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Whenever a student is doing any school practical, they need some crucial components to complete the project properly. A circle cutter is among those essential commodities that every student needs to finish their assignments.

Tracing a circle in the right shape is not hard, but cutting them properly is quite challenging. A circle cutter is the most common item to cut the circle in a perfectly round shape.

There are different types of circle cutters in the market. You have to select the best circle cutter to cut a perfectly shaped and exclusive cut circle.

#List of the Best Circle Cutter– Our Editor’s Pick:

# Preview Product
1 Fiskars 193800-1001 Circle Cutter with 2 Replacement Blades , Orange

Fiskars 193800-1001 Circle Cutter with 2 Replacement Blades , Orange

2 LION Ev-R-Round Perfect Circle Cutter , 3/4' to 6-3/4' Diameter (C-1500P)

LION Ev-R-Round Perfect Circle Cutter , 3/4" to 6-3/4" Diameter (C-1500P)

3 Craft Circle Cutter, Circular Cutter, Compass Circle Cutter for Paper Circular Cutting Tool for Cardstocks

Craft Circle Cutter, Circular Cutter, Compass Circle Cutter for Paper Circular Cutting Tool for...

4 3 Pieces Circle Punch 2 Inch 1 Inch 5/8 Inch Paper Punchers Scrapbook Craft Paper Punch

3 Pieces Circle Punch 2 Inch 1 Inch 5/8 Inch Paper Punchers Scrapbook Craft Paper Punch

5 Goldblatt G05141 Drywall Circle Cutter

Goldblatt G05141 Drywall Circle Cutter

Top 10 Best Circle Cutter Reviews

Here we are presenting the top ten circle cutters. We have tried to bring all types of cutters in our list. So you can pick one that is more convenient for you. The cutters have been selected according to their durability, measurements, and price.

1. OLFA Circle Cutter | Adjustable

OLFA Compass Circle Cutter (CMP-1) - Adjustable Compass Style Rotary Circle Cutter w/ 6 Blades for Cutting Circles Up to 6 Inches in Diameter, Replacement Blades: OLFA COB-1 Blades

Who does not want to get a circle cutter tool which shape is adjustable and provides the sharpest cut ever! The circle cutter from OLFA has a super adjustable system. This will let the user cut the paper in any shape they want to.

OLFA circle cutter tool is imported. The cutter will let you cut a circle up to 6 inches in diameter. The cutter also includes 6 inch extra blades. There are many uses of the cutter. This is able to cut film, paper, cardboard, acerates, and even light wood.

The cutter is convenient for both right handed and left handed people. Therefore, it can be held nicely by both hands. The cutter includes sharp 6COB-1 blades that make the cutter cut paper easily.

There is a black foam disk in the compass, that saves the paper from piercing. The circle cutter is very easy to use and super adjustable. So you can change the shape of the circle easily.


  • Very adjustable
  • Easy to use
  • Can cut different type of materials
  • More accurate circle


  • Not totally safe for children
  • Take some time innately

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2. NT Circle Cutter | Strong Base

NT Cutter h1310508 Coupe-CERCLES IC 1500 P, AVEC 6 Lames Knife, Multicoloured, Talla unica

Everyone has faced a struggle placing the base of the circle in the right place. Here, NT has brought a product to the market that surprisingly solves the problem. NT cutter is a favorite among many students because of its perfectly sat base.

The base of the cutter will let the user cut the paper in the right shape. This is the best circle cutter for paper. The shape of the cutter is also adjustable. This will let you cut the paper into three different shapes.

This is the best circle cutter to work with. Practice and tinker with the NT cutter when you need it. The cutter can be used to cut pages and scrapbooks. Make sure that the spin of the circle is in the right place.

Once the spin is set in a place, this will not move as the base is very strong. You need to practice two or three times to get used to the cutter.


  • Draws perfect circle
  • Easy to use
  • The base does not move


  • Cuts only a small circle
  • Not suitable for hard surface

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3. OLFA Circle Cutter | Lightweight

OLFA 18mm Rotary Circle Cutter (CMP-3) - Adjustable Rotary Blade Cutter w/ Ratchet Handle Cuts Perfect Circles for Crafts, Sewing, Quilting, Replacement Blade: OLFA RB18-2

Nowadays everyone is looking for a product that does not require much work and is very easy to use. For them, this model of OLFA circle cutter is the right option. This is the best drill circle cutter.

OLFA cutter not only helps to attain the perfect circle shape but also takes very little time. With its unique design, this cutter is very easy to operate. The manufacturers have ensured that customers can create a perfectly round circle without any effort.

The cutter includes a ratchet handle that lets the cutter cut smoothly. You will get a smooth and sharp corner using the cutter. This cutter can be used on different materials such as fabrics, paper, and vinyl. You will get a perfect result on leather as well.

The construction of the cutter is very strong and lightweight. So it is very easy to handle and portable. The cutter will easily fit inside the pencil box.


  • Can cut different materials
  • Easy to use
  • Light weight
  • Strongly constructed


  • A bit costly

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4. Fiskars Circle Cutter | Large Circle

Fiskars 193800-1001 Circle Cutter with 2 Replacement Blades , Orange

Getting a perfect compact circle cutter is not easy. Fiskars circle cutter has a clear base that makes the cutter more compact. Through the clear cutter, you will be able to see the surface and that will let you align properly.

This cutter will cut a circle from 1 inch to 8 inches. So you can cut a circle in any size between them. There are no pre increments in this cutter which makes it more adjustable and user friendly.

The cutter includes two blades. The refill blades are also available in the market, you can purchase them separately. The cutter is for several uses. This is a great deal for cutting cards, paper, and scrapbook pages.

In order to get a perfect circle, place the cutter in the center of the desired circle. As the size is adjustable, you can adjust the arms. Then push down the orange knob and turn the arm of the cutter to cut the circle.


  • Cut circle up to 8 inches
  • Adjustable art
  • Transparent body


  • Cannot see the center
  • Have to apply pressure on the center

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5. OLFA Circle Cutter | Reasonable Price

OLFA CMP1DX Deluxe Compass Cutter inc 5 Extra Blades Cut Circles 1-15cm Diameter

Everyone wants a high quality cutter at a reasonable price that cuts the shape very smoothly and takes less effort. OLFA circle cutter does exactly the same and the price of the cutter is very reasonable.

The circle cutter is mostly used by the students. So it is obvious that the students cannot spend a lot of money. That is why OLFA set the price lower so that students can afford this.

Do not mistake its lower price as poor quality. The quality of the cutter is great with its high quality component. The cutter is durable and light in weight. So you can easily carry this cutter with you.

The cutter is easy to use for both left handed and right handed people. Anyone can work with the cutter comfortably. This is a great choice if you are recently starting doing paper cuts.


  • Suitable for students
  • Easy to carry
  • Budget friendly


  • May create small pierce on the paper

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6. Fiskars Circle Cutter | 11 Shapes

Fiskars 111310-1004 Fabric Circle Cutter

Having many size options in a circle cutter is great! Fiskars has brought the best drywall circle cutter with 11 cutting options. You will get to cut eleven different sizes of paper with one cutter.

The cutter is elaborate because this is providing many cutting options. And there is no need to adjust the shape of the cutter. You will get two different pieces in a set. One is a plastic half-fold design that eliminates pinholes.

And the other one is the cutter. The shape of the cutter is perfect and that will let you hold the cutter comfortably. Place the cutter on the half fold design elements and get a proper cut.

The cutter does not create any hole in the paper or fabric and puts no unessential marks on the paper. The price of the cutter is reasonable with all of these facilities.


  • 11 different shapes
  • Perfect circle
  • Does not require any central pressure
  • Cut fabric and cardboard


  • Cut half circle at once

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7. NT Circle Cutter | Elegant

NT Cutter Aluminum Die-Cast Body Heavy-Duty Circle Cutter, 1-3/16 Inches 10-1/4 Inches Diameter, 1 Cutter (C-3000GP)

When you own a product that is fancy and able to grab people’s attention by its unique look, you feel special. You will feel the same way after purchasing an NT circle cutter. The shape and steel body make the cutter look elegant.

Heavy duty material has been used in the cutter. This is made of heavy duty aluminum die cast which makes the cutter lightweight. The non-slip rubber grip makes the gripping comfortable.

The cutter is able to cut thick and thin materials. This is ideal for floor sheets, thin veneers, and carpet. You will get circles between the range of 1-3/16″ ~ 10-1/4″ diameter.

Another advantage of the cuter is that it can be used for different purposes. This can be used for rounding corners, and for other construction. The cutter is also able to make a hole in the carpet.


  • Comfortable grip
  • High quality
  • Elegant look
  • Made in Japan


  • High price
  • Difficult to handle at the beginning

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8. Logan Circle Cutter | Large Circle

Logan WA8001 FoamWerks Foamboard Circle Cutter

If you are planning to do a large scale craft project, then this will be the right choice. Logan is the best glass circle cutter for cutting large size paper. The brand is known for cutting broad circles.

Using this cutting tool, you can cut perfect foam board circles. The package includes a foam board circle. You will get five blades and one foam board circle cutter with the box. This will cut circles between 1 inch to 6 inches in diameter.

Logan is providing a 1-year warranty with the product. During this time if anyone faces any problem, they will try their best to solve it. Not all the company provides warranties in cutting elements. But Logan is confident about the product.

The bowl is made of plastic. But the quality of the plastic is very high so this is durable. This cutter is able to create a perfectly cut circle. You can change the cut from narrower to wider easily.


  • For large size circle
  • Durable and reliable
  • Easy to use


  • High price
  • Not safe for the children

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9. TrueCut Circle Cutter | Child Proof

TrueCut 360 TrueCut Circle cutter, Multi-Color

If we pick a cutter that has high quality long lasting warranty, TrueCut Circle Cutter is the one that comes to our mind. This is the best circle cutter for fabric. The shape and size of the cutter is very unique.

For cutting a perfectly round shape is its main strength. You can create a shape with the cutter without any hassle. There are measurements on the cutter. This will help to create the right shape.

The cutter does not create any hole in the paper or fabric and puts no unessential marks on the paper. Being made in the USA the cutter ensures the quality. TureCut has been making cutters for a long time. They know exactly what their customers need.

TrueCut is totally safe for children. So if you are planning to buy a cutter for school going child, pick this one without any hesitation.


  • Perfectly round shape
  • Easy to use
  • Safe for children


  • High price
  • Made of plastic

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10. Diyarts Circle Cutter | Multifunction

Diyarts circle cutter provides a wide range of cutting options. This cutter is very convenient to use and can be used for different purposes. If we give an example of a cutter that is a jack of trades, Diyarts Circle Cutter definitely would be the one.

The size of the cutter is just perfect to work with. The small size and lightweight let the user work in a playful manner. It is very easy to carry around. There is no question about the product quality and the materials.

Premium quality material has been used in the cutter to make it more durable. This includes abrasion resistance. The cutter is not easy to deform and has high hardness, these characteristics ensure long service life.

The cutter is suitable for various craft projects and hobbies. You can cut paper, fabric, rubber, film, leather, etc. they provide great customer service. If you have any questions regarding the product, just let them know about it.


  • More Durable
  • Reasonable price
  • Great customer service


  • Cut small size circle
  • Not safe for children

Things to Consider Before Buying Circle Cutter

Circle cutter is an essential element for cutting edges of a circle perfectly. There are different varieties of cutters. Some of them can cut only paper and some of the cutters are able to cut a circle on fabric, scrapbook, etc. But knowing the best circle cutter is not enough. You need to know more about a circle cutter if you want to purchase the right cutter. That is why we are providing a buying guide here, to make the buying experience better.

  • Durability

This is the first thing that someone needs to consider. This won’t be great if the cutter gets broken in between the work. For ensuring durability, the materials have to be considered. In most cases cutters made of steel are more durable. Plastic cutters are also good if the quality of plastic is high.

  • Size

A cutter can cut different shapes of circles. Some of the cutters are suitable for cutting small circles, and some are proper for cutting big circles. Which shape would suit you most depends on the project? This is better to pick a cutter that is adjustable. An adjustable cutter will let you cut circles of various shapes. The products that we have suggested above are very flexible and adjustable. These are very comfortable to work with as well.

  • Safety

Safety Is an important issue. Many people purchase a cutter for their children’s school project. So it is very normal that they would like to ensure the safety of the cutter. Not all the cutters are safe for children. Try to pick a cutter that does not have a sharp compass and ensures the safety.

Why do you need a circle cutter?

A circle cutter is able to cut a perfect round shape. This is able to cut through  thin foam, vellum, cardstock, paper and more. Circle cutters make it very easy to cut a round shape anywhere on a soft material. Perfect for school going students for completing their projects. You can make scrapbooks, homemade cards, and more. Additionally, a good circle cutter can cut circles of different sizes.

You have to be a bit careful while using the cutter, but it is not hard to get a properly round shape. This is also able to create holes on carpet. These are adjustable and very comfortable to work with.

How to use a circle cutter?

Using a circle cutter is not hard. You have to make sure that the center of the cutter is in the right place. By following a few steps it is very easy to get a perfectly round circle.

First adjust the size of your desired circle. There will be a mark in inches or mm on the cutter. So set the right scale to make a circle. The center of the circular hole has to be marked properly. Then drill a hole in the material. Put the center on the paper or fabric.

You have to apply pressure evenly all the time in the middle so it does not move. Do not let the pressure go until the cut is done.

Most of the cutters have the same procedure. But the system of a few circle cutters may differ due to their different design. But for every cutter the main task is to set the center of the circle properly and then cut accordingly.

How to cut a perfect circle with scissors?

Everyone does not have a circle cutter and it is not easy to buy a circle cutter immediately. But there is an alternative that will work to cut a circle. You can use scissors to cut a circle. Almost every household has scissors so this is a very common item. The first thing to do is make a circle on the paper using a compass or any round shape material. Fold the paper into half then fold the paper again. Make sure the mark of the circle is visible from the outside. Then cut a circle following the lines. And your perfectly shaped circle is ready.

Final Words

A circle cutter is an essential piece of equipment. Noting can cut a perfectly round circle better than a circle cutter. Like all the products, there are many varieties of circle cutter as well. You need to pick the best circle cutter for cutting a circle without any unnecessary hole on it. We  have tried to help by providing the top ten products and some buying guides. Hopefully now you will be able to buy the right tool for cutting a circle.

Happy Shopping!

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