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Best Non Skid Boat Deck Paint Reviews

Do you often venture in the harsh waves of the sea? Is the paint of your boat deck chipping away too quickly? Are you looking for the best boat deck paint to repaint the deck of your boat?

Guess what, you have stumbled upon the right source to get all your questions answered.

Boats usually surf through the harsh marine weather. So it gets quite challenging for the paints of the deck to last long after being exposed to the humid air. That is why they start to chip away after a certain amount of time.

However, certain paints can last for a long time, even after being in such scenarios. They make surfing the seas a little bit easier, and we are here to introduce them to you.

#List Of The Top 3 Best Non Skid Boat Deck Paint – Comparison Table:

What to Look for Before Buying Non Skid Boat Deck Paint?

With boat deck paints from different suppliers offering many benefits over their competitors, it gets quite challenging to look for the best possible one out of all the options available right now. That is why there are some key points that you should keep in mind before you head out to buy the best paint for deck of boat. These are:

Resistance to Water

Keeping the upper surface of your boat resistant to water has quite apparent advantages. As you are more likely to cruise on waves, the deck will get in contact with water very often. And paints chip away faster when they come in contact with water.

So, if you go for an option that has higher water-resistance, it will assure the paint to last for an extended amount of time. With that, you will also eliminate the hassle of repainting your deck again and again.

west marine non skid paint


The deck of the boat is the place where you are going to move a lot. If the surface is not resistant to slips, you are going to have a tough time moving from one corner to another.

Again, the deck of a boat continually comes in contact with water due to waves on water bodies. Any surface that has water on it is highly likely to be slippery. That is why the decks require a paint that is slip-proof.

Having a non-slip paint on the surface of the deck will not only allow you to move around the boat quickly but also will let you clear the water that gets stuck on the corner efficiently.

Extra Functionality

Alongside the factors mentioned above, some of them come with extra features. Such as protection from UV rays and dirt-resistance. These are just additional functionalities that all paints might not have. Their absence is not a deal breaker, but with them, life gets a little bit easier, that’s it.

Top 5 Best Non Skid Boat Deck Paint Reviews

We have scoured the entire market and sorted the paints that stood out the most to us. Find your pick from the following!

1. TotalBoat TotalTread Non-Skid Deck Paint (Gray, Quart)

While you are searching for paint for your deck, you might ask yourself overall what is the best boat deck paint. TotalBoard might be the answer you were looking for all this time.

This paint comes featured with a unique formula that is one-part polyurethane non-skid. And this formulation allows the coating to be durable, offer high-traction on the surface, and be less abrasive. You will be able to move around the deck comfortably.

The unique formulations also make cleaning the surface easier. Scrubbing will not impact any wear to the finish, and the innovative wax traction sphere will stay put. Because of the implementation of UV-stable formula, the colors will not fade, crack, or peel away over time.

You can use this not just to paint your deck but also to coat many different things as well. It can also be used on cabins, hatches, stairs, steps, gunwales, and many other surfaces of the boat to keep them protected in the harsh marine weather condition.

The paint is also easy to apply. You can coat fiberglass, wood, and other previously painted surfaces with a brush or a roller comfortably. Overall, with all the features that this paint offers, it might as well be the very best paint for boat decks so far.


  • Non-skid formula
  • Application is a piece of cake
  • UV-stable to increase the vibrancy of the color
  • Long-lasting and does not chip away easily
  • Offers high traction


  • Gets slippery when merged in water
  • Dirt and mild dew accommodate easily over time

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2. Kiwi Grip Non-Skid Deck System

Getting the best paint for wooden boat deck is not an easy task at all, considering that the market is full of options. But you will not have to worry about a thing because we are here for you.

This paint from Kiwi Grip is a non-skid deck paint that spreads efficiently throughout the entire surface of the deck. You can expect to get an area of twenty square feet covered with a single liter tub of this paint.

The paint boasts being premium with every feature. You can easily scrub away the dirt and stains without having to worry about the paint chipping off while you are doing so.

As the paint comes featured with UV-stable formula, the colors will not fade away quickly, and you can expect a consistent vibrant color throughout its life cycle. The paint will last for quite a while.

You can effortlessly apply the coating on most surfaces as the paint is of a single component. It comes with a Kiwi Grip roller as well, which makes coating on most of the surfaces easy and efficient.


  • Manufactured as a single-component paint
  • Can be used to coat multiple surfaces
  • Comes with an included roller
  • Easy to apply
  • Lasts for an extended amount of time


  • Require a long time to cure
  • Dirt and footprints accommodate on the coating easily

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3. TUFF Coat UT-100 1 Gallon Non-Skid Coating

Being a little eco-friendly while looking for functional products in the market does not hurt anyone at all. Wouldn’t it be good if you could also choose an eco-friendly paint for your boat deck?

Now you can. TUFF is offering the perfect eco-friendly paint for your boat deck. The TUFF Coat UT-100 is the rubberized non-skid paint that has no hazardous ingredients and is entirely water-based.

The paint is durable for wooden, aluminum decks, pontoon boats, duck boats, and you can even coat docks with this paint. It is incredibly versatile. This paint has excellent UV and chemical resistance as well. You can expect them to last for quite an extended amount of time.

As the paint is of a rubberized water-based solution, you will need to apply multiple numbers of coating thoroughly. This multiple coating will let the layer achieve extreme durability and more resistance to water as well.

The paint is resistant to slipping and dries out in no time at all. It offers excellent traction, and you will be able to move throughout your deck comfortably. Overall, this is an excellent pick if you are planning for a rubberized surface.


  • Requires no mixing beforehand
  • Gives the exterior a rubberized feel
  • Offers exceptional traction
  • Will last for an extended amount of time
  • UV and chemical resistant


  • Requires multiple coating
  • The application process is a little time-consuming

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4. Rust-Oleum 206999 Marine Topside Paint, Gloss White, 1-Quart

If you are out in the market looking for a deck paint that is extremely versatile and flexible, you might get bewildered. Most of them can not offer the two at the same time, and getting one of the paints that hold exceptional gloss retention is quite challenging as well.

But you will not have to worry anymore, Rust-Oleum is offering the paint that you were looking for this entire time. The 206999 from them is exceptionally versatile for being compatible with most of the surfaces and flexible for having excellent leveling properties.

It is compatible with a plethora of surfaces that remain exposed to the harsh marine weather. You can use this paint to coat on fiberglass, wood, or metal surfaces. The coatings also dry up extremely fast – just within 2 hours, you will find that the paint has dried up.

This paint is very budget-friendly. The entire tub is 1 quart in size and can cover up to 100 square feet surface area. As the formula is oil-based, applying them on any surface will not be a hassle at all.

The coating will be durable. It resists abrasion and extreme weather conditions. It is capable of providing long-lasting UV protection as well.


  • Compatible with multiple types of surface
  • UV protected
  • Spreads efficiently
  • Dries faster
  • Excellent gloss retention


  • Loses vibrancy of color pretty easily
  • Scratches easily

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5. Interlux YJG009/QT Interdeck Slip Resistant Deck Paint (Sand Beige, Quart)

Getting one of the best paint for deck of boat can be a bit challenging sometimes, but manufacturers such as Interlux makes it look easy. Because of manufacturers such as them, it is possible now to get premium paints without the premium price tags.

The YJG009/QT from Interlux is a tough polyurethane deck paint, which is exceptionally slip-resistant. The paint is available in five different colors, and each of them is feature-packed. They offer exceptional protection from the harsh marine condition.

If you are looking for a paint that gives a matte finish, then this might be the one that you were looking for the entire time. The matte finish makes everything look premium, and you will be able to get a matte finished deck on your boat with this tub of paint.

While venturing into the water bodies, the boat remains exposed to the sun. In such instances, glossy paint will produce a lot of sun glare, which might distract you to a great extent. The color also includes a finer mineral additive, which ensures hard-wearing and non-slip surface.


  • Slip-proof
  • Premium matte-finish
  • Glare resistant
  • Easy application process
  • The finer mineral additive ensures a hard-wearing surface


  • May require multiple coating to achieve the desired finish
  • The paint needs a lot of time to cure

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Frequently Asked Questions on Best Boat Deck Paint

  1. How do you paint a fiberglass boat deck?

You can paint your boat that is of fiberglass in four simple steps. The first step is to clean, rinse, and dry your entire surface of the deck. And the second step is to mask off the painting area using a tape or anything that can mask.

After that, you will have to apply the paint slowly to the entire deck. Lastly, you can remove the mask and voila! You have painted the floor of your fiberglass boat successfully.

  1. Is anti-slip decking paint any good?

The deck of the boat is the place where you are going to move from one corner to another. If the surface is slippery, it will substantially hinder your movement. So, an anti-slip paint for the deck of your boat will let you move efficiently.

  1. How do you refinish a boat deck?

The first step would be to clean the surface. After that, you have to strip the wood. Then, you are going to have to scrape the surface extensively. Then, you have to clean it again.

After your second phase of the cleaning, you have to sand the sharp edges. Then, you have to apply a wood stain, and finally, you have to varnish the entire surface, and you will have a refinished boat deck.

  1. How do you fix a non-skid boat deck?

You can quickly fix a non-skid boat deck with six simple steps. The steps are to prep the surface, masking the area, priming the surface, applying the base coat, applying the top layer, and finally, by removing the mask.

  1. What is the best paint to use on fiberglass boat?

Most of the paint on our recommended list is compatible with the fiberglass surface. You will not go wrong by choosing any of the above for your fiberglass boat.

Final Words

As the deck of your boat is the area that is usually totally exposed to the harsh marine environment, you can not but choose the best boat deck paint for repainting it. We hope that by now you have found the one that seems most suitable according to you. May you have fair winds and following seas.

5 thoughts on “Best Non Skid Boat Deck Paint Reviews”

  1. I used Rust-Oleum topside on top of the primer, went on a really nice to an old fibreglass fishing boat. Make sure to put it on Thin layers as it runs really easy. Looks good and would use it again. Didn’t find it filled in small holes, probably because I was applying a thin layer. So make sure you fix those up before painting.

    • Definitely, to get the upper most result, you have to apply a thicker layer than you are using now. Rust-Oleum is a leading brand on boat deck painting. Hopefully you gonna have a great sailing!

  2. We use Interlux deck paint. I like this paint because it was convenient to use. Even applying it on the surface is quite easy. I did not need any special painting tools whatsoever. I only need a small nap roller brush and a couple of foam brushes for the hard-to-reach areas.

  3. I have a composite porch deck that is shedding granularly, and I want to re-coat it with a long lasting non-slip coating of brown. It gets full sun exposure day. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.


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