Best Combustion Analyzer Reviews in 2021 [Top 10 Picks]

Combustion analyzers are devices that assess the air-to-fuel ratio of burners and predict heater output before displaying the results on a monitor. The most recent high-quality analyzers include high-resolution colored displays that allow for vibrant data interpretation.

Having the right combustion analyzer is critical whether you’re an HVAC technician or just someone who wants to measure various fuel applications at home.

In this article, we have briefly discussed our top suggestions to assist you in finding the best combustion analyzer for you. We’ve also included a purchasing guide and other useful information to help you to come to a conclusion.

#List of the Best Combustion Analyzer – Our Editor’s Pick:

# Preview Product
1 testo 310 I Residential Combustion Analyzer Kit I Flue Gas Detector Set for Heating Systems

testo 310 I Residential Combustion Analyzer Kit I Flue Gas Detector Set for Heating Systems

2 testo 300 I Residential and Commercial Combustion Analyzer Kit with optional bluetooth printer I CO Meter for flue gas, draft, differential pressure and ambient CO levels of heating systems

testo 300 I Residential and Commercial Combustion Analyzer Kit with optional bluetooth printer I CO...

3 Testo 310 Residential Combustion Analyzer with Printer - O2 and CO2 Detector Set for Heating Systems

Testo 310 Residential Combustion Analyzer with Printer - O2 and CO2 Detector Set for Heating Systems

4 Fieldpiece SOX3 Combustion Check New with Hard Case

Fieldpiece SOX3 Combustion Check New with Hard Case

5 Professional Combustion Analyzer by Forensics | USA NIST Calibration | HVAC, Combustion, Flue Exhaust Gas | CO, O2, COAF & EA | Filters and Probe | Color Display, Graphing, Data Logging |

Professional Combustion Analyzer by Forensics | USA NIST Calibration | HVAC, Combustion, Flue...

Top 10 Best Combustion Analyzer Reviews

Here are the detailed reviews of our recommended products for your convenience.

1. Fieldpiece SOX3 Combustion Check

Fieldpiece SOX3 Combustion Check New with Hard Case

Key Features

  • Self-activating electric pump built in the system
  • User-friendly features
  • Oxygen sensors that can be replaced in the field
  • All requirements parts and components included

For our first option, Fieldpiece has a very inexpensive choice for us. Unless you’re a specialist working with various combustion instruments, this will work great for you.

This low-maintenance analyzer system comes with a plethora of qualities that make it ideal for residential use. While it does not have the same level of detail as higher-end versions, it can still detect levels of different gases such as O2 and CO2.

Besides, it only takes a few accessories to make it work. You will only need two parts—  a cable and a sensor, which are already included with this model. All in all, this Fieldpiece combustion analyzer is a great purchase. As the best HVAC combustion analyzer, this one is the most cost-effective alternative for the most critical combustion health tests.


  • Comes at a very affordable price point
  • Equipped to calculate CO2 and O2 flue temperature
  • Measures combustion efficiency stats
  • Allows combustion accessories configuration
  • Works as a great addition to an HVAC technician’s toolkit


  • Includes an oxygen sensor that requires replacement in a couple of years
  • Doesn’t display ppm information

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2. Testo 310 I Residential Combustion Analyzer Kit

testo 310 I Residential Combustion Analyzer Kit I Flue Gas Detector Set for Heating Systems

Key Features

  • Advanced sensor technology
  • Precise data for O2, CO2, CO, and more
  • Rugged design with impact and leakage protection
  • All necessary parts in a kit

If you have used combustion analyzers before, you will know that Testo tools are top-of-the-line. And, if you want the best Testo combustion analyzer, the 310 Kit is the one to look out for. Its remarkable sensor technology makes sure you get the right data every single time.

Overall, this is a highly efficient tool that works great for complex readings. Besides offering precise data for O2, CO2, CO, and some other gases, it works great for safety measures, combustion efficiency calculations, and more.

This is the most superior option for people interested in the best value combustion analyzer for household appliances. And the fact that it is pretty inexpensive doesn’t hurt either.


  • Has the latest sensor technology to provide accurate data
  • Made with durable materials to protect it from impact and leakage
  • Comes in a full kit with additional hoses, filters, and more
  • Works great for more complex tasks


  • Doesn’t have advanced operations like gas leak detection or tightness checks

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3. Bacharach Fyrite Intech Combustion Analyzer; O2/CO, Reporting Kit

Bacharach Fyrite Intech Combustion Analyzer; O2/CO, Reporting Kit

Key Features

  • Clear, high-resolution LCD screen
  • Good internal storage to hold ten whole records
  • Compact unit with flexible design
  • Several pre-installed sensors

Our next option is from Bacharach. Among the two great combustion analyzer options from the brand, this is the superior one. If you want an easy-to-use tool for your combustion measurement tasks, this is a great option.

It has a straightforward and clean interface that makes it very easy to read. Besides, the screen display is high resolution, and it has backlighting.

Moreover, this comes with some pre-installed sensors, including but not limited to plug-and-play and B-smart. These sensors allow for easy maintenance, minimizes equipment downtime, and lowers overall maintenance costs.

It is regarded as one of the best choices due to its optimal usefulness. This system is quick and reliable, and it is reasonably priced. It’s safe to say that this combustion analyzer kit is a high-quality one for measuring the performance of furnaces and other appliances in homes.


  • Has a small and lightweight form which makes it easy to use
  • Comes in a very rugged structure
  • Has a user-friendly interface
  • Initiates measurements right away to save time
  • Offered at a reasonable price


  • Not built to run draft checks

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4. Wohler A 450 L Combustion Analyzer Kit

Wohler A 450 L Combustion Analyzer Kit with Printer & Case | for Residential and Commercial Flue Gas Analysis | Long Time CO Sensor 5000 ppm | Free iOS & Android App, Blue

Key Features

  • Small and light but also very durable
  • Big color display with touchscreen facilities
  • Necessary parts provided
  • Modern connectivity options with both Android operating system and iOS

Our first and only option from this brand is this excellent analyzer for industrial use. If you want a combustion analyzer with printer, this one from Wohler is a great contender.

Designed by specialists in Germany, this tool is a small but sturdy one equipped to perform a good number of calculations.

With this, you can detect and measure functions for boiler measurements, pressure measurements, safety measurements, flue gas analysis, and heating system maintenance. So, there’s not much that you can’t do with this. Although it is a dual-purpose device, it works as the best commercial combustion analyzer. Although priced a little on the pricier side, this analyzer always provides accurate data and works with several different calculations.


  • Comes with an ample sized color screen and touch features
  • Can be used with both Android phones and iPhones
  • Doubles as a commercial and a household tool
  • Includes many parts and components for optimum convenience


  • Costs more than its alternatives

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5. Testo – 0563 3110 01 310 Residential Combustion Analyzer Kit

Testo 310 Residential Combustion Analyzer with Printer - O2 and CO2 Detector Set for Heating Systems

Key Features

  • Easy to use user interface
  • 30-second starting point
  • Measurement ability for all kinds of tasks
  • Wireless printing features

Testo tools are engineered with the latest technologies. And, this model from the company is no different. It has a fantastic display screen, which you can use to jump between fuel, natural gas, biomass, and wood. Now, this is a low-maintenance, straightforward combustion analyzer that’s ideal for home use. Heating engineers can also make use of it.

With this, you can get all kinds of measurements, starting with basic measurements from heating systems to more advanced ones like combustion measurements. This unique tool doesn’t have much of a problem. It is mostly good. Even the price is pretty low compared to all the performance parameters. This is another smart and advanced Testo analyzer that people love for its simple display style and quick processing.


  • Has a simple mechanism for user convenience
  • Works very fast and has an even speedier initiation process
  • Performs all kinds of measurements, including but not limited to draft and pressure checks
  • Has wireless printing options


  • Doesn’t have any major drawback

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6. Bacharach 24-8250 Fyrite Insight Combustion Analyzer

Bacharach 24-8250 Fyrite Insight Combustion Analyzer

Key Features

  • Incredibly small and mobile
  • A digital manometer included for measurement
  • Doubles as a digital thermometer with two channels
  • Compatibility with eight different types of fuel

Here’s another combustion analyzer from Bacharach. This company is known for its simplicity. And, this very product from them has the brand’s signature simple design and usability.

Despite its somewhat archaic appearance, this analyzer performs impressively. The screen is large enough to see everything properly, and the keys control all of the features.

This Bacharach combustion analyzer is a compact and lightweight device that doubles as a thermometer and a wireless manometer. And the sensors aren’t flimsy in the least.

It can detect pressure, CO, and ESP levels in addition to measuring eight different fuel data. As for its functions as a thermometer, it can measure as high as 999 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want a small combustion measurement device with a big screen, this is an excellent option. And this one can be used for many activities.


  • Measures CO flue temperature and CO free air
  • Calculates different cases of gas pressure, draft, and more
  • Works as a thermometer as well as a nanometer
  • Designed to detect eight different fuels


  • Has a slightly old school look

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7. Seitron Americas BTU1500-OIL Bluetooth Combustion Analyzer

Seitron Americas BTU1500-OIL Bluetooth Combustion Analyzer, Printer & Oil Smoke Pump. O₂, CO, CO₂, Efficiency, Excess Air, Draft, Press, Temp. Auto Outdoor Temp & Calcs for High-E & Condensing Units.

Key Features

  • A multifunctional tool with 5-in-1 features
  • 2000 internal memory storage
  • 32 compatible fuel and oil options
  • Bluetooth connectivity options for printing

Now, if you want a multipurpose option that can perform almost all kinds of combustion measurement applications, this is an excellent option. And if you don’t have any price constraints, you should just go ahead and get it!

Designed for HVAC specialists, this 5-in-1 tool measures combustion efficiency, detects excess air, and does many more. Besides, it also works as a digital manometer and a differential thermometer. Unlike most of the other options, this has all the high-end features and a matching price tag. But for industrial usage, there aren’t many other alternatives that work quite as effectively.


  • Has a simple device with color dimply and one-key operation
  • Includes all the parts required to make the tool work properly
  • Gives the option to print wirelessly via Bluetooth or USB connection
  • Can be used with any natural gas and fuel, biofuel, wood, coal, and some more


  • Costs more than most other combustion analyzers

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8. E Instruments 900-2 Combustion Analyzer

E Instruments 900-2 Combustion Analyzer

Key Features

  • Easy record documentation with optional wireless Bluetooth printer
  • All basic measurements possible
  • Easily revamped to test NO and NOx
  • Relative humidity, draft, and pressure difference measurement

All HVAC specialists will find this tool to be a cost-effective alternative to high-end ones. It has some distinguishing features that set it apart from the competition.

With the base kit, you can measure almost all essential information like  O2, CO, CO2 measurements, safety checks, combustion efficiency, and some more. But it cannot directly work with NO and NOx. However, this thing can adapt to NO and NOx measurements quickly, which is one of the analyzer’s most prominent features.

If your primary purpose is basic measurements, this will work great for you. But if that’s not the case, a little more investment will allow you to use it for NO measurements as well.


  • Can be used for measuring O2, CO, CO2
  • Can be upgraded to use for NO and NOx detection
  • Offers Bluetooth connectivity for printouts
  • Measures combustion efficiency and presence of excess air accurately


  • Doesn’t have a premium finish

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9. Forensics Basic Combustion Analyzer

Basic Combustion Analyzer by Forensics | Flue Gas Analyzer | CO and O2 Sensor | COAF & EA | Water Trap, Particle and NOx Filters | USB Recharge | USA NIST Calibration |

Key Features

  • Long antenna to enhance sensors
  • Sturdy design with slip-resistant grip
  • Water, dust, and explosion resistant
  • Not much scope for errors

For those looking for a combustion tool for your home, we present this excellent analyzing device to you.

This is a fantastic tool that can handle different kinds of tasks. But if your work entails precise measurement results, this is not the option for you. This device provides somewhat accurate data but not quite as precise. And that’s why it is always recommended for household use.

With that said, this device is actually very powerful and durable. It is made with ABS materials and has a slip-resistant grip rubber for ease of use. Although this works as a pretty good combustion analyzer, it is not meant for all. As long as your work doesn’t require absolutely precise data, you can make do with this super-affordable unit.


  • Comes at a very low price
  • Has long antenna to improve overall sensing abilities
  • Includes several filters to eliminate cross sensitivity errors
  • Has a strange and robust design as well as durable construction
  • Includes all the required parts and wires


  • Doesn’t show precise efficiency levels

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10. Testo 0563 3220 71 320 Combustion Analyzer

Testo 0563 3220 71 320 Combustion Analyzer with Printer, 2.56' Height, 3.35' Width, 9.45' Length

Key Features

  • Eight individual performance parameters
  • High resolution and colored interface
  • Robust and great quality construction
  • Several different built-in sensors

Testo has introduced yet another combustion analyzer that offers unrivaled results. While it is costly, it comes with some incredible features.

Most significantly, it enables you to easily and quickly perform tasks and repair assessments. This top-of-the-line combustion analyzer combines cutting-edge sensor technology, enhanced security, long-term durability, and ease of use.

All data and other related information from its calculations are presented on the colored, high-resolution graphic display panel. Moreover, it has the capacity to show eight different performance parameters simultaneously, which makes it an excellent option for HVAC technicians. This is an ideal option for anyone who prefers a multifunctional combustion analyzer with a clear and easy-to-use interface. And, it works great for both home and work tasks as long as the tasks are not heavy-duty.


  • Has a spectacular color display with a traffic color-coding system
  • Includes a user-friendly interface that can be used for a wide range of applications
  • Designed for both domestic and commercial use
  • Comes with all of the required measuring equipment and tools


  • Not designed to handle heavy-duty industrial tasks

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What To Look For Before Buying Combustion Analyzer?

Now, there are some essential factors that you should consider to be able to choose the right option for yourself.

  • Gas Detection

Whether it’s for industrial or domestic use, the unit should be capable of detecting upwards of one type of gas. Most modern devices can also detect excess air content, allowing you to change other ignition measures.

These sensors can identify the level of excess CO2. However, it would be best if you looked into other gas monitoring solutions, such as O2 and NO, and NOx.

In our combustion analyzer reviews, you will notice options that can measure different gases and fuels.

  • Readings

Too much data on a single screen looks overwhelming to beginners and unnecessary to HVAC technicians. It looks messy and uncomfortable. For user convenience, devices with singular and more specific readings on the screen are recommended.

As a result, you should search to see if the system has enough logic analyzers. The display should provide users an overview of what can be done with the unit in a nutshell. So, before actually making a decision, look at the basic specifications you want.

  • Sensors

Sensor adapters will be handy if you have them because they will allow you to enter faraway positions without needing to stretch your arm. Some analyzers are designed with a magnetic side to enable you to work comfortably.

  • Display Screen

Now, a display screen is essential for any electronic system. This is where you’ll see the readings. And, the tool is deemed useless if it is not straightforward or incomprehensible. As a result, be careful of the display screen. Choose the size and color options that fit your needs the most.

If you want the best boiler combustion analyzer, you should get one with a proper display screen.

  • Wireless Connection

Some analyzers can be used wirelessly. They most commonly form the connections via Bluetooth, USB cables, or in some cases, both. Wireless connection makes printing and keeping records much more effortless. So, be sure to check for this feature.

What Does A Combustion Analyzer Measure?

Combustion analyzers are instruments developed to determine the air-to-fuel content of boilers and approximate heater efficiency. After processing, this is revealed on the display screen of the combustion analyzer.

Basically, these tools can be used to measure different levels of combustion efficiency, safety checks, much more. Most of these show O2, CO, and CO2 presence in the air. And, some of these are upgradable to more advanced gases, fuels, and other substances.

How To Use Combustion Analyzer

Using a combustion analyzer is surprisingly simple. Just follow the instructions mentioned below.

First, you have to start by setting uptake device. To do that, you have to go through the user manual at a glance. Once you know the different buttons and their desired functions, you will be ready to work with them.

Now that you understand the different parts of the device, you should try switching it on and off to get the hang of it. Most of these devices power up if you press and hold the big power button.

After you have turned it on, it will ask for your location. You should go ahead and comply with the setup instructions. When you’re done with the location, date, and time settings, you will have to proceed to the more important settings.

These are basically the snits for the different measurements that your device supports.  You will also need to specify the metric measurements for various measures, including temperature, pressure, etc. When you’ve finished configuring the system, you’ll be able to use it. If your version includes sensors and probing tools, you must configure those setting, too.

As long as you make sure to be outside when using the device, you will obtain accurate readings.

FAQ Section On Combustion Analyzer

Q: Is it possible to detect multiple compounds with combustion analyzers?

Answer: It is, for the most part, possible. The majority of these instruments can easily detect the presence of several fuels, oils, and other substances. However, some are still old school and cannot follow through.

Q: How to change between the numbers on the display screen?

Answer: For most devices, there are buttons that can be used to change display options. As for touchscreen analyzers, you can directly use the screen itself. There’s no need for buttons here.

Q: Which is the best brand for combustion analyzers?

In terms of consistency, there are a few different brands that are very good. And Testo is unquestionably one of the best. It is the best brand price-wise.

Q: Do combustion analyzers support Bluetooth connectivity?

Answer: This completely depends on your preferred model. While most of the modern options offer Bluetooth connectivity, some still don’t.

Q: Do the sets include all necessary tools?

Answer: This also depends on the version of the tool you are getting. Most of our recommended options include all the necessary parts and user guides to help you work with these tools as beginners.

Q: What happens if the filter gets damaged?

Answer: Filters in combustion analyzers get dirty like all other electric tools. Sooner or later, you will face this. But there is nothing to worry about here. You just have to replace them regularly.

Final Words

Combustion analyzers are now an essential part of an HVAC technician’s toolkit. These tools, however, can be used by regular people. Regardless of who you are, this article will walk you through all of your choices, from several different price points, reading accuracy, and other features.

For the ultimate best combustion analyzer within a budget, you should go for the Fieldpiece SOX3 Combustion Check. And if you’re an HVAC professional without any budget constraints, check out the Seitron Americas BTU1500-OIL Bluetooth Combustion Analyzer. If you’re still undecided, go over the quick buying guide and make your decision.

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