We all know that different materials require different cutting angles. So, to cut different materials, we need different angle blades. That’s why Mewtogo came with this package of all angles of Cricut blades so that you can cut any material necessary for vinyl.

But, a cutting machine blade must be sharp enough to cut material with ease. Without a sharp blade, a Cricut machine is useless. Although, with Mewtogo blades, you don’t need to worry. You will have all angles of blades in your arsenal and use the one you need.

However, Cricut Explore Deep Cut Blades are for Cricut explore machines only. So, if you have one, don’t wait too long.


  • Made to be durable and sharp
  • Stronger than regular blades
  • All angles of blades are available
  • It comes in a pack of 30


  • A bit longer than regular Cricut blades
  • Blades cut deeper than usual

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2. Replacement Cricut Blade for Vinyl | Finepoint

Cricut Rotary Blade KIT

If you set foot in the magical realm of crafting a long ago, then you probably have the original Cricut personal. Finding replacement blades for that machine is hard now. That’s why these Cricut expression blades are the perfect solution for you.

Fine-point blades bring you a customizable and precise cutting experience. With its unique gliding and rolling technology, Cricut Fine point blade is often considered the best Cricut replacement blade. These blades cut through vinyl with ease and zero time.

Although primarily it is designed to cut thin materials, these blades can cut paper, vinyl, iron-on, etc. So, you can use this blade for a wide range of materials easily. Also, with protective caps, the sharp blades can’t do you any harm. This comes in handy when changing blades.

StandardGrip mats work the best with this type of blade. So, this might be most suitable for someone who mainly uses thin material. But keep in mind, these blades are only to be used with Cricut expression machine or Cricut Personal.


  • Includes 2 Cricut Fine Point Blade
  • Cuts thin materials precisely
  • Perfect for delicate cutting
  • Available at a lower pricing


  • It can only be used with Cricut expression machines
  • Not suitable for thick materials

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3. Luxiv Cricut Blade for Vinyl | 40 Pieces Pack

Cricut Knife Housing & Blade, Original Version

DIY crafters use a variety of materials for their projects. But, the thickness of different materials demands different types of blades. So, to continue doing beautiful DIY projects, everyone needs to have different angled blades.

That’s why Luxiv came up with a package that has 10 pieces of 30° and 60° blades for cutting thin and thick materials. Also, this package has 20 pieces of 45° blades because these standard blades are mostly used by crafters.

So, with all different types of blades for cutting paper fabric, vinyl or any other material is easier than before with this pack.

But, we can all agree that the durability of Cricut maker blades is one of the most important things. Luxiv made these blades with high-quality German tungsten steel, and the alloy tip is made of stainless steel. So, the durability of these blades is guaranteed.

Besides, as these blades are suitable for most Cricut machines, you can just buy them and start working on your project.


  • 20+10+10 pieces of 45°,30° and 60° blades
  • Suitable for most material
  • It comes with a free package box
  • Sharper, Durable, and cheaper than competitor brands


  • Suitable depth of cutting needs to be set
  • It gets dull after average usage

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4. Carbide Cricut Blades for Vinyl | Premium German Carbide

Cricut Basic Perforation Blade QuickSwap Housing, Silver

Are you someone who cuts standard materials mostly? Then, standard cut blades are the perfect choice for you, aren’t they?

45-degree standard cut blades are the most used type of Cricut maker blade. Because they cut through a wide range of materials, but they get dull pretty easily too. That’s why Miss kate Cuttables offer these Premium Carbide blades, which might just be the best Cricut blade for iron on vinyl.

With their Micro- Sharp tech, these blades are made to cut light to medium weight materials with ease and precision. Also, these blades are made with tungsten carbide, making their lifespan 3 times more than usual.

But, are these blades going to be as good as a Name brand? Well, Miss Kate Cuttables has been involved in the cutting industry for a long time. Their product speaks about their quality and makes them trustworthy.

Miss Kates blades are compatible with almost all brand machines. So, don’t be afraid to buy such good things, will you?


  • It comes in 5-piece sets of standard blades
  • Micro-sharp razor Technology ensures durability
  • Cheaper than the name brand
  • Smart design for better identification


  • Cricut explore deep cut blade from pack raises suspicion
  • Only usable with thin materials

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5. Cricut Blade for Cutting Vinyl | Premium Fine Point

Cricut TrueControl Knife Kit - For Use As a Precision Knife, Craft knife, Carving Knife and Hobby Knife - For Art, Scrapbooking, Stencils, and DIY Projects - Comes With 5 Spare Blades - [Rose]

If you are a conservative crafter who sticks to the basics, then these Cricut-made premium blades might be the best Cricut blades for you.

Most crafters use Cricut cutting machines for their DIY projects. So, it’s only natural to trust this brand with their cutting blades for Cricut maker. Who would know how to make better iPhone chargers than Apple, right?

As Premium fine point blades are made of long-lasting german carbide, they will cut through your vinyl and other light material for a long time. Cricut uses their unique technology to make these razor-sharp but durable blades just the way crafters want them.

With their fine gold-colored body, Cricut fine point blades are the classiest but most useful cutting blade on the market for sure. Buy these before everything if you are one for quality.


  • Name brand blades ensure quality
  • Great customer service
  • Cuts most light to medium materials
  • Compatible with all Cricut machines


  • Pricier than other alternatives
  • Sometimes lengths vary

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6. DFSHOW Cricut Blade for Vinyl | 30 Pieces Standard Blade

Cricut Bonded-Fabric Blade, Multicolor

Don’t you think that your standard blades get dull way too quickly? Or maybe you get so engaged with your passion that you don’t even understand how much you are using them? Well, who can judge when everyone uses their standard blades most?

That’s why DFSHOW offers this pack of 30 standard blades at such low pricing! You can buy this pack and forget about blades for quite some time. As they are made of quality German carbide, their durability is top-notch.

As most users use standard blades for intricate cutting on their vinyl, DFSHOW makes these blades in such a way that intricate cutting on thin material becomes buttery smooth. Also, their carbide cemented design makes these blades sharp but harder to rust.

Although, when using a cutting blade, safety is very important. DFSHOW takes care of their customers by wrapping the blades in the rubber cover to avoid unnecessary injury.

Isn’t that the perfect customer service for the best Cricut blade for vinyl?


  • It comes in sets of 30 pieces
  • Made of tungsten carbide
  • It saves a lot of money
  • Sharp but safe


  • It needs to be adjusted manually before cutting
  • Rubber caps need to be pulled out

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7. Bridge Cutters Cricut Blade for Vinyl | USA Made

Cricut Joy Replacement Blade

Are you a proud American? Supporting your local businesses should be important for you then, isn’t it? Also, what if they provide just as good as name brands? Then there’s no reason not to buy from them.

Although small in scale, Bridge Cutters makes their blades with care and love. That lives up to the quality of their Cricut blades. These blades are awesome! They work in all machines, and their 45-degree angle makes them perfect for cutting thin material.

But, are USA-made blades as durable as a Name brand? Yes, they are for sure! Being cemented carbide makes their longevity 3 times than regular Cricut replacement blades. So, we can say that these proudly made American blades work just perfectly.

However, we need to keep in mind the cost-value ratio before buying anything. Crafters use their standard blades more than anything. So, buying these in bulk is only rational if you find a good price. That’s why Bridge Cutters sells these as packs of 20 at a much lower price.

So, you don’t need to worry if you’re buying this one!


  • Made of durable carbide steel
  • It comes in packs of 20
  • 45 degree angled blade for intricate cut
  • Made in the USA


  • Cuts too deep in Cricut maker
  • Cricut machine settings need to be changed a little

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8. Thanmao Cricut Blade For Vinyl | Bulk Pack

Cricut Premium Fine Point Blade Plus Housing, Multicolor

Can we stop talking about just vinyl? Every crafter uses different types of materials. So, it is needless to say that every crafter needs different types of blades. That’s where Thanmao comes in.

Thanmao has been a household name in the Crafting community for a while. They provide such valuable blades that you can’t stop loving them! As their blades are suitable for materials up to 0.25 mm thick, they can cut a wide range of materials with ease.

Anyway, if a Cricut replacement blade rusts easily, then it becomes impossible to cut with it. Not with these blades, though. Thanmao Cricut blade is one of the best blades for cutting vinyl because of its durability and sturdiness. Providing a long service is the motto of Thanmao!

You can also buy a 40 pieces pack from them if necessary! Then why are you waiting on them?


  • Made of strong tungsten carbide
  • It fits almost every cutting machine
  • Suitable for a wide range of materials
  • Provides an ultra-long service


  • Unusable for thick material
  • The packaging seems to be inconvenient

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9. Premium Fine Point Cricut Blade For Vinyl | Plus Housing

Mekote Explore Deep Cut Blade and Housing Replacement for Maker Explore, Explore one, Explore air, and Explore air 2

Well, as these are Cricut blade for vinyl reviews so had to include this one. Premium Fine point blades are the magic broom for Crafters who use vinyl material.

These blades are designed to do the most intricate cuttings on thin to medium light materials. Although they were known before as Premium German Carbide Blades, this is the same blade that is used with the Cricut explore machines.

Being Gold in color makes them easier to recognize, and their work is Gold quality too! Premium Fine Point Blades are undoubtedly the best Cricut blade for cutting vinyl. Their smooth cutting and durable performance will give you the finest experience.

To talk about the housings, these blades come with additional housing, and you can use that. But, they are to be used with premium fine point blade housing.

Although these blades are originally for Cricut expression machines, they work fine with other machines too.

So, don’t be hesitant while buying these.


  • Original Name Brand blades
  • Great packaging and customer service
  • Perfect fit for Cricut machines
  • It comes with its housing


  • It cuts very deep at the beginning
  • Only to be used with their housing

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10. TTSAM Cricut Blade for Vinyl | Multicolored 30 Pack

Cricut TrueControl Knife Kit - For Use As a Precision Knife, Craft knife, Carving Knife and Hobby Knife - For Art, Scrapbooking, Stencils, and DIY Projects - Comes With 5 Spare Blades - [Blue]

If you need to replace your old blunt blade but don’t want to necessarily spend hundreds of dollars, then these are the choice of blades for you.

TTSAM made their blades to be heavy-duty. These blades take a lot of damage but don’t give up easily! Their sturdy German carbide design makes them perfect for cutting vinyl material for a long time.

But, for any crafter who uses different materials, a package like this must be a blessing. 30 and 60-degree blades work on ultra-light and thick material, respectively. All the while, 45-degree blades do most of the standard cutting work.

So, a package with all different types of fine point blades are just perfect if they come cheaper than a single Name brand blade, isn’t it? With rubber caps, for your safety, these blades will serve you and your Cricut machine safely till you are satisfied.

Also, TTSAM believes so much in these that they offer a 100% refund if you’re not satisfied. What’s to lose here then anyway?


  • Made of long-lasting carbide
  • Cuts almost every material
  • It fits almost every machine
  • It comes in packs of 30


  • Machine settings need to be changed manually
  • Rubber caps need to be pulled off

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Buying Guide about Cricut Blade for Vinyl

Everyone who uses vinyl materials for their DIY projects faces buying a blade. But there are many different options on the market. So, it’s pretty easy to get confused about which one might be the best Cricut blade for vinyl. But, this buying guide might help you.

You need to consider the thickness of the material you’re using first. As vinyl comes in light to medium light thickness, almost everyone agrees that premium fine point blades are the choice for them.

Premium Fine Point blades are recommended to be used with material thinner than 0.25 mm. Vinyl, paper, iron-on, cardstock, etc., are perfect materials for these blades. You can also cut vinyl with other types of blades too.

Again, you need to consider the value to pricing ratio before buying anything. Because, with the same cost, you can either have 2 name brand blades or 40 of them from other companies. So, if you are someone who likes sticking to the main brand, then you need to buy from Cricut themselves.

Although, fine point blades are the recommended type of blades for vinyl. So, it’s better to stick to them unless necessary.

That’s why you need to consider these before buying a Cricut maker blade. However, most good blades will last about the same if you take care of them. So, durability is also something to consider. After deciding your needs, you should buy according to them.

Cricut Deep Cut Blades Vs Regular Blades

Cricut deep cut blades have a steeper blade angle of 60 degrees comparing to the 45-degree angle of regular blades. Deep Cut blades are also harder and more durable. That’s why they cut deeper than regular blades.

Deep cut blades are recommended to be used with materials like a magnet, thick cardstock, thin chipboard, etc. While regular blades cut thin materials like paper, vinyl, iron-on, etc

Deep cut blades are usable with material up to 2.0 mm thick, while regular blades work with materials thinner than 0.25 mm.

So, we can conclude that regular blades are for thinner material, and Cricut Deep Cut blades are to be used with thicker materials.

How to replace Cricut Blade

To replace your Cricut maker blade or your Cricut expression blade, first, you need to click open on your machine. After the machine opens itself up, you need to find the blades on the machine. It will be gripped with flaps.

Pull the flaps out so that the blade housing becomes loose. Then, you can just simply pull the housing of the blade out. You will find a lever on the housing. Pressing that lever will make the blade get out of the housing, so you can just pull the blade out.

Then, you can take your new blade, place the lever on the housing again and just push the new blade inside the housing. You will feel it click in, and when you raise the lever on the housing, the blade will go back inside the housing. Replacing is done easily in this way.

How to sharpen Cricut Blade

If you use vinyl or glitter vinyl, sometimes the blade head gets cluttered with vinyl or glitter and won’t cut unless cleaned and sharpened. You can just sharpen it and reuse it. In this case, you need to choose the best cricut blade for glitter vinyl

To do that, you first need to get the blade out of the housing by pressing the lever on the housing. Take the blade out and give it a nice, firm cleaning. Be careful while doing this.

Then, you can take some sand and sharpen the blade head by pummeling it into the sand. After this, you can push the blade inside the housing.

At the last step, you have to take a ball of aluminum kitchen foil. Push the lever of the housing so that you can see the blade. Then, just stab the ball like that a few times. This will sharpen your Cricut blade.

What Cricut Blade cuts Faux Leather

You need to use blades depending on the thickness of your material. Faux leather is a rather thicker material than vinyl or other thin materials. So, using a Deep Point blade is recommended.

However, some faux leather is thinner than others. So, a fine point blade will work just as fine. You need to adjust the machine settings by test runs with the material. That way, you won’t waste much of your faux leather.

Also, while using a fine point blade, you need to cut with deeper settings, and while using deep point blades, you need to cut with much lighter settings.


As a crafter, one needs to consider many things while continuing with one’s passion. It becomes expensive and hard to push through if you don’t.

Cricut Blades are one of the most important tools for a crafter. These cut the craft that crafters work so hard to make! So, these are definitely important. That’s why finding the right one for your needs is absolutely essential.

So, we hope that our Cricut blade for vinyl reviews helped you through your crafting journey and helped you find best Cricut blade for vinyl.

Stay Calm, and Do beautiful Craft projects!

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