Best Applique Scissors Reviews

Who doesn’t love to design fabrics? Designing a fabric needs perfection in cutting and trimming, and a perfect cut is only possible with a great scissor. So, it is very important to choose a nice scissor for the ultimate flawless fabric designing.

In today’s market, we often find scissors with multiple functions and styles. But each scissor comes with different purposes according to its size and design. So, you have to know which scissor is the best applique scissors for you.

However, if you are looking for a suitable scissor for applique purpose, not to worry. Our expert team presents the best scissors for trimming applique for your easy applique designing.

#List of the Best Applique Scissors– Our Editor’s Pick:

# Preview Product
1 Tula Pink Hardware 4' Duckbill Applique scissors, Rainbow

Tula Pink Hardware 4" Duckbill Applique scissors, Rainbow

2 Gingher Inc, Silver

Gingher Inc, Silver

3 6 Inch Stainless Steel Applique Duckbill Scissors Blade with Offset Handle & 6 Inch Machine Embroidery Double Curved Scissors Bundle

6 Inch Stainless Steel Applique Duckbill Scissors Blade with Offset Handle & 6 Inch Machine...

4 Mazbot 6 Inch Bent Handle Curved Embroidery Scissors---Perfect for Machine Embroidery

Mazbot 6 Inch Bent Handle Curved Embroidery Scissors---Perfect for Machine Embroidery

5 MAKER AND MARKET Applique Pelican Duckbill Blade 5.8 Inch - Double Bent Curved Offset Handle Scissors with Pouch Sleeve for Embroidery, Fabric, Thread, Knitting, Sewing, Arts & Craft (Black)

MAKER AND MARKET Applique Pelican Duckbill Blade 5.8 Inch - Double Bent Curved Offset Handle...

Top 10 Best Applique Scissors Reviews

According to your purpose, we have gathered the best applique scissors reviews for your convenience. You can surely trust and rely on them after seeing their detailed features.

1. The ThreadNanny Applique Scissor | Mini Duck Bill Scissor | Paddle Shaped

Mini Duck Bill Knife Edge Applique Scissors 4.5 inch Paddle Shaped from ThreadNanny

The ThreadNanny Company offers you the most suitable scissor for professional purposes. The scissor truly fulfills your easy trimming applique. It will not only give you a precise cut but also will make you feel really comfortable while using it.

The lightweight scissor comes in 4.5-inche size, which is very much handy and easy to carry. Besides, its paddle-look design gives extra safety to hold it easily and comfortably without exhaustion.

So, if you keep working for hours, you will not feel any kind of fatigue or tiredness because of the comfortable use.

Do you think about its quality? Not to worry! The scissor is made with top-notch German stainless steel, and it ensures longevity. Moreover, it will not be dull after years of use as you can hone the edges of the scissor anytime.

As the scissor is perfect for professional users, it may not be suitable for beginners. The beginners may face trouble in trimming smoothly because of the structure of the scissor. But considering all the facts, eventually, it is considered to be one of the best duckbill applique scissors in today’s market.

Key Features

  • Best for professional use
  • Very much handy
  • Made with German Stainless Steel
  • Most suitable for the beginners

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2. Belle Draft Applique Scissor | Double Curved | Machine Embroidery Scissor Set

6 Inch Stainless Steel Applique Duckbill Scissors Blade with Offset Handle & 6 Inch Machine Embroidery Double Curved Scissors Bundle

A bundle of multifunctional scissors would be first preference, right? The Belle Draft Company presents such amazing curved applique scissors set for various kinds of purposes. They are suitable for both the applique purpose and the embroidery purpose.

The duckbill applique scissors set comes with two different scissors. One comes in a balanced blade, and another one comes in a double-curved shape. The balanced blade can be used perfectly for applique purposes.

And the other one is most suitable for machine embroidery. Both the scissors come in 6 inches in length, which serves perfectly for swift and rapid use.

The scissor is simply wonderful! The duckbill blade is great for those who wish to applique fabrics. On the other hand, the offset blade is greatly admirable for those who wish to embroidery clothes.

Sometimes the scissors need to be sharpened because of the dullness caused by overuse. However, the scissors are made with stainless steel, so the dullness will not leave any stain marks on the scissors.

But without this fact, the scissors consider being the best embroidery applique scissors for the swiftest and fastest use.

Key Features

  • Great for applique purpose
  • Great for embroidery purpose
  • Allows swift and rapid use
  • Sharpening will make it smoother

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3. Stainless Steel Applique Scissor | High Grade | Silver Color

6-Inch Stainless Steel Applique Scissors Offset Handle - Duckbill Blade

If you are looking for something extremely lightweight, then this is your one. This applique scissor is best for designing fabric and applique purposes.

The 6-inch scissor is made with top-notch quality stainless steel, which ensures long-lasting use and flawless cutting. The stainless steel also protects the scissor from being rusty and discolored.

So, whether you live in a humid place or not, you do not need to think about getting a new one in every year. It will simply satisfy you with its longevity.

Moreover, the equalized handles of the scissor allow convenient and smooth use as well as make sure the ultimate smooth cutting of the fabric.

In addition, the razor-like blade allows a different kind of use as per the application. It will help the designer to cut the fabric accurately without keeping any unevenness behind it.

Are you worrying about its weight? Don’t worry. The extremely lightweight scissor weighs only 0.1 pounds which means it is the lightest scissor for your easy and comfortable daily use. Thus, you can simply use the scissor for hours without feeling tired or exhausted.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly scissor, then it may not be one of your kind, but without any doubt, it can be a useful material for your regular designing purpose and more.

Key Features

  • Protects the scissor from rust
  • Easy to carry
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Make sure a razor-like blade

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4. Ontaki Applique Scissor | Dual Bent Angled Scissor

ONTAKI Dual Bent Machine Embroidery Scissors 6.5' - Premium German Steel Applique Fabric Scissors Angled Handle And Curved Razor-Sharp Small Tip For Optimal Precision Stitches, Crafting, Sewing-Silver

Are you looking for the finest quality scissor that comes with a double twist? The Ontaki Brand got it for the ultimate comfortable use of its users.

The scissor of the Ontaki Brand is greatly popular for its traditional double twist. It is classically made with angles that are twisted double. So, it can be easily handled by anyone, whether he is a beginner or a professional.

Additionally, the scissor contains carbon steel which made it able to hold its consistency for years. The special steel will protect the scissor from humid temperatures. Thus, it will ensure the quality for years. Besides, it is a great light in weight and can be easily carried to places.

The classical scissor can be widely used for various purposes, including applique, embroidery, stitching fabrics, etc. Though it is costlier than the other scissors in the market, the good thing is it helps your fingers to be moved freely without any hassle and provides smooth finishing in the end. So, it is ultimately the finest classical scissor of your choice.

Key Features

  • Classical yet useful
  • Comfortable to use
  • Widely used for all types of designing purpose
  • A classic scissors for applique

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5. Tula Pink Hardware Applique Scissor | Rainbow

Tula Pink Hardware 4' Duckbill Applique scissors, Rainbow

Who doesn’t love to have a colorful scissor for fabric designing? The Tula Pink applique scissors are such colorful and useful scissors that can be used for flawless applique purposes.

For hassle-free applique work, the Tula Pink applique scissor got no other competitor. Its duckbill blades allow a smooth and flawless trimming in appliques without cutting the main fabric. Moreover, it measures only 4 inch which is very much handy and can be carried anywhere easily.

The applique scissor comes in a beautiful multicolored look which has made it different than other ones. Besides, there is alloy steel under the gorgeous rainbow color that makes it long-lasting and will keep it the same for years.

As the scissor only offers you the mini duckbill blades, it may not be suitable for machine embroidery or other fabric stitching but still for applique purposes. That’s how the Tula Pink scissor is the best for all kinds of users.

Key Features

  • Beautifully multicolored
  • Very much small yet handy
  • Made with alloy steel
  • Perfect for flawless applique purposes

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6.  AAProTools Applique Scissor | Curved Scissor

AAProTools Bent Handle Curved Embroidery Applique Scissors for Machine Embroidery & Fabric Stitches (Silver, Medium 6.5')

The AAProTools Brand presents the traditional scissor perfect for applique purposes. The scissors are curved and very much amiable to various kinds of fabric designing.

The AAProTools scissors are extremely good in quality. We often find Gingher applique scissors or Kai applique scissors are not made of steel, but the stainless steel here resists rust and keeps the AAProTools scissors free from getting discolored.

Additionally, the 6.5-inch scissor is absolutely perfect for easy carrying. The size is very much handy and easy to handle. That’s how it ensures enjoyable use by protecting the user’s fingers from being tired. Because the scissor contains a balanced grip and it makes an easy movement of fingers of the users. Thus, it provides safety to its users.

As the curved angle allows comfortable use of applique, the scissor also works for machine embroidery and other purposes. So, basically, it is an amazing scissor that serves multi-functions all together.

Though it loses its sharpness sometimes, it needs to be sharpened to get the sharpness back. But overall, it is the best applique scissors for multi-purposes.

Key Features

  • Perfectly curved
  • Made with stainless steel
  • Easy to handle
  • It needs to be sharpened quite often

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7. Tula Pink Applique Scissor | Duckbill Blade | Micro Serrated Scissor

Tula Pink Duckbill Applique 6-Inch Micro Serrated Scissor

Tula Pink Brand is always famous for its colorful products. And the duckbill scissor is no exception. It is an amazing colorful scissor for fabric designing.

The Tula Pink micro-serrated scissor is a special addition scissor with a special structure. The edge of the scissor is micro-serrated, which means it protects the scissor from getting damaged by any hard or strong things.

Basically, the classical scissors got the plain and straight edge, but it contains the special edge that ensures the safety of the scissors.

Moreover, the 6-inch scissor can be easily handled and can work flawlessly on applique works. The scissor is beautifully designed for the convenient use of the users. So, whether you are an amateur or a professional user, the scissor will make your use enjoyable and convenient.

Although the price may be a bit extra for some buyers, still the colorful scissor catches everyone’s attention with its extraordinary quality and looks. So, obviously, it is an incredible scissor for the applique designers.

Key Features

  • Colorful scissor
  • It comes with a micro-serrated edge
  • Protects the exterior of the scissor
  • Easy to use

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8. Havel’s Applique Scissors | Double Pointed Scissor

Havel's 80042 Double-Pointed Duckbill Applique Scissors 6'

The Havel’s Company has brought the most incredible double-pointed scissors for applique purpose. The scissor comes in two different purposes all together in one scissor.

Havel’s scissor is very much light in weight and handy. It allows its users to cut or trim fabrics without any kind of hassle. The scissor also got comfortable grips for easy carrying.

There are two different purposed scissor edges. One is perfect for trimming sharp angles, and the other one is perfect for cutting corners. The user can utilize the scissor in two different ways as per his application. Amazingly both the edges function perfectly with fabrics and appliques.

Moreover, the scissor weighs only 0.14 pounds, so you can easily take it from one place to another without any trouble. Similarly, the scissor is only 6 inches in length which is absolutely handy and comfortable.

Though the scissor needs to get sharpened often, it is one of the finest applique scissors for multi-functions.

Key Features

  • Beautifully double pointed
  • Lightweight for easy carrying
  • Ensure a Handy design
  • It needs to sharp often

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9.  GIAMIU Applique Scissors | Perfect for Quilting

Fabric Scissors - GIAMIU Sewing Scissors, 6-Inch Serrated Applique Scissors, Perfect Scissors for Quilting, Quilting Scissors for Sewing, Decal Work, Precision Cutting Fabric, Cloth, and More

The GIAMIU Brand offers you wholesome scissors for exquisite fabric designing and cutting. It is considered the most suitable scissors for all types of fabrics.

The GIAMIU scissors are very much sturdy. The exterior of the scissors is made with great stainless steel and a colorful ergonomic grip. Besides, it is very much lightweight and positively long-lasting.

The best thing about the scissor is it contains a micro-serrated blade that protects the scissor from the unwanted hitting by strong things. Additionally, the serrated edge also helps the scissor to cut or trim fabric precisely.

The scissor is so compatible! It goes with all kinds of fabric, clothes, papers and lots more. The good thing is, the GIAMIU scissors are the best wool applique scissors among all the scissors available in the market. If you are looking for a good scissor for designing on your wool fabric, then obviously this is your one.

Moreover, the GIAMIU scissors can be a perfect gift for those who love to design fabrics with applique. The scissor will allow them to have a perfect and accurate outcome that will make their design simply stunning. So, it is truly a great scissor for all kinds of applique, sewing, and quilting purposes.

Key Features

  • A wholesome scissor collection
  • Ensured a colorful ergonomic grip
  • It comes with the micro serrated blade
  • Compatible with almost all the materials

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10. Havel’s Applique Scissors | Double Curved Scissors

Havel's Double-Curved Applique scissors, Silver

Havel’s brand has introduced its lightest scissor in the market. It is double curved and suitable for various applique designs.

Havel’s scissor is the symbol of great quality. It is made with special stainless steel, which keeps the scissor same for years. The steel also protects the scissor from rusting or discoloring.

The silver color scissor weighs only 1.53 ounces, and the length is only 7.8 inch which is very much handy and easy to carry everywhere. It also ensures the perfect use on fabric and applique works precisely without any trouble.

If anyone is looking for a budget-friendly scissor for precise applique and fabric designing, Havel’s applique scissor is just the right one for him. The scissor offers the lowest cost for the convenience of its customers.

In fact, it is the best applique scissor that comes at the lowest possible price. So, undoubtedly it is the most suitable scissor for the ultimate easy and comfortable use.

Key Features

  • Very much lightweight
  • Most budget-friendly scissor
  • It comes with great stainless steel
  • Very much handy in size

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A Complete Buying Guide To The Best Applique Scissors

Considering all the applique scissors reviews will help you in choosing the right scissor for fabric and applique designing. They may vary from purpose to purpose according to the different applications. For this, you need to follow some factors beforehand to get the best one. Let’s have a look.

  • Sharpness

Sharpness is the most important thing to consider before buying a scissor. Whether the scissor will function properly or not depends on the sharpness of the scissor. Moreover, the sharpness of a scissor depends on the basic material of the scissor.

For example, if the scissor is made of stainless steel, then the scissor must be well sharpened. Sometimes, the sharpness of a scissor may reduce because of overuse. In that case, the scissor needs to be sharpened for easy and smooth use.

  • Size

The size of a scissor plays an important role for different purposes. For example, a big-sized scissor may not be comfortable to hold easily. But a small and lightweight scissor can be perfectly handy, and it will not cause any kind of fatigue or trouble while cutting. Rather it will make your cutting and trimming easy.

  • Shape

The shape of different scissors determines the function of the scissors. For example, the duckbill-bladed scissors are suitable for cutting fabrics or for applique purposes. On the other hand, curved scissors are the best for machine embroidery. So, depending on your application, the shape of the scissors may vary.

  • Budget

Budget is the prime concern before buying a suitable scissor for fashion designing. There are different types of scissors in today’s market, but they are not of the same price. The price varies from company to company. So, it is very important to choose the right scissor within the budget of the user.

  • Material

A scissor is basically made with steel. But by the passage of time, the steel gets rusty and discolored. It makes the scissor dull. In that case, the scissors which are made with stainless steel are the best because the stainless steel keeps the scissors free from rust and keep the scissors amiable in humid temperature too.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions & Answers)

Why do you need applique scissors?

Applique is special needlework in fashion designing. To applique fabric, one needs a good quality applique scissor. An applique scissor contains a different sharp edge that is called a duckbill blade.

A duckbill blade helps to applique precisely on a fabric. It also helps to trim the uneven parts of the appliqued fabrics to make all the corners equally smooth. For example, Olfa precision applique scissors are premium quality scissors for trimming and cutting applique fabrics. They can be easily used as left handed applique scissors also for those who prefer to use the scissors by the left hand.

How to use applique scissors?

Applique scissors are used to applique fabrics. They contain different blades for smooth and accurate finishing.

To applique fabric, there are certain steps to be followed precisely. At first, you need to choose your desired design which would be appliqued. It can be anything of your choice, and it can be colorful or plain.

Afterwards, you have to cut it out with a small border on all sides. Here an applique scissor would be really helpful in trimming the applique fabric precisely. An applique scissor contains a duckbill blade which allows keeping the lower part of fabric away from the upper one. Thus, the trimming process would be clean and clear.

Moreover, the balanced handles of the scissors are very much handy and easy to hold. It allows the scissors to reach the difficult-to-reach positions of the applique fabrics. After that, you just need to stitch the applique fabric to get a smooth and accurate finishing. So, undoubtedly, the use of applique scissors is very much important to applique fabric precisely.


An outstanding look of an applique fabric depends on a premium quality applique scissor. A good quality applique scissor will keep your applique process free of cutting and trimming hassle. Plus, it will ensure your easy and comfortable trimming with precision and accuracy.

Moreover, the scissor will also keep your hands free of fatigue and trouble to hold. In fact, if you are looking for an absolutely perfect applique that works on fabric, then there is no alternative to choose the best applique scissors wisely. It will make your work faster and enjoyable at a time.

Have a nice applique work!

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