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Best 15 x 15 Heat Press Machine [Recommended]

If you have a plan to begin a business that requires printing artistic items on T-shirts, linens, and household items, a heat press machine will do it for you. The heat press machine is a perfect device for transferring graphic designs in various kinds of substrates. It is the most advanced way to transfer artwork to T-shirts, linens, and other materials.

The machines are excellent in transferring to many substrates such as paper, garments, T-shirts, cookware, tote bags, puzzles, ceramic mugs, crystals, and even wood and metals. The sublimation and screen printing technology of transferring designs are alternatives to screen printing technology.

Editor’s Pick: Top 3 Best 15 x 15 Heat Press Machine

Things To Check Before Buying Heat Press Machine

If you start a designer’s T-shirt business, you would have to find one of the best heat press machines. The market is full of heat press machines but you would want one that is efficient and cost-effective.

Things To Check Before Buying Heat Press Machine

We have prepared this buying guide to give throw insight into the features that a perfect heat press machine should have.

Let what should you look for in a heat press machine.

  • What Will You Use the Press For?

There is a wide range of use transfer applications. These include digital heat-press, HTV, sublimation, screen print, embroidery, rhinestone transfer presses.

Your heat press machine should be able to serve the purpose of printing on the surface you plan to work on. Depending on the substrate or material you will print, you can choose the one that is among the types that we have cited. 

  • The Size of the Heat Press

A common question asked by most buyers is the size of the heat press. The most popular ones come in 8.5 x11-inch and 16x 20-inch sizes. 

The portable press comes in a 15”x15” size, lightweight, and costs less. Depending on the space, and the size you plan to print, choose the heat press machine with the platen size that will be economical for you. 

  • The Type of Heat Press

It is important to figure out the type of heat press appropriate for your enterprise. There are 2 types of machines for heat pressing, the clamshell, and the swing type.

i. Clamshell

The clamshell has a lid similar to a clam. On raising the lid at the top to 45 degrees from the platen, you can feed in the fabric and transfer paper. By lowering the clam lid, you can snap it to close.

Best 15 x 15 Heat Press Machine

The advantages of the clam type are that it is simple to operate, portable, requires less floor space, and good for printing tote bags, T-shirts and flags. 

It is unsuitable on hard surfaces like plaques and ceramic tiles, allows limited view of the surface while pressing, and not energy efficient. 

ii. Swing Away Press

The swing-away type of heat press sway away from the platen giving extra space to place the transfer onto the bottom platen.

Heat Press Machine

The advantages are that the swing away lid allows an easy glimpse of the substrate takes thicker substrate, applies heat and pressure with precision, more energy-efficient, and safer. 

However, it needs more floor space, needs more time, and requires fewer steps in completing printing than the clamshell. 

The swing-away press has additional features and is highly productive.  

  • Other Features

The other features to look for in a heat press machine are the timer, digital display of temperature and pressure, and the guaranty of the company.

Top 10 Best 15 x 15 Heat Press Machine Reviews

1. Fancierstudio Power Heat Press Machine

Fancierstudio Heat press Digital Heat Press 15 x 15 Sublimation Heat Press Rhinestone Heat Press T-Shirt Heat Press 15x15 B/BLK

The Fancierstudio Power Heat is a digital heat press, which transfers designs excellently. The 15 x15-inch platen size the heat press operates digitally. Therefore, the machine creates prints with precise control of pressure and heat. The temperature ranges from 0 to 699°F allowing adjustment depending on the fabric. The pressure is also adjustable so you can allow the right pressure for the light and heavy fabrics.

The heat press is of rhinestone having hot fixed or heat activated adhesives. A Teflon coating protects the platen of the press.

The electronic digital press machine has timer for accurate time set. The press comes with transfer sheets; the printing is perfect on T-shirts. The Fancierstudio brand heat press runs on 1800-watt power and 100 volts.

Although the press has problem in smooth operation, it is an affordable device. Besides shirts, the press is suitable for printing images on baby’s clothes, hats, stuffed animal, etc.

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2. 15″x15″ TUSY Heat Press Machine Pro 5 in 1 Heat Transfer Press Machine

15'x15' TUSY Heat Press Machine Pro 5 in 1 Heat Transfer Press Machine Swing Away 360 Degree Rotation Digital Industrial Sublimation for T-Shirt/Hat/Mug/Plate (Fully Assembled)

The TUSY Heat Press Machine Pro 5 is an industrial Teflon-coated machine. Therefore, you need not worry about burning while pressing. You will not need an extra silicone sheet as it spongy enough to create elasticity.

The 360° swinging arm is adjustable. The pressure knob allows the movement of the arm and keeps the heating element in a safe position. The transfer enables arranging as per the size of the items with ease. You will find the LCD convenient as you can see the temperature and pressure readings. The temperature control ranges from 32 to 482°F; the time control is from 0 to 999 seconds. The press machine works on 1100Watt.

The amazing TUSY Industrial Sublimation press has a plate as large as 15 x15 inches, availing a large surface area for easy transfer. Colorful pictures are simple to transfer through the sublimation process to surfaces like glasses, ceramics, and textiles like cotton, nylon, and flax.

You will find the TUSY Pro-5 with 5heat presses. Therefore, if you want to press multiple kinds of items, this is an excellent device. The heat presses are a sublimation press for a mug, measuring 3 to 3.5 inches, the hat press of 6×3 inches, flat press of different sizes for T-shirts of various design sizes.  You can use this TUSY press for all kinds of products at a commercial level.

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3. Fancierstudio DG Heat Press Digital Sublimation T-shirt Heat Press

Fancierstudio DG Heat Press Digital Sublimation T-Shirt Heat Press,15-by-15-Inch - Black

If you want clothing printed with unique design and wordings, the Fancierstudio DG Heat Press Digital Sublimation T-shirt Heat Press is one of the best. The platen size of 15 x 15 inches is perfect for decorations on children’s wear besides T-shirts. The Teflon coated platen prevents vinyl from sticking to the platen. The company also provides a complementary Teflon sheet.

The heat press can heat to 500°F. It works at a voltage of 110 and a power supply of 1200 Watts. The electronic heat and time-controlled works with accuracy, leaving no worries of overheating. The pressure is also adjustable, making it convenient to apply suitable pressure.

 The manufactures made it a point to glue the Silicon loosely to the platen so that it is easy to remove and replace. The versatile machine is appreciable as it can heat press letters, numbers, images, designs, and much more. It presses perfectly on T-shirts, bags, jigsaw puzzles, badges, and ceramic tiles. Although the hatch is a little hard to open, the Fancierstudio-Digital-Sublimation machine will not let you down. The heat press comes in black.

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4. RoyalPress 15″ x 15″ Color LED Industrial-Quality Heat Transfer Machine

RoyalPress 15' x 15' Color LED Industrial-Quality Digital Sublimation Heat Transfer Machine T-Shirt Heat Press Machine, 15' x 15', Black

The RoyalPress Industrial-Quality Digital Sublimation Heat Transfer Machine is one of the safest machines to use as they make the heating plate with cast aluminum with Teflon coating. Teflon coating. The printing area of 15 x 15 inches allows the printing of fabrics and clothes of different sizes. 

The temperature of the heat ranges from 0 to 480°F. The device uses 1400W power and 110 volts. The package includes a US standard plug. The colored LED of the Royal Press digitally operates to display three functions such as temperature time and counter control. This triple function of the LED of the Royal press is an advantage. Further, it provides a mechanism to calculate the production figures making the record of production is instantaneous. 

Because of the thickness of the aluminum heat plate of the press, the temperature is stable over the plate. It helps in the printing of T-shirts, puzzles, bags, and mouse pads of professional quality. However, as you would expect, the package does not come with T-shirts. 

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5. PowerPress HPM-1515-BK T-shirt Heat Press Machine

PowerPress Industrial-Quality Digital Sublimation Heat Press Machine for T Shirt, 15x15 Inch, Black

The PowerPress HPM-1515-BK is another industrial brand, heat press machine. As it is a sublimation heat press that uses special ink, you will find the prints long-lasting. The system allows the press to reach pressure and temperature at a height to create sublimation transitioning solid to the gaseous stage.

The press runs on1400 Watts and 110 volts and plate size of 15 x15 inches. To avoid overheating and an electrical short circuit, the press comes with a replaceable fuse. You will be happy to know that the heat plates have protection because of the Teflon coating of the heating plate. This feature is a safety measure of cloths as well as it makes the press attractive.

The digital LCD the time and the temperature that goes up to 480°F. The accuracy of the timer is 0 to 999 seconds. This press is one of the few that has a heat control chip. The temperature of the platen remains stable even while working on the press. This black-colored renewed PowerPress HPM-1515-BK comes with a supplier’s warranty of 90 days.

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6. Fancierstudio Heat Press Industrial-Quality 15-by-15-Inch T-shirt Heat Press

Fancierstudio DG Heat Press Digital Sublimation T-Shirt Heat Press,15-by-15-Inch - Black

The Fancierstudio Heat Press Industrial-Quality Digital machine is an efficient sublimation heat press. The 15×15-inch size is just perfect for T-shirt printing. The aluminum build press makes it strong, sturdy, and easy to operate. The protective Silicon-gel baseboard is a convenience in creating prints with no impact.

The machine offers a temperature range of 0-500°F creates consistent quality prints with many surface materials. The time and heat are electronically controlled and displayed through a gadget. The range of the timer is 0-999-second, giving you the option to set the timer as required. The compact Fancierstudio Heat Press Industrial is adjustable with a knob so, you can apply the required pressure manually. The press machine consumes an electrical power of 1400W and 100 voltages.

The Teflon coated platen measures 15 x15 inches, a convenient size for many kinds of surface printing. Heat pressing occurs ideally from transfers of images of garments, T-shirt, images with letters, ceramics, jigsaw puzzles, and many more.

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7. GOLDORO Heat Press 15×15 inch Digital Industrial Quality Printing Press Heat

If you prefer an easy-to-use heat press, the GOLDORO Heat Press 15×15-inch Heat Press Machine is ideal. You can print on any clothing, T-shirt, mouse pads, bags, puzzle, and tiles. The press can print perfect colored images in fabrics.

The 15 x15–inch size of the platen is suitable for many sizes of shirts and clothing such as adults, boys, and children. The uniquely made press allows accurate printing without the 360-degree rotating mechanism. Further, the digital displays make handling, operation, and monitoring painless.

The pressure-adjusting knob is easily adaptable to the pressure required for any material. You will find that the automation of the machine makes the press turn off when the heat is too high. Thus, any accident is not likely to happen. The press not only heats fast, but consistently. The high-quality GOLDORO Heat Press is suitable and safe for industrial printing.

According to reviewers, this heavy-duty machine is a piece of dependable industrial equipment you can rely on.

8. Fancierstudio Power Sublimation Rhinestone Heat Press

Fancierstudio Heat Press 15X15 Sublimation Rhinestone Heat Press T-Shirt Heat Press New Model FS15x15A RB

The Fancierstudio Power Sublimation Rhinestone Heat Press is a popular heat press for startup businesses of the printed T-shirt. This new model FS15x15A YB has a platen of 15 x 15-inch. The style of the heat press is a clamp shell that runs on 1200Watts power and 110 volts. The temperature range of the heat press is from 0 to 500°F with the accuracy of the timer to 999 seconds. It electronically runs the heater and timer. This heat press also exerts sufficient pressure to create a permanent print, not possible with the iron-on transfer method.

The baseboard is of a silicon pad that has light glue, as it is replaceable. A Teflon sheet protects the design from melting. The press is appreciable both for domestic and industrial use. The simple to use heat press is great for startups as you can also scale up your work with the increase of order. It has the capability of taking large volumes with efficiency and sturdy operation.

The Fancierstudio press platen is a makeup of hot fix Rhinestone, which creates perfect heat press onto substrates. It is also a sublimation heat-press, allowing solid inks to transition to a gaseous state, an essential feature for durable printing. Some reviewers, however, complained of a variation of around 20-degree temperature from the middle to the edge of the platen. For some customers, this heat press is excellent.

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9. RoyalPress Industrial-Quality Intelligent Memory Heat Transfer Machine

RoyalPress 15' x 15' Industrial-Quality Intelligent Memory Digital Sublimation Heat Transfer Machine T-Shirt Heat Press Machine, 15' x 15', Black

If you want an intelligent heat transfer with inbuilt memory, the RoyalPress Industrial-Quality Digital Sublimation Heat Transfer is outstanding. The press comes with a heating plate pre-cast with aluminum and coated with Teflon to give it a spic and span look. The area of the platen is a standard size of 15 x 15-inch.

The digital control temperature and times is through the memory-mediated LED display screen. The upper limit of the temperature is 480°F, which allow pressing surface requiring high heat. The timer also works with precision. This industrial equipment requires a power source of 14000Watts and 110 volts. A USA- standard plug comes with the press.

The thick aluminum plate and the sublimation method of heat transfer perfectly convert solid ink to gas in creating perfect prints. With its high-quality digitally operated machine, you can print shirts, puzzles, mousepads, bags, and any commercial item with perfection.

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10. CO-Z 5 in 1 Pro Heat Press Machine 15″ x 15″ Intelligent Audible Alarm Transfer Sublimation Printer

CREWORKS Heat Press Machine 15x15 Inch, T Shirt Transfer Press with 5 in 1 Mug Plate Cap Set, 360 Swing Away Sublimation Heat Press for T Shirt Mug Hat Cup Shoes (15x15 Inch 5 in 1)

The swing away Multifunctional CO-Z 5 in 1 Pro Heat Press Machine is one of the high-standard heat press machines in today’s printing industry. You will love it for its durability and sturdiness because of the aluminum cast build of the body. Besides, the polishing with an anti-fingerprint finish makes it a long-lasting press even with intense use.

The 360° swing away revolving hinge of the top is convenient for handling the placement of the surface and transfer with direct pressure and availability of more space. Because of the five presses in one machine, you have a heat press for a T-shirt, a heat press for cups and mugs, a press machine for caps and hats, a press machine for pillows, ceramic tiles, a jigsaw puzzle, and a plate heat press. To your pleasant surprise, the package comes with Teflon paper and a white T-shirt.

The alloy railing and the handle make the cup and hats move freely to the next one. The rubber-made cushion in the plate heat press prevents skidding of the cups and mugs as you handle them. The press has some of these innovative introductions. The plate heat press has the option of 15 x15 and 12 x 15-inch plates.

The timer of the CO-Z 5 in 1 Pro Heat Press Machine integrates with two LED displays. The time is accurate with the countdown function. The highest limit of temperature is 570°F; the press keeps constant temperature when the set time reaches. The dual LED display is interconvertible to Fahrenheit and Centigrade, satisfying the need of the user.

The heat press package comes with an instruction that makes installation and operation with 10 minutes of receipt. The company also offers satisfactory customer service. This modern intelligent Transfer Sublimation equipment will be a pleasing experience for an entrepreneur with multiple products.

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How To Use Heat Transfer Vinyl With Cricut?

You can customize your T-shirt, linen, and children’s clothes by transferring designs and images from transfer vinyl paper and a cricut machine. The steps below will help you transfer your innovative designs to fabrics in no time. All you need are:

How To Use Heat Transfer Vinyl With Cricut?
Daydream Into Reality
  1. A cricut machine ((Cricut Explore Air, Explore Air 2, or any Cricut machine)
  2. Heat transfer vinyl fabric
  3. T-shirt or any fabric
  4. Grip mat
  5. Weeding tool
  6. The Cricut Maker or Cricut Design Space free software

The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Create Your Design

Create a design or select one from the Cousin Crew SVG file. It can be one-colored or multiple-colored designs. Save it in a new file.

Step 2: Prepare the Design and Print

Open the design in AutoCAD or Photoshop. Adjust the size, edit the colors and make a mirror image by clicking the flip/mirror image button. Feed your right transfer paper for the printer you are using. Print the image in the transfer vinyl paper.

Step 3: Cutting the Design

Use the Cricut machine to cut the design on the transfer vinyl paper. You will need to place the transfer vinyl paper with the shiny side on the grip mat. Make sure there are no wrinkles. Clamp the blade. Press the go button and the blade will start cutting the design.

Step 4: Unload and Press to Fabric

Unload the design and remove the vinyl by peeling off. Keep it flat and weed off the small parts remaining in the transfer paper.

Place the T-shirt on an ironing board. Place the transfer paper design in the shirt’s position you want. Place a parchment paper on top to keep it firm. Heat the iron at 300°F and press from the center to the corners. It will take 1 to 2 minutes to transfer the design to your T-shirt. Let your shirt cool. After gentle ironing, the shirt is ready to wear.

How To Fix A Heat Press Machine?

It is quite natural that the heat press machine may show trouble occasionally. There is no need to run down to the repairer. The reason for troubleshooting may be quite simple. When using a heat press machine, you have several things in mind to keep it going smoothly.

How To Fix A Heat Press Machine?

Often the heat press machine does not heat up to the required temperature. If you follow some steps to check the press machine, you can fix it unless some parts need replacement.

First, check all the electrical connections to the main socket. Open the socket to see if any of the wires are loose or detached. Screw them tightly making sure the positives and negatives wires do not clash.

Next, open the back of the machine to check the fuse. If any fuse has burned off, the machine will not heat up to the required temperature. Replace the fuse/s if that is the case.

Check the internal wires leading to the heating plate. Clean all residues that may have remained during transferring and weeding. Rewire if necessary. Screw-in all the knobs.

If the problem persists, call a mechanic who has the expertise to repair heat press machines.

How To Clean A Heat Press?

No matter how carefully you handle your heat press machine, it needs cleaning occasionally. You can follow the steps below to clean your heat press machine at home.

Things you will need for cleaning

  • A pair of heatproof gloves
  • Soft cloth or flannel
  • Abrasive and non-abrasive cleaner
  • A solvent or household cleaner

cleaning a heat press machine

For Teflon coated press follow the steps below

  • Remove all electric connections from the heat press and let it cool.
  • Add household cleaner to a bucket of warm water.
  • Place the flannel or cloth in the warm water, seep it, and wipe all parts of the press. For thorough cleaning, you may have to wipe 2 to 3 times.
  • Use a dry cloth to remove any fingerprint.

For a press machine without coating with Teflon, the following procedure is good.

  • Just as before, remove plugs and let them cool.
  • You will need sandpaper to clean the surface of the platen.
  • Plug on the machine, and with gloves that protect from heat, scrub the dirty parts.
  • Turn off and allow the press to cool.
  • With damp and dry cloth clean the entire heat press machine.

Final Verdict

In this write-up, we have given a detailed list of the best heat transfer machines, suitable for home or industrial purposes. Your choice of one would depend on the type of fabric printing you want to create. Many of the industries that market T-shirts and a wide range of items such as mouse pads, linens, cups, mugs, ceramic, and even metal accessories, use the heat press machine to create customized goods.

Following this guide, you will also have confidence in how to use a transfer vinyl Cricut machine. We have given you a complete guide to help you to get a durable and efficient heat press machine. Further, it is also essential that you develop skills in doing cleaning, maintaining, and overcome minor disturbances to allow smooth production. Hope you have a propitious time reading!

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